Monday, April 19, 2010

April Showers ~ Where's My Umbrella?

April is the month for showers.... In my case baby and wedding showers.

Saturday: Giggles Wedding Shower

Sunday: Vixen's Wedding Shower

I am lucky enough (or cursed) to be both brides Maid of Honor. I love my two best friends dearly, but I think I speak for my whole group of friends when I say that we are about wedding-ed out!

Saturday evening was Giggles and her fiancée's couples shower. It was held in the banquet room of a nice Italian pizzeria. The menu was comprised of pizza, Blackened Chicken pasta, and an amazing looking salad (amazing looking because I don't eat salad ---- **Shock**, **Gasp**....... I know).

The food was delicious and all my favorite girls were in attendance: Vixen, Vivi, Babbles, Conscious, Blondie, and Nurse Betty.

Conversation was unfiltered and no topic was off limits. Just the way we like it!

I loved the center pieces - I really like hydrangeas, may have to consider them for my wedding.

After the shower Vixen, VB, Babbles and myself met up with a different group of friends to celebrate Marine1's Sisters birthday (again I have never given her a name ~ to many people to keep straight).

We met the group at a restaurant I had never been to before. The food looked good but we had just ate at the shower so I passed on diner. Afterward we went back to Girlfriends house and sat around visited and ate cookie cake.

Most people were enjoying hunch punch... and I was tempted to have a glass -- but my bed was calling my name and my house was a 30+ min drive.... so no drinking and driving.

The birthday shindig was a total blast from the past! Girlfriend had decided it was going to be a birthday party like those of our past. Many of us in attendance had been friends since pre-school and the birthday parties of our youth are quite infamous --- and unfortunately on video-tape.

In the basement Girlfriend had set up pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata. All the girls were required to be blindfolded and play while the guys watched and laughed. The winner won a special designed wine glass.

Definitely unexpected. But a change from the norm and made for a fun night.

Sunday was much of the same. Wake up. Feed horses. Let Harley out for some exercise. Then off to yet another shower!

Sunday was Vixen's family shower.

It was a different atmosphere; but the food was great and Vixen and VB got a lot of great gifts.

After the shower Vixen, VB and myself headed out side to take pictures by the river and the train tracks that ran behind the building where the shower was held.

The afternoon was beautiful and taking pictures of Vixen and VB made me miss Marine and the simple things, like enjoying the beautiful afternoon. But he will be home soon and once home I plan on taking him back to this spot and getting some cute couples pictures of us!

Monica: This is a great picture!
Chandler: Yeah, but I'm not in that one.
Monica: I know, but look at me, all tan!
~ Friends ~

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phoebe said...

great friends quote! love.

what a party weekend! sounds like it was lots of fun :-)

i know what you mean about all of the couples stuff making you think of marine... what is the countdown?