Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ The Easter Bunny goes Postal

Harley, a.k.a. The Easter Bunny, prepares an Easter Basket to send Marine in a Care Package.


Aurora said...

So Cute!!!! He's gonna love it.

Hey, FYI, the flat rate boxes are a total waste of money. You saw how big the box was that I sent to Apache with the blow up doll in it? That was only $16 (because it was oversized). Trust me, girlfriend, get yourself a regular box and do priority mail thataway.

Date Girl said...

Oh how cute is Harley? I love how he's all curiously looking into the box. You're so sweet to send Marine an Easter basket. I should probably make one for Match too. Or at least decorate some eggs. Yay spring!

Salt said...

That is adorable! (The basket & the bunny!) Found you via Date Girl and I really like your blog!

Acacia Riann said...

I thought that was a chinchilla at first, but that is adorable! :)
(The whole chinchilla thing kinda made me really excited, then I realized it was a bunny.. and then I went awwww)