Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Getting Creative ~ A "Snappy" Guestbook

It's all about being creative. I mean I have plenty of time to plan for this wedding. Marine will be deployed for 7 to 8 months I have plenty of time on my hands to think of creative things for our wedding.

Today's topic is Guest Books. Now let's be honest with ourselves. What is the real purpose of a Guest Book?

Is so that you know who all attended your special day?

Was it just created so that the friend that didn't quite make the bridesmaid list can have a special job so that she will feel needed and included?

Either way it has some how become a wedding must.

I have decided that I want to do something creative and less traditional than just a book. I want something that Marine and I will actually enjoy and not just stuff somewhere to collect dust.

While searching for alternative ideas I stumbled upon a photo guest book. You use a Polaroid camera and then someone will take pictures of the guests, quickly place it in the album and then the guest can write a special message next to their names. What a wonderful idea!!! And better yet I know that I have a dated (but still functioning) Polaroid camera packed up somewhere.

All I will have to buy is the film, a nice pen or marker for guests to sign with and the book itself..... now what kinda book to get...... maybe I'll have to do some more searching.

And I have two friends in mind that will be perfect to operate the guest book table.

I think it will be cute, and something Marine and I can display on our coffee table or anywhere else you would a regular photo album.

I think this is a great idea! I have three friends getting married this year, all of which will be be having more extravagant weddings than Marine and I can afford. Which is fine, with little creative ideas like this I think it will help jazz ours up and make it memorable.


Date Girl said...

I love those polaroid guestbooks! That's awesome you have a polaroid camera. I thought about that idea but we don't have one. We're doing something similar: I'm buying a sketchbook with a nice looking cover, and then I'm going to draw a rectangle on each page as a placeholder for pictures, and then at the top I may write something like "advice for the newlyweds" or "words of wisdom". I think the idea of just a guestbook with people's names is so boring. You want it to be a photo album/scrapbook that you'll actually look at. I love the do it yourself wedding stuff. It's so much fun, and I definitely think people will appreciate the creative touch.

Holly said...

We did a photo guestbook and it turned out really well! The only problem we had was finding film for our Polaroid camera since they don't make it anymore here - I think the lowest price we were quoted was $80/pack! We ended up using mostly polaroid pictures (from the film we already had) and mixing it with pictures from my sister's digital camera.

phoebe said...

i'm a fan of either guest books (creative ones, of course--not the boring just 'sign in' type) or plates or the matting to a picture frame, for which a wedding picture can be inserted and then of course displayed.

it's not so much as just writing down 'john doe' but more for 'dear e and marine. we are so thrilled to be here with you both on this special day... blah blah blah. love, aunt jane and uncle john'. those are the best because you can go back and look through them and see the sweet memories.

a girlfriend of mine had a wedding-ish display plate that people signed and it's displayed for everyone to see (and they've been married for almost 6 years).

just a few more ideas for you :-) i suppose this is what happens when you work at an invitation store (albeit part time) for almost 10 years, haha.

One of The Guys said...

That's a cool idea! I like it.

Here's what we did. We got a cardboard frame and had everyone sign it. It was big enough to hold everyone's name etc. Then we took a picture of everyone in the wedding. I mean everyone! And the plan was to have the frame go around the picture. Does that make sense?

Have we done it yet? NO, because after paying for everything we couldn't afford it, but this is a good reminder. I'm going to do it and I'm writing it down. A nice anniversary present.

I love your wedding plans. They are more fun than mine because I don't have to do them, but I get to live vicariously.

miss esther said...

I love the idea of a polaroid guestbook-especially since you can take some great candid shots. I feel like the guestbook is the wedding equivalent of the h.s. yearbook. It's great to look back on and read messages-something you'll have forever!

E said...

Thanks everybody for the great suggestions!