Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plan: Reading My Way Thru March

With so much going on I have yet to get to post why we are approaching what is one of my favorite months of the year: March.

"Why March?" -- You ask.

I mean it's still cold outside, not quite winter but not yet spring. What can be so exciting about March?

Well let me explain - March is always the month that some my favorite authors release new books.

It is kinda of a cruel joke perhaps, that they should all release books within a matter of a few days of each other. I mean do you realize just how hard it is to pick which one to read first??

My March Reading List, in no particular order:

I ♥ Nancy Martin!! Her Blackbird Sisters Series is: witty, entertaining, suspenseful, and just an overall pleasure to read. Martin's snappy titles are what first caught my eye several years ago. I was a college student spending some spare time in between classes wondering thru the aisles of Barnes and Noble. I was in search of a new friend, one who I hoped would bring some excitement and mystery to my life. I wandered thru the Mystery Section scanning the covers, and I know they say never to judge a book by it's cover - but that is what I was doing. "How to Murder A Millionaire", the title caught my eye. The demur figure that was seated beside the title, her eyes hid by the over sized hat that set upon her head, seemed to call to me. I picked it up and scanned the back. I had found the friend I had been in search of.

I have been a fan ever since. Reading all of Nancy's books (numerous times), and this newest edition promises to be just as good as the one's before it. It offers a new twist and a new character - one who I am anxious to meet.

    I don't quite recall how I stumbled upon Victoria Laurie, but it has been love ever since first read. She has two series, Ghost Hunter Mysteries & Physic Eye Mysteries, that I am just a pinch shy of addicted to. Both feature gutsy and entertaining main characters that always seem to get them self into some kind of trouble. The new release in March is for the latest from the Ghost Hunter series, which features MJ Holliday, ghost busting extraordinaire. She kicks ass and doesn't bother taking names. I can't wait for what is sure to be an adventure!

    • Kate White ~ Hush: A Novel - Release Date (you guessed it) March 2nd

    I was introduced to Kate White when I received one of her books as a Christmas gift. X's aunt and I had always been close (and still continue to be) so leave to her to give me what was sure to become on of my favorite gifts that Christmas. "Over Her Dead Body", with a title like that how could you not love it? Based on some of my wish list books she had found this book by an author I was not familiar with. After reading it I was hooked and quickly purchased other books in the series.

    Kate White is the editor-in-chief for Cosmo - so of course she has flair! Now this book is not in her Bailey Weggins series but I'm sure this stand alone thriller will not disappoint!


    So there is my list. I know I'm forgetting something, but for the life of me can't recall what or who it is. All my other authors seem to be releasing new books in June. But until then I have a feeling March will be just cool and crisp enough that I will look forward to spending nights at home curled up with a Dr. Pepper, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and a good read.

    Anybody else have any good recommendations?

    Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.

    ~ Author Unknown ~

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