Saturday, February 20, 2010

Open Mouth Insert Foot

I tend to stick my foot in my mouth.

A lot.

And sometimes that is putting it mildly.

Friday Marine picked me up from work and we went to eat Japanese with his parents. Chicken hibachi and fried rice, yum yum! After lunch Marine and I went on our way.

I won't tell you the sordid details, so let's just sum it up = open mouth insert foot.

We are in his truck. We are driving (well ok he's driving, I'm riding). We pull into the oil & lube place and I ask Marine what we are doing. "Picking up your 4Runner," He simply states.

The 'ol 4Runner has been in dire need of new rotors for........... well............. about the last 6 months. And yes I can be a tad bit of a procrastinator at times. He has had the oil changed, tires balanced and rotated, and had new rotors put on the 4Runner.

I didn't even have to ask.

Yep, at this point I officially started choking on my foot.

Marine has already paid for all of the work, we are just picking it up now that it is done. I try to pay him back. He won't let me. He tells me he doesn't want to have to worry about me breaking down while he's deployed and then adds something along the lines - "your daddy would never let you marry me if he knew I was letting you drive around with your car that bad." [for new readers my dad passed away several years ago from cancer - I will always be a daddy's girl.]

At this point I feel like a complete a-double-s.

Marine is always so considerate and so wonderful and very patient when it comes to me.

So when you know you've messed up (or stuck your foot in your mouth) and need to make amends there is no way to get your guy to forgive you sooner than by coloring [not familiar with the term ~ Check here]. Women know this - kinda like an unspoken rule. And it works every time.

That evening we went to went to diner with Giggles, Giggles Fiance, and then Married Couple friends.

After diner Giggles and her Fiance accompanied Marine and I to the bowling ally.We played one game, at which I pretty much sucked, and then said good night. It was still early. But I was still sick and Marine was tired from having drove all night so we returned home.

I took nasty medicine and was cornered and made to use Vick's Vapor Rub (which I hate) in hopes I would feel better this morning. Not sure if it worked or not. Either way I still have no voice.

Monica: [after bumping Ben's head on the ceiling, Monica & Rachel are thinking of ways to distract Ross from the bump on Ben's head] I've got it! The second that Ross walks in that door I want you to take him back to your bedroom and you do whatever it is that you do that makes him go, "Reee!"
Rachel: "Or... We could put a hat on his head."


Nicole said...

Ah yes... no better way to get yourself out of a sticky situation than to color! I approve! ;)

Kelly said...

Ha! I'd never heard of calling it coloring. Thanks for the tip, and yes---works every time. It's magic.

Date Girl said...

I feel like I missed something. How did you mess up?? I don't get it. Maybe I'm getting sick, I feel slow today.

What a sweet thing for Marine to do for you!! And I love the coloring quote. I think I need to re-watch Sex and the City.

phoebe said...

hahaha. date girl... i kinda agree... how did you put your foot in your mouth? did i miss something too?

either way... boys are so predictable... coloring. what an easy peasy solution that always works. haha