Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping In Touch

I'm an overachiever.

It's my Virgo nature.

I have signed up for every military news site, news letter, discussion group and anything Marine you can think of.


I have a problem.

And with the nasty rainy day outside, way to much time on my hands.

Yes, I am blogging at work. Don't judge me, you know you do it to!

I stumbled upon a Military version of 20something bloggers --- so of course I had to join!

Anybody else reading this a member? Add me as a friend! Please..... pretty please....

And yes I know I'm not yet a wife, but soon enough. Let's not get technical. lol

Thru my searches though I have found so much helpful information! And I realized that I am way ahead of the game here. Maybe its just me or maybe it's due to my anal searches but I seem to know about all kinds of good things that others seem not to be aware of. Now I can't take the credit for all of this.... I got to give Marine some props. Because lets face it he can be just as OCD as me. That's why we're perfect for each other!!

He told me about this little jewel called MotoMail.

Ever heard of it?

Chances are probably not.

Well let me tell you about it ( like how I'm sneaking in my Thursday review?!).

To quote the MotoMail slogan:

"Family and friends of deployed Marines in Afghanistan & Iraq can NOW send a letter to be downloaded, printed, and ready for delivery, usually within 24 hours.THE SERVICE IS FREE, PRIVATE and SECURE."

So instead of writing a letter and waiting weeks for it to arrive to your Marine you can login the MotoMail website, type your letter, and normally within 24 hours it will be printed and on its way. No stamps, no long waits.

Fast, simple, easy. ------ Wow kinda sounded like I was describing a few girls I went to High School with there for a minute. ------ *Shake of head* Anyway moving on....

I tried it Tuesday just to give it a shot, see how it worked. I typed my letter and pressed send. Wednesday morning I received an email saying my letter had been printed and was out for delivery.

Now it all depends on where Marine is as to when he will get it. But still pretty cool.

I will still send old fashioned snail mail of course. Because it's nice getting a letter that your loved one has actually hand written. But I think MotoMail is a great way to stay in touch and to pass on important information.

If you have friends or family deployed (and in the Marines) I recommend you give it a shot.

Communication is the key to a great relationship. No matter how far the distance.

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