Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The VDAY Flu

So the weekend didn't go like I had planned.

At all.

Not even in the least bit.

Ok well maybe a little bit, but mother nature sure did throw a big cog in the wheel.

What's with all the snow? Normally I love snow. But Friday with Marine driving home I was crossing my fingers and praying to the snow god's that the snow would hold off at least till he arrived home. Either they didn't hear me or they decided I that since I haven't seen him over a month and a half I could wait one more day. Either way the snow god's continued on there merry way sprinkling snow here and there and anywhere they saw the need.

Marine and Marine1 were able to make it a little over half way when the snow forced them to stop and rent a hotel room for the night.

Sigh..... there goes night 1 of the 96 { see how I'm learning military lingo? ☺}.

Marine arrived home Saturday afternoon. It was to late in the day and the roads were not clear enough for us to adventure out to look at wedding locations. Perhaps this was for the best - cause I mean picking a location for a summer wedding when there is snow on the ground? Really? Anybody see a slight problem with that, maybe? lol

Saturday evening the weather did not keep us indoors. We bundled up and headed out for diner with friends. Not everybody was able to make it, but there were still about 12 of us that gathered for drinks and a good diner. I could tell Marine was happy to see his friends, and I was happy that he has hit it off so well with Giggles's finance and Blondie's boyfriend.

Sunday we met with our Mom's and had lunch. This was the first time Marine's mom and mine had met. Lunch went great! The mom's got along (which we knew they would) and wedding talk was good and everyone seemed on the same page. Afterward the weather was still to bad to go in search of a location so instead we walked around downtown and checked out the antique stores and what not.

That evening we had already planned to eat diner at Marine's grandparents house with his family, so shortly after dark we headed that way.

I really like all of Marine's family. Diner was wonderful but shortly after diner Marine and excused ourselves to head home. We were both feeling sick. Marine had thought he was coming down with a cold and I was thinking he had given it to me as well.

On the way home we stopped by the store and stockpiled on medicine, Kleenex, juice, and a few movies.

I think my mom jinxed us. Friday night I was over at her house and after diner we were watching Two and a Half Men. The episode story line was that Charlie's fiance was sick..... very sick..... and very gross looking. I mean aren't we all kinda gross when sick?!

So my mom being the comedian she thinks she is asks if Marine has seen me gross.

At this point you know my life story so really what secrets do we have, I ask you. I am lactose intolerant. And I love, LOVE cheese. Which in turn doesn't love me.

I reply and say, "He's been with me after we've went and ate mexican."

Enough said.
She laughs.
I don't.

But the episode got me to thinking, when sick I am very gross. I mean no make-up (which really who wears make-up when sick anyway?), hair in a pony tail, want to just lay in bed and watch re-runs with a box of Kleenex beside me - gross.

Well my mother need not worry because this weekend Marine got to see me... gross.

Sunday night we arrived home and and we each took a dose of Tylenol Multi-Flu (The liquid = Nasty, yucky, liquid), put in a movie, and snuggled under the covers. Within a matter of minutes the medicine had kicked in and we were both asleep.

Of course I got up a zillion times during the middle of the night to empty my teeny-tiny bladder of all the fluids Marine was insistent I drink and to blow my nose.... aka sound the fog horn that was in the place of where my nose used to be.

And every time I got up poor Marine, the light sleeper he is, would wake up also.

Mid-night we took some more of the liquid elixir that held the key to sleep..... and it worked! Very unlike us Marine and I slept until the sun was making its way up into the sky. It was a little after 10:30 when we finally rolled out of bed.

My head was stopped up and spinning, my whole body ached, and there was a ringing in my ears that normally only happens after a night of drinking way to much.

I was beyond sick!

I took a shower hoping it would ease the pain..... or wash away the flu.

It didn't.

Marine took me to get my comfort food for lunch ~ Chinese egg drop soup (goes back to a dad story). After that I felt somewhat better. Not much though.

So we returned home curled up and tried again to watch the movie we had feel asleep during the night before, Couples Retreat. The Flu medicine knocked us both out though so both attempts at watching the movie were in vain.

This morning we awoke early, well 6 a.m. is early to me anyway, and met his mom and step-dad for breakfast at I-Hop. And then I dropped him off with Marine1 so they could head back to base and I headed for the orthodontist.

The braces came off today! I was excited............ but dread the root canal I know have to schedule. Hopefully my smile will be back to normal soon. And this year Horse and I will try not to butt heads!

The big V-Day. Hope everyone's went well!

Mine was pretty much just another day.... but I loved just the same!! I was just happy to spend the day with Marine. That's what the day is really about. Spending it with the one's you love. Weather that be a significant other, friends, or family - share the day with someone you love and let them know how much you appreciate them.

So due to weather our V-Day was put on hold ~ well the gift part anyway. The love part I think we got.

Like all weekend with Marine, this one also went by way to fast. But I'm sure my Mom will be happy to know that Marine and I can handle each other through the "gross" times.

Charlie [about sick Chelsea]: "I should have known, the second you give them a ring, they fall out of warranty."
~ Two and a Half Men ~

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phoebe said...

aww i hope you are feeling better!! being sick is the worst. knock on wood, i've avoided the flu.

when will you see marine next?