Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adventures Of Starting Over

I am a eternal "what if" girl ~ as pointed out some time back by my friend Vivi.

What if I would have done this?

What if I had done that instead?

Now that I'm engaged I've had some people ask me if I was going to change the name of the blog... because I'm no longer a single girl and I am no longer starting over.

I have put some serious thought into it, but then I realized life is all about starting over.

Adventures in Starting Over.

If you think of life in terms of a book, there are many chapters; beginnings and ends. And inevitably you are always starting over at something.

Granted I am no longer a Single Girl starting over. The starting over part is like the advancement to the next chapter.

I am an engaged girl and going thru my first deployment. Learning the in's and out's of loving a Marine and the difficulty and greatness that comes from being in a military relationship.

When he returns we will start the next chapter in life by getting married.

I guess to make a long story short I'm keeping the name: Adventures of Starting Over. Because each day is a new beginning and the start of something fresh.

"It's not about the destination, it's about the ride."


Ana from far away! said...

COngrats on your engagement! just do what you feel is the best (regarding the name of your blog).

Ana from far away! said...

I gave you an award!