Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time Flies When Your With The One You Love

The Date: Friday February 26th.

The Time: Late

I arrived on base and Marine and I headed to our beach lodge. We laughed at the small size, some things just always look larger online. Nothing could put a damper on our good moods though.
Saturday we awoke early and headed out to explore. We went to the next town north and explored the downtown streets that ran along the water. We ate a waterfront restaurant that I couldn't even tell you the name of, the open sign and the wonderful smell wafting down the street was all that was needed to draw us in. The crab dip appetizer was amazing along with the rest of our lunch.
After lunch we continued to walk around enjoying being tourists and not being in a rush. So much history in these southern waterfront towns. Old buildings all with plaques out front telling the story and history of the building.

We also saw a duck and a cat either enjoying each others company or having a stare down.... either way I had to take a picture. Because really how often do you see something like this?

After our downtown adventure we went to the local aquarium where we saw fish, fish, more fish, sharks, and baby sea turtles. It was a great afternoon. And an overall nice relaxing day.

That evening we met up with Roommate and Roommates wife and went to see Shutter Island. Weird movie. At first I wasn't sure I really liked it but on the ride back to the lodge Marine and I discussed the movie and the different twists, turns and "what ifs". The discussion made me like the movie better I think. I liked analyzing the different possibilities. I like movies that make you think.

Sunday was our lazy day. We literally did not get out of bed till after 2 p.m. -- which is so not like us!! Normally we are up and out the door by 9 at least, especially on a pretty day. But not today. I got up at 10 and took a shower. Marine was still in bed so I crawled back in and curled up next to him and drifted back off to sleep.

After being sick for the past couple of weeks, were were both finally feeling better. The sleep helped though and was very much needed!

Eventually we dragged ourselves out of bed and I made Marine take me down to the beach. Did I mention our lodge was right on the water? So pretty!!

I set up the tripod and made Marine pose with me for pictures and he also probably started regretting the fact they he ever gave me the tripod.

Either way we laughed and had fun as spent time on the beach. The sun was warm but the breeze was cool. A tease that Spring was soon to come. We walked along looking for sharks teeth. Rumor was they were easy to find on this beach.

As we walked I said I never found a sand dollar before. Two steps later Marine starts laughing. Right in front of us is a perfect Sand Dollar.

I mean really what are the odds??!

That evening we went to diner with Roommate and Roommate Wife. Then we headed back to the room for a game of cards and some drinks of course. The guys wanted to teach us how to play spades. We played a few games but Crown and Dr. Pepper + trying to learn a new card game = no such luck.

So we played a game of Battle of the Sexes. Of course Roommate Wife and I won! I mean really were there ever any doubts?!

Then we started playing P&A (president's and assholes) my all time favorite drinking game. We had so much fun.

Perhaps to much fun. When the alarm sounded the next morning (Monday) at 4:50 a.m. I still felt slightly intoxicated. Marine drug himself out of bed leaving me to sleep for another hour. This would be my last day of the week to sleep in, if you can call sleeping till six a.m. sleeping in.

We spent the morning tying up loose ends and adding me to mailing lists and signing me up for Marine Corps newsletters that I wanted to get while he's away.

Tuesday Marine had a surprise scheduled for us. Marine always seems to have some kind of surprise up his sleeve. Couple's Massages ~ Oh so wonderful!! And what a great surprise.

Deep tissue massage - perhaps the most enjoyable pain I have ever experienced.

Marine's family also arrived Tuesday along with Marine1's. So we all met for diner of sushi and Hibachi.
The week was already half way over. Time was going by to fast. But time always seems to fly when your with the one you love and having fun.

More to come....

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phoebe said...

so far so good.... the pics are great... oh how i love the beach... can't wait to hear the rest :-)