Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Week Down

Another week has come and gone.

Yes, it is once again Friday! This week has been a busy week and thanks to all the pollen in the air and the sinus meds I have been in a Spring haze and all creative energy has seemed to have left me.

This weekend is Giggles bachelorette party. All us girls are loading up and heading out of town. Should be a fun time!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sheila, "Why do you have a post-it that says "I'm awesome?"
Jules,  "Because I am"
~ Cougar Town ~

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun and Laughter -- Just What The Doctor Ordered

Saturday night I attended a Blog Party. I have a friend who I greatly admire (one who I must give a name because she has been covered by my broad term GirlFriend up to this point - From this point forward she will be Red). She has more guts than I do, that is obvious.

She writes a blog - dating and humorous stories about her life - but instead of writing anonymously she proudly puts her name on it. I think half of our small town reads it and she has developed quite a following in less than 6 months. In away I envy her, wishing I was brave enough to not write anonymously. But honestly I like my screen and the ability to say (write) anything. 

Red considers herself pretty plus and always says, "God didn't make me skinny cause he knew I'd be a whore."

In reality Red is a knockout with a great personality - the total package. And a beautiful redhead if you couldn't figure that out by the name.  

Anyway, she had a Blog Party at a local restaurant and I attended for diner and laughs. The party went good -- as well as any non-alcoholic party can go that is. After the party some of us went to the pub for drinks. I meant to stay only a short while..... Giggles ducked out at 10 p.m. and I decided I would stay a little longer... but a short while turned into 1 a.m. and us stragglers heading to Waffle House --- Red, I, Guy Friend, Vivi, and a friend of Vivi's.

I didn't walk thru my front door till around 2:30 a.m. with 2 relizations:
1. I'm sososososososososo tired leading me to believe that I'm not as young as I once was
2. Well there is no two.

It was a much needed night of fun and laughter.

All that stuff I read about deployment may have been right. It said that the first few months its easy to get depressed. I thought that was a load of crap (to an extent), I'm such a positive person I figured that first stage wouldn't hit me so hard. I was wrong. Lately I've been a little down and out.... so I think a night of fun was just what the doctor had ordered.

Laurie, "Am I in a different conversation?"
Jules, "Almost always."

~ Cougar Town ~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Laugh ~ That Guy

Ok it's been a long week and I'm in need of a laugh. An old coworker sent me this video once and it cracks me up because we have all worked with "That Guy"! Enjoy.... and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Day Late & A Dollar Short

A day late and a dollar short.

For some reason that slogan has been playing through my mind today.

Ever have those days? No matter what happens you feel like you've missed the bus?

This month I have felt that way. Like I can't quite catch up.

Take my day today for example:

In the morning I don't just get myself ready for the day ahead. I have many furry children who must also be prepared for the newly dawning day.

  • Feed two dogs and a rabbit
  • Go to the barn grain, hay and water seven horses.
  • Turn several of the horses out for the day (but not all - we must rotate because some do not play nice with others)
  • Feed barn dog and two barn cats
So besides getting myself ready that makes 13 others I also got ready for the day -- all before 8:30 a.m. Now I'm not complaining I love my animals and there is nothing more peaceful than being at the barn first thing in the morning. It's truly therapeutic.
    Then I went to Job #1. Here I did the dance of answering phones, working on websites, fighting with the copy machine -- you know the typical day.

    Then I went to Job #2. Worked feverishly trying to turn the paperwork mountain into a paperwork molehill. I needed to be out of the office by 5:30. At 5:30 the mountain had become a smaller foothill. I saved some stuff on my hard-drive to take home and do. 

    In a rush I left the office and headed home to change out of my work slacks into jeans, t-shirt and old shoes. I headed to the barn to feed the horses again. Brought some horses in - let others out into the back field. 

    Left to attend the Saddle Club work day. Worked at the Saddle Club till about 8:45 preparing the upcoming Horse Show we are hosting this weekend.

    Went back to the barn and got the rest of the horses inside and settled for the night.

    Got to the house around 9:15 and made a beeline for the shower. Took a steaming hot shower and then switched on my laptop. Threw some clothes in the washing machine, fed the rabbit and other two dogs. Settled down to finish up the paperwork I brought home from the office. Then logged into Godaddy to upload a website I had finished for a local landscaping company (I dabble in websites on the side). My FTP account is not wanting to connect. Get that fixed get the site uploaded. Finish up with rest of paperwork.

    Go to take clothes out of washing machine to put in the dryer. I open the washing machine, it is still full of water!!! And the knob is on the rinse cycle but the machine is doing nothing...... I turn the knob around and putt on rinse and pull the knob. The machine kicks to life. I let it go a minute and then realize the water is not draining. It's just sloshing around.. Hmmmm.... I'm not "Washing Machine Maintenance Pro" but it doesn't take a genius to see something is wrong. 

    I play around with the settings to no avail. 

    I have no clue what to do. So I take my laundry basket and start filling it full of soaking wet clothes. I head to the bathroom where I kneel over the tub and rinse the clothes out then hanging them in random places to dry some. 

    The washing machine is still full of water. And I admit I have no clue. 

    Charlie: "Okay, I can do this. I just turn it on and stick 'em in."
    Alan: "It's a washing machine, not a cocktail waitress."
    ~ Two & A Half Men ~

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    Letters From Home

    I write Marine lots (a.k.a. one reason the mailman has started to wonder if I'm stalking him) of letters.... more than is probably good for myself. I mean really I'm a spaz. After all these letters he may rethink this whole wedding thing! Today's post is a witty letter that I sent to him today. I send serious letters but also try to send just some random funny ones to keep him entertained.....

    Tue April 20, 2010

    Fact Number: 298 -- I grocery shop better for you than I do myself.

    Hi my handsome Fiancée! Just to let you know I have learned a few things about myself during this deployment:

    1. I can pretty much write a letter about anything. Now it might not be a letter that particular interests you, but hey your getting mail so you should be happy. Beggars can't be choosers! lol

    2. I am a information seeker. Journalism school instilled in me the the 5 w's (who, what, when, where, why) and no matter what I do I can't seem to shake that basic principle. Google is my new best friend.

    3. I put your needs before my own. My perhaps only redeeming factor toward the list of reasons why you might want to marry me - Still I think that was a lapse of judgement on your part. :)

    4. When I hear of little problems or spats my friends have with their boyfriends or other friends. I want to tell them not to sweat the small stuff. Be appreciative of those moments and to take a step back and consider how it will affect the big picture. Most times it won't. So my view point of everyday things has changed. I appreciate things so much more!

    Also I shop better for you than I do for myself. Simple fact. Sunday I was in the grocery store shopping, my buggy is nearly full and I think I'm ready to checkout.... then I look and realize not a single item in the buggy is for myself. It's all stuff for your care packages. So I had to go back down the aisles and get myself grocery's for the week. In which I still didn't get as much for me as I did for you. I have a plastic tub at home full of things to send you. I may be going a little overboard, but I hope not. I like shopping for you and sending you packages, anything to help the months pass a little better for you.

    If nothing else I hope this information has made you smile or laugh...


    And from here the letter gets sappy, and cheesy --- the mushy stuff you don't need to know. You get the gist though. So each day I will continue to send letters from home, counting down the days when there will be no more letters and he will be home to hear all my crazy ramblings in person.

    Mr. Big: "Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours."
    ~ Sex And The City ~

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    April Showers ~ Where's My Umbrella?

    April is the month for showers.... In my case baby and wedding showers.

    Saturday: Giggles Wedding Shower

    Sunday: Vixen's Wedding Shower

    I am lucky enough (or cursed) to be both brides Maid of Honor. I love my two best friends dearly, but I think I speak for my whole group of friends when I say that we are about wedding-ed out!

    Saturday evening was Giggles and her fiancée's couples shower. It was held in the banquet room of a nice Italian pizzeria. The menu was comprised of pizza, Blackened Chicken pasta, and an amazing looking salad (amazing looking because I don't eat salad ---- **Shock**, **Gasp**....... I know).

    The food was delicious and all my favorite girls were in attendance: Vixen, Vivi, Babbles, Conscious, Blondie, and Nurse Betty.

    Conversation was unfiltered and no topic was off limits. Just the way we like it!

    I loved the center pieces - I really like hydrangeas, may have to consider them for my wedding.

    After the shower Vixen, VB, Babbles and myself met up with a different group of friends to celebrate Marine1's Sisters birthday (again I have never given her a name ~ to many people to keep straight).

    We met the group at a restaurant I had never been to before. The food looked good but we had just ate at the shower so I passed on diner. Afterward we went back to Girlfriends house and sat around visited and ate cookie cake.

    Most people were enjoying hunch punch... and I was tempted to have a glass -- but my bed was calling my name and my house was a 30+ min drive.... so no drinking and driving.

    The birthday shindig was a total blast from the past! Girlfriend had decided it was going to be a birthday party like those of our past. Many of us in attendance had been friends since pre-school and the birthday parties of our youth are quite infamous --- and unfortunately on video-tape.

    In the basement Girlfriend had set up pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata. All the girls were required to be blindfolded and play while the guys watched and laughed. The winner won a special designed wine glass.

    Definitely unexpected. But a change from the norm and made for a fun night.

    Sunday was much of the same. Wake up. Feed horses. Let Harley out for some exercise. Then off to yet another shower!

    Sunday was Vixen's family shower.

    It was a different atmosphere; but the food was great and Vixen and VB got a lot of great gifts.

    After the shower Vixen, VB and myself headed out side to take pictures by the river and the train tracks that ran behind the building where the shower was held.

    The afternoon was beautiful and taking pictures of Vixen and VB made me miss Marine and the simple things, like enjoying the beautiful afternoon. But he will be home soon and once home I plan on taking him back to this spot and getting some cute couples pictures of us!

    Monica: This is a great picture!
    Chandler: Yeah, but I'm not in that one.
    Monica: I know, but look at me, all tan!
    ~ Friends ~

    Thursday, April 15, 2010

    TMI Thursday ~ Dirty Laundry Anyone?

    The setting: Olive Garden

    The cast: Me, Babbles, and random Girlfriend

    The subject: Babbles's 50ish year old, single mother.

    Babbles, "So my mother's washing machine is broke and she's been bringing clothes over to my house to wash them. We are sitting in the living room and I hear the machine go off. I get up and head for the laundry room to throw them in the dryer."

    Girlfriend and I are waiting, not seeing anything traumatic about this situation yet.

    Babbles continues, "I'm pulling towels out of the washing machine and putting them on the dryer when what should fall on the floor?......"

    Girlfriend, "What?"

    Babbles, "A CONDOM!!!"

    **Shriek***--------------- **GASP** ------------ **hysterical laughter**!!!!!

    Me catching my breath, "A new condom."

    Babbles, "Oh no... it was used!"

    More laughter.

    Girlfriend, "How do you know?"

    Babbles, "How do I know? What do you mean 'how do I know?' How the hell do you think I know! There was a condom stretched out on my laundry room floor!"

    Me, "Did you find a wrapper?"

    Babbles, "No!"

    Girlfriend, "Were forgetting the most important question here......." She looks around at us, "Who did the condom belong to?"

    Babbles, "I don't know!"

    Me, "You didn't ask?"

    Babbles, "Hell no I didn't ask!"

    Me, "Well what did you do?"

    Babbles, "I threw it away!"

    Girlfriend, "Why didn't you ask?"

    She gives us a deadpan look, "Because I don't want to know."

    Girlfriend and I in unison, "WE DO!"

    Babbles, "Well I didn't want to hear about her sex life."

    Girlfriend, "I'm going to ask her."

    Babbles, "You go right ahead. You deal with her."

    More laughter.

    I will never wash towels without laughing again.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Wordless Wednesday ~ Sunday with Harley

    Most people walk their dog.... I walk my rabbit
    (while the dog is strategically confined to the house)

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    It Could Always Be Worse

    Wow! TMI Thursday was hit! That one post has received more hits than any other post I've ever written; just showing that people really like to hear the nitty-gritty, embarrassing stuff. Cause let's face it, reading about something stupid someone else did makes us feel a little bit better about ourselves.

    You know it's true.

    In the past two days I have received two phone calls from Marine - a sure sign that it will be awhile before I get another. It's amazing how happy a simple phone call can you make you. Marine is as good as can be given the situation. But then Marine doesn't really tell me anything. Something about the more you know the more you will worry --- his theory anyway. Which may be true. But really I'm going to worry regardless, so at least give me the cold hard facts.

    That is where Marine1 comes in. Marine1 is the go to source for information, because for a big macho guy he likes gossip just as much as any girl I know. Well maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

    So here is my news travel channel.

    And this is only part of the network that I have found myself a part of. So really Marine, you don't stand a chance. lol

    One of the guys was in a situation this last week that turned out ok, but it could have easily went the other way and not been ok. Marine1 during a call to his mom told her, who in turn called Marine-Mom, who in turn called me. The information stopped at me - seeing I'm the reasoning one of the three of us. Marine1 wasn't even 100% sure of the information so no need to pass it on and worry others needlessly.

    Turns out the information was accurate.

    This guy does not want his significant other to know about the situation, which puts me between a rock and a hard place. If it were me I would want to know. But at the same time its not my news to tell. Marine was aggravated that Marine1 told in the first place.

    I of course tell him I'm just glad everyone is alright and remain calm, letting him know that I'm not going to freak out and go hysterical. He's pretty lucky that I'm so level-headed.

    Then I try to lift his spirits by telling him funny stories from home and of things I have planned for when he returns home.

    Always end on a good note.

    That is a tip my Dad always said when training young horses. Its important to always end on a good note.

    I think this is valuable advice, so I apply it to other aspects of life.

    It was wonderful to hear his voice, and wonderful to catch up at least for a few minutes. While talking he sounds so positive.

    I laugh, "you can be honest, it sucks. I know. It's ok if you say it."

    I can hear the smile in his voice, "Well when I think it's bad I always think of you saying that it could always be worse."

    "That's funny when I'm having a bad day here I always think about you and that you have it 100 times worse and then my day doesn't seem so bad....." I tell him jokingly.

    He laughs and I can picture him smiling and shaking his head at me.

    Gosh I miss him.

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Grab A Lizard By The Tail

    Let me sum up my day Saturday:

    1. Dining alone.... interesting.

    2. You just haven't lived till you've grabbed a lizard by the tail --- literally.

    3. New skill to add to the resume: knows how to put out small forest fires.

    That is the highlights. Now for the in-depth version.

    Saturday I traveled south to drop off the hellacious office printer (same one as this story) with the printer repair man.

    While down that way I decided to meet up with College Girlfriend who has been calling wanting to hang out. So a lunch date was set. I spoke with her Friday and plans were still on.

    Well she has one of those crazy city cell phone providers who only has service in weird metro areas. So I assumed she wouldn't have service when coming north to meet me, calling her phone and being sent straight to voice-mail confirmed my hypothetical theory. At least that is what I thought.

    I enter the restaurant and ask for a table for two; might as well sit inside and enjoy a beer while I wait.

    I wait and wait and wait. I was ten minutes early, she was now 15 minutes late. The waiter is eying me in pity.

    Repeated calls all go straight to voice-mail.

    Oh what the hell.

    The waiter makes his way back over and I go ahead and place my order.

    Ever since watching the Friends episode where Rachel debates dining alone, I decided that one day I hoped to have the courage to do so as well. So I added it to the Life List: Eat a meal at a sit down restaurant alone.

    That has now been crossed off the list. Despite the fact I was eyed as the "girl who had a make-believe friend coming so it would look as if she weren't eating alone". That or maybe they thought I was stood up.

    Me? I couldn't care less. It was actually kinda nice. Peaceful. Relaxing. A moment to just breath. Something I would do again.

    From here I head to Vixen's to prepare for the couples shower for Vixen and VB.

    VB is the only one there and is blowing leaves out of the driveway with a leaf blower.

    I make my way to the gazebo to start arranging chairs and such. I grab a chair and in the process grab a lizard by the tail.

    Not sure who freaked out more.

    Me or the lizard.

    I jump. He jumps.

    Except he jumped the wrong way and has now jumped on me. I scream and jump again.

    He falls to the ground and in terror runs one way. I do not run but watch as he flees, shaking myself to rid myself of any other unwanted guests. I DO NOT LIKE FOR THINGS TO JUMP AT ME.

    If something jumps at me weather it be a lizard, mouse, or any kind of bug - I am going to scream like a little girl. Can't help it. It's like my natural defense mechanism.

    I take a deep calming breath and turn around.

    To see smoke billowing from the woods beside the house. I look down and see the leaves on fire.... and spreading quickly!

    OH Sh*T, Oh SH*T!!!

    VB is leaf blowing oblivious to anything.

    "VB!!!!!" I scream from where I am above him now standing on the bridge that crosses the waterfall. "VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!"

    He continues to blow.

    I race down the stairs frantically flailing my arms and screaming his name. As I approach he stops and takes the ipod earphone out of one ear.


    His reaction was same as mine.

    "OH SH*T!" He drops the leaf blower and Ipod and takes off running, grabbing his rake as he passes the house.

    I run down the driveway, unhook the water-hose and start dragging it up the hill. I get to the spicket that is in close proximity to the fire only to be told that it doesn't work.

    I drag the hose back down the driveway, hook it back up and turn it on.

    I grab the end and once again start running up the driveway.

    The hose has about a million holes it.

    I am getting soaked.

    And the hose has more knots in it than it does holes.

    At this point the hose is useless and:

    1) it more than likely wouldn't have reached the fire
    2) if it did no water would have made it to the fire because it's all coming out the holes!

    VB is still raking like a mad man. I rush into the house and start filling up the four pitchers that I had sat out for the party.

    Once full I balance the four pitchers running out to throw the water on the burning leaves. I am on about the 4th lap of this when Vixen pulls up.

    VB is still raking and between raking and me water racing we have things under control.

    But not out.

    Vixen takes one look at the situation, walks up the hill and flips a switch that is hidden in the outdoor power box.

    Viola the broken spicket works!!

    The hose is hooked up, and fire is out.

    Vixen stands one hand on her hip eying VB and his melted plastic rake and me and my water splattered attire, "So? What happened?"

    I'm clueless so I turn to VB, "Well I must have blown some of the ashes from the burn pile from last night. It was all out. Some of the bottom ashes must have been smoldering. Guess they hit the dry leaves........"

    And well we knew the rest.

    Vixen shakes her head. VB and I laugh as I tell the story of the discovery and admit that if we would have gotten our reactions on camera we so would have won America's Funniest Home Video.

    Other than that the Couples Shower went off without a hitch. Fun night of friends, good BBQ, and some friendly corn hole. Ever played corn hole? Very fun!!

    Giggles Fiancée And Blondie's Boyfriend

    Somehow we always end up in the bathroom....
    This is the goofy picture ~ Notice the dogs face,
    I think that pretty much says it all!

    Of course we always end up in the bathroom.... not using it but gathered around telling the latest news or gossip. Bathroom confessional so to speak.

    Somethings never change.

    Thank goodness!

    And all of this happened Saturday. Very Eventful day to say the least!

    Ross: You can't possibly do this alone.
    Rachel: Excuse me?
    Ross: Come on, Rach. I mean, you can't even eat alone in a restaurant.
    Rachel: What?
    Ross: I'm just saying, if you can't eat by yourself, how do you expect to have a baby by yourself?
    Rachel: I can too eat by myself!
    Ross: When have you ever?
    Rachel: When certain people leave the table and I am not finished!
    Ross: Well, certain other people take 2 hours to eat a bowl of soup!
    Rachel: Oh, please, you inhale your food!
    Ross: I grew up with Monica. If you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat!
    ~ Friends ~

    Friday, April 9, 2010

    Selecting The Perfect Invitation

    Yesterday after I left work I headed to the theater to meet my mom, Marine Mom, and Marine Sister to see a matinée ~ The Bounty Hunter.

    A reporter trying to cover a story, mystery, intrigue, and a sexy guy = A great movie in my book. I ♥ it! Gerard Butler has got to be one of the hottest guys around. The eyes, the smile, the voice, the abs.... yeah he is pretty much the total package!

    After the movie the four of us decided to grab a bite to eat. It is great that my mom and Marine's mom get a long so well. And it was fun going to do something with them and Marine Sis.

    After diner we went to Michael's to look at Wedding Invitations. I had already found some that I liked but I thought I would let them see them before making a final decision.

    I had already decided to go with "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) Invitations in order to save money. I mean have you looked at wedding invitations? Ridiculous! I found some that I really, really, really liked but they were $2.50 a piece. I need at least 100 invitations so before tax that would be $250. That is a lot of money for a simple piece of paper.

    And Marine and I have set a wedding budget of $5,000. Marine has bet that I will go over this amount. I on the other hand love a challenge and I love to win. So unbeknown-est to Marine I have set myself a new goal just to see how cheap I can possibly go to have a nice, yet simple wedding.

    Because instead of putting money toward the wedding I would rather put it toward other things such as new furniture or fixing up the house. Also if I win the bet Marine has to buy me a new flash for my Cannon Rebel ($329 value ~ something I desperately want, but refuse to shell out the money to buy.). If he wins he gets to gloat for the rest of our lives that he was right.

    So as you can clearly see I cannot let him win.

    Michael's is great about coupons - and who doesn't love coupons? All you have to do is sign up for their mailing list. Last week was customer appreciation week, take 50% off any one regularly priced item. That knocked my invitations down to $19.99 box, 30 invitations per box.

    Thursday night I bought only one box but that night made Marine Sister, Babbles, and another Girlfriend all sign up for Michael's mailing list in order to receive the coupons. Friday night coupons in hand we returned to Michael's and purchased three additional boxes of invitations.

    Four boxes would give me a total of 120 invitations, plenty to cover the list and leave extras to place in the wedding scrapbook etc. These four boxes should have cost me $171.16 but thanks to my bargain shopping I was able to cut the final cost down to $85.56.

    Very budget friendly!

    Here is a picture of the invitations:

    The picture is not very good, but you get the gist. They are ivory and black and have a white ribbon at the top. Instead of the white ribbon though I am going to use red. Since Marine is wanting to wear his dress blues our colors are going to be red and black..... because... well nothing else really looks good next to the uniform.

    And for less than 100 dollars and I'm very excited about the invitations, which also include response cards and thank you notes.

    I went ahead and purchased the matching guest book to. Which has blank pages just like I was wanting so that I can make it a photo guestbook.

    All this for less than 100 bucks... I'd say I'm off to a good start on winning this bet!

    Chandler: Did you do it on our invitations?
    Ross: Not at the ones we sent out.
    Chandler: So, just the ones you gave back to us and we had framed!
    ~ Friends ~

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    TMI Thursday ~ The Pink One

    Ok..... I can't believe I'm about to do this.

    Yes you read it right. I have chosen to participate in my first and probably last TMI Thursday.

    Now like everybody, I have more of these stories than you would ever want to know. SO consider this your fair warning ~ if you don't want to know, stop reading now. Come back tomorrow. And those that continue to read; please don't judge me.

    At 27 *ahem, ahem*, I mean 26 round 2, I have never owned a personal toy (PT)- my polite way of saying vibrator.

    Let's face it, I'm an uptight bitch that:

    1) would not have a clue what do it with it if I had one


    2) I've never needed one

    Well let's just focus on the first reason.

    Marine being the loving fiancée that he is.... added to his list of things to do before he left - Buy E a PT.

    So while up for deployment week we visited an adult store.

    You think this would be an easy decision.

    In and out.............. (maybe I should have went with a different choice of words).

    OMG!! Row, after row of PT's. Different shapes, sizes, colors. You name it.

    And Marine has to look at every single one of them determined, despite my embarrassment, to pick out the one that will be perfectly suited for me. Even though he is just as clueless as I am but I refuse to let him ask the salesgirl for help. Which I am nearly sure he would have.

    Marine, "Which one do you like?"
    Me not really looking, "I don't know..."
    "How bout this one?"
    A funny look.
    "This one?" he tries again.
    Another skeptical look...
    "Well let's ask and see which one they sell the most of."
    "NO!!! This one will work. This one is good."

    You get the picture. See told you up tight bitch. That's me.

    Finally I take a deep breath and realize that:
    1) The lady behind the counter and the sales girl are not secretly taking our picture and posting it online for the world to see.

    2) I am in a different state - the chances of running into someone I know is non-existent

    3) I need to learn to not be so uptight

    So with a deep breath I finally decide to act like the mature 26-round-2-year-old that I am and with my wonderful fiancée embrace this hopefully once in a life time moment.

    He has narrowed it down to three. Me knowing nothing about this type of shopping pick the pink one.

    Yes I based this decision solely on color.

    The other choices were purple and silver. Neither one very eye appealing.

    But at the time I told myself that it would never be used anyway -- it would be stashed in my underwear drawer from here to eternity, and it would make Marine happy to think that I would be taken care of during those lonely nights in his absence.

    Curiosity however got the best of me. We will just leave it at that.

    Like loosing your virginity, the first time is always awkward. Because you really don't know what your doing.

    Let's just say I understand why the variety now.

    Carrie, "I'm not going to replace a man with some battery-operated device."
    Miranda, "You haven't met 'The Rabbit.' "
    Samantha, "Oh come on, if you're going to get a vibrator, at least get one called 'The Horse.'
    ~ Sex and the City ~

    { This quote cracks me up!! Makes me think of Giggles less famous Quote }

    Wednesday, April 7, 2010

    The Playing Field

    So before going to bed most normal people make sure that they have set the coffee pot or something. I make sure that I have a Dr. Pepper in the refrigerator so it will be cold the next morning.

    That has no relevance to the rest of the post. Just a fun fact I thought I would toss out there - because that is what I did last night before going to bed.

    Wednesday has become my favorite day of the week. For one it means the week is half over, but more importantly it is usually the day Marine gets to call.

    This morning at 6 a.m. my phone goes off and I nearly fall out of the bed trying to answer it. I don't wake up gracefully.

    From the other end comes Marine's voice and for 20 minutes life is wonderful.

    Sappy right?

    Hate to tell you, you've got 7 more months of sappy (or 6 hopefully *fingers crossed*).

    It was great just to hear his voice. But so many things to say that 20 minutes a week is not nearly enough. But we make do as I recap things from here; only telling the positive things. No sense telling him the 4runner is making a new funny noise. No need for him to worry.

    For anyone else going thru deployment that is reading this the number one piece of advice I would like to give is: stay positive.

    Don't tell your loved one of problems at home that he can not solve. After you have solved the problem then you can tell him about it if you must. But don't send a letter telling him of the problem unless you are also telling him you have solved it.

    Marine has enough going on, he doesn't need to worry about me also.

    Have I mentioned how great he is?

    Well I'm sure you've heard my bitch/moaning/venting about being broke? And that my hours were cut back at work? And that I've picked up a 2nd job that doesn't pay as much but hey every little bit helps?

    If not.... well that pretty much sums it up.

    Like everyone in America money is tight.

    And Marine and I are trying to save for the Wedding.

    Before he left we opened a joint checking account and set it up on auto-deposit so that we both transfer so much money into it a month.

    About a month ago Roomie's wife (Marine's roommate on base's wife) invited me to Vegas for her birthday in July. I've never been to Vegas and would love to go. But last I checked round trip flight was $350. Which is embarrassingly almost more than I make in a week now with the cut hours.

    Marine: "So are you flying out for Roomie's wifes birthday?"

    Me: "Tickets are to expensive... I'm going to keep checking and if I can find a cheap flight I would like to go."

    Marine: "You should go, you need to go do something fun. Take money out of the joint account and buy a ticket."

    Me: "No I'm not going to do that!"

    Marine: "Why not?"

    Me: "Because you are putting more money than I am into that account and I'm not spending your money."

    Marine: "It's our money. Besides I'm over here for 7 months. It's not like I'm spending any money. It's ok if you splurge. Besides I think it would be good for you and Roomie's wife to get together."

    Me: "We'll see."

    And I change the subject.

    When in a relationship I like to be equals. On an equal playing field.

    But what happens when your not? What happens when you are still haunted by the past that you can't seem to get rid of?

    Marine is very money smart. Quite the little saver.

    Yep, I used to be like that, and one day I plan on being so again. But I am still paying off debt from X. Now I can't blame my debt on him entirely but I can at least a good 85% of it.

    Why am I responsible for the debt of the relationship and X left squeaky clean? Because sometimes its worth it to get rid of them.

    Marine knows about my debt and I hope to have it paid off before we get married. But with baby showers, and four close friends getting married within the next 6 months (three of which I am in) - the debt pay off plan has taken a major hit.

    So saying that I am tight when it comes to spending money is putting it a little mildly.

    I appreciated Marine's offer to pay for the plane ticket. But at the same time I don't want him to pay for it - I want to be able to on my own.

    What do you think?

    Relationships and love are blind, so they say. I love Marine and I know he loves me despite my flaws and imperfections. But I don't want my past to affect my future. I want us to be on an equal field.

    But then I guess in away you never really are. One partner will always make more money than the other (more than likely).

    So now it's your turn to weigh in: Vegas or no Vegas?

    Rachel: (Picking up the phone) Hello? Vegas? Yes, we would like some more alcohol, and you know, we would like some more beers too... hello? Oh wait... I forgot to dial. (There is a knock at the door)
    Ross: That must be our alcohol and beers

    ~ Friends ~

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Easter Weekend

    Friday was beautiful - but I've already told you that - so after work I headed to the barn and proceeded to get horse ready for the show.

    Were we ready? *Shake of head* Not really.

    Have we been sticking to a strict practice routine? *Shake of head* Not really.

    Thanks to all the rain that has plummeted the south in the past months practice had pretty much been on hold. Well that and the fact that I have been working crazy hours!

    But as I told Vixen earlier that day when she asked if Horse and I were ready, "We are always ready."

    Overly confident?


    But hey I believe that if you are confident and go in like you know what your doing you'll be fine.

    So that is just what we did. And it worked. In one event we placed 4th out of 38 with a run of 10.6 seconds. In our other event we placed 6th out of 46 running an 8.6 seconds.

    I was very pleased!

    I arrived back at the barn shortly after 2a.m. and after taking care of Horse and settling her in for the night it was closer to 3 when I crawled in the bed.

    Like most mornings the alarm went off to early. But then again it was Saturday and I had to much to do.

    First on the list was lunch with Lil Bro. Lil Bro is in the Army and Stationed what seems like forever away!! But he was home for the weekend and I was anxious to see him. So I met him and his girlfriend for a quick lunch and catch up session.

    Afterward I picked up a cake, balloons, and ice cream and headed for Babbles house. April is my month for showers. This being the first in a what will be a long month. Conscious's Baby shower.

    It went good, Conscious received nice gifts and many things she needed.

    Throwing this shower made me realize that me and my friends are not quite as organized as we used to be..... Like me several of the others (ahem Giggles and Vixen) had waited till the last minute to get some of the necessities for the shower.

    We may not have it all together but let me tell we can pull anything off. And we did - and no one was the wiser.

    Saturday was another horse show. But I had Easter plans with the Family so couldn't stay out that late. So instead of participating I went to watch Vixen and show support. Vixen's class was at 7..... which would have made mine be around 11:30.

    Yeah. Not fair. lol

    Sunday was Easter and my mom and I went to my Grandparents (dad's parents) for the day.

    It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending the day with them. Each year my family (close family) seems to become smaller. First my Grandma, then Dad, and last Grandpa. Now it is just the four of us - and soon to be Marine.

    But I love my little family, and I look forward to Marine becoming a part of it.

    Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!

    Saturday, April 3, 2010

    I Wish I Could Make This Stuff Up

    Friday was an interesting day.

    To say the least.

    The printer tore up at work and since I'm the youngest person in our office it is automatically assumed that I shall be the one to fix it. Even though let's face it I really have no clue. But I do give it some great effort and determine ~ and after a Google search and trying multiple things I diagnose that it's the printer. Even when unplugged from the computer it still prints strange symbols never stopping the insanity until the paper tray is empty.

    By 1 o'clock I am ready to hit it with a baseball bat. Instead I take a deep breath and escape to go grab some lunch.

    It is a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day!!

    On the way to pick up lunch I swing thru the ATM to take out some cash for the weekend. I recently received a new debit card, and I thought I knew the pin. [ Thought being the key word in this sentence. ] After two failed attempts I retrieve my debit card in fear that a third attempt will cause the machine to eat my card.

    No biggie I will just write a check for Cash, go thru the drive-thru and cash it. Simple.

    Have I mentioned I live in a small town?

    Just making sure you remember.

    And X's current Girlfriend, Physco-Bitch, works at this particular bank.

    As luck would have it I pull into the drive-thru and there she is behind the window. Yep that fits right into the day I've been having.

    She looks surprised to see me - maybe because I usually avoid the drive-thru by taking my banking needs inside.

    I smile and say hello.

    The drawer opens and I place my check inside. As the drawer slowly closes a nice spring breeze blows through and catches my check lifting it out of the drawer and thus begins it's flight across the parking lot.

    Physco and I meet eyes both surprised by this turn of events. The difference being she has a glint in her eye pleased and the glint in my eye is panic as my signed check blows across the parking lot.

    I jump out of the 4runner - leaving it running and still parked in the drive thru - and dash to catch the check that has now come to a landing.

    As I near the wind catches it again and carries it further out of my grasp.

    This really happened.

    I dash and stomp on it before the next breeze comes through. I pick it up and make my way back to the window. I just laugh.

    I mean really what else can you do?

    Physco seems surprised at my laughter. As the drawer opens I say with laughter, "well that seems about right for the type of day I've had."

    You would think she would laugh to. But no. She seems bummed that I wasn't upset by the event.

    As she finishes my transaction and sends my cash back thru the drawer I smile, "Have a great weekend."

    This is met with a smirk and stony silence.

    Ah well can't please them all.

    I pull away knowing that this story will be spread like wildfire and that the majority of the population will probably know about it before I get back to work.

    I wish I could make this stuff up. Really.

    Jules "When you act like you don't want to talk to me, it just makes me want to talk to you even more."
    Grayson "That may be the world's most annoying personality trait."
    ~ Cougar Town ~

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    I Don't Care About Your Band ~ Winner!!

    Ok thank you to those that entered my first contest!

    To determine a winner I went to and let them decide.....

    Drum roll please.................



    And the winner is Aurora from over at Confessions Of A Cocktail Napkin. Congrats Aurora!! Please leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you. To everyone else, thank you for reading and thank you for entering!!!

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    The Emotional Roller-coaster

    Love is complicated as it is. Throw in a deployed Marine and you have yourself one ticket, front row on the emotional roller-coaster.

    Now I like to consider myself cool, calm, and collected. Which I normally am. But some days you just reach emotional overload.

    Yesterday was one of those days.

    Before he deployed I made (nagged - you know po-ta-toe / po-tat-o) Marine sign me up with the Family Readiness Officer [ FRO ] for the Battalion newsletters, etc.

    Yesterday I got an email giving me a number that I could call in to and listen to a message from the Battalion commander.

    Of course I stop what I'm doing and call the number.

    Once I hear the message, I hang up and call back - 3 times - to allow the message to fully sink in and to listen for any hidden meanings.

    Then I sit there feeling slightly overwhelmed.

    The news wasn't bad. Just said what had been going on and where they were located {this information has yet to make the news therefor I will refrain from giving to many details or locations}.

    Basically it informed me that Marine was not wandering aimlessly in the dessert as I had hoped but instead had been in combat.

    I handled the news well. The rush of emotion brought tears to my eyes but I held them in.

    No sense crying.

    So I stay strong.

    But then around 9:30 the phone rings.

    It is Marine, and it had never been so good to hear his voice. To know he was ok. Or as good as could be given the situation.

    We were able to talk for 2o - wonderful but short -minutes before he said he had to go.

    When I hung up the phone I burst into tears.

    The first tears that have fallen since he has been gone.

    I was at my moms and she comes into the room a panic stricken look on her face as she asks me if Marine is ok.

    I tell her he is.

    "Then why are you crying?" she asks.

    They were tears of relief.

    So relieved that he was ok. So relieved to hear his voice.

    Physically he is ok. Mentally though I could tell he was shaken.

    "It's no Iraq," He had told me with a heavy voice.

    I know this deployment is not going to be easy for him. But we are one month down. 7 to go.

    Please Lord just watch over all of them and keep them safe.

    Loving a Marine --- what a ride. But I wouldn't trade it for anything, if nothing else with everyday that passes I think I love him more.

    This song was originally sung by Reba McEntire and Faith Hill but this is a live version of Reba and Kelly Clarkson... pretty much sums it up.