Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Friday was beautiful - but I've already told you that - so after work I headed to the barn and proceeded to get horse ready for the show.

Were we ready? *Shake of head* Not really.

Have we been sticking to a strict practice routine? *Shake of head* Not really.

Thanks to all the rain that has plummeted the south in the past months practice had pretty much been on hold. Well that and the fact that I have been working crazy hours!

But as I told Vixen earlier that day when she asked if Horse and I were ready, "We are always ready."

Overly confident?


But hey I believe that if you are confident and go in like you know what your doing you'll be fine.

So that is just what we did. And it worked. In one event we placed 4th out of 38 with a run of 10.6 seconds. In our other event we placed 6th out of 46 running an 8.6 seconds.

I was very pleased!

I arrived back at the barn shortly after 2a.m. and after taking care of Horse and settling her in for the night it was closer to 3 when I crawled in the bed.

Like most mornings the alarm went off to early. But then again it was Saturday and I had to much to do.

First on the list was lunch with Lil Bro. Lil Bro is in the Army and Stationed what seems like forever away!! But he was home for the weekend and I was anxious to see him. So I met him and his girlfriend for a quick lunch and catch up session.

Afterward I picked up a cake, balloons, and ice cream and headed for Babbles house. April is my month for showers. This being the first in a what will be a long month. Conscious's Baby shower.

It went good, Conscious received nice gifts and many things she needed.

Throwing this shower made me realize that me and my friends are not quite as organized as we used to be..... Like me several of the others (ahem Giggles and Vixen) had waited till the last minute to get some of the necessities for the shower.

We may not have it all together but let me tell we can pull anything off. And we did - and no one was the wiser.

Saturday was another horse show. But I had Easter plans with the Family so couldn't stay out that late. So instead of participating I went to watch Vixen and show support. Vixen's class was at 7..... which would have made mine be around 11:30.

Yeah. Not fair. lol

Sunday was Easter and my mom and I went to my Grandparents (dad's parents) for the day.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed spending the day with them. Each year my family (close family) seems to become smaller. First my Grandma, then Dad, and last Grandpa. Now it is just the four of us - and soon to be Marine.

But I love my little family, and I look forward to Marine becoming a part of it.

Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!

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phoebe said...

hope you had a nice easter! it was beautiful weather to make for a great weekend :-)