Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Affair To..... Connect

So I am ashamed to admit it.... but I think I may be having an affair.

With my Blackberry.

It started out simple enough. But within just a few days quickly escalated into what can only be seen as a full fledged affair.

Since Marine's departure it never leaves my sight. If I walk out of room and realize I have left it I quickly stop what I'm doing to rush back and grab it.


Yeah, just slightly.

But I don't want to miss a call.

I have gone so far even as to welcome it into my bed. It doesn't cuddle up to me and hold me tight, but instead sleeps next to my pillow. I think it understands my heart belongs to Marine and what we have is only a temporary fling.

Even though Blackberry won't admit it, I think he secretly likes all the new attention.

Ellie, "That's a pine cone, no matter how much you keep fondling it, it'll never take you to Cabo."
~ Cougar Town ~


Aurora said...

I'm totally in love with my IPhone too. He sleeps in my bed with me and he's never out of my sight. Apache even sent me a lovely application to keep me "happy"... heh heh

One of The Guys said...

I tell everyone, that my goal is to be cool enough to own a Blackberry or iphone. I guess I have a long way to my kids tell me.

Funny! At least you have a little something to keep you company.

Hope you're hanging in there.

Unwritten said...

That's how I am too!!!! My blackberry is constantly attached. I some times find myself sitting with it in hand while watching tv or in the car. Since Firefighter lives in Bermuda it is like a lifeline to him. I'm constantly connected with him even though he's more than 700 miles away.