Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun and Laughter -- Just What The Doctor Ordered

Saturday night I attended a Blog Party. I have a friend who I greatly admire (one who I must give a name because she has been covered by my broad term GirlFriend up to this point - From this point forward she will be Red). She has more guts than I do, that is obvious.

She writes a blog - dating and humorous stories about her life - but instead of writing anonymously she proudly puts her name on it. I think half of our small town reads it and she has developed quite a following in less than 6 months. In away I envy her, wishing I was brave enough to not write anonymously. But honestly I like my screen and the ability to say (write) anything. 

Red considers herself pretty plus and always says, "God didn't make me skinny cause he knew I'd be a whore."

In reality Red is a knockout with a great personality - the total package. And a beautiful redhead if you couldn't figure that out by the name.  

Anyway, she had a Blog Party at a local restaurant and I attended for diner and laughs. The party went good -- as well as any non-alcoholic party can go that is. After the party some of us went to the pub for drinks. I meant to stay only a short while..... Giggles ducked out at 10 p.m. and I decided I would stay a little longer... but a short while turned into 1 a.m. and us stragglers heading to Waffle House --- Red, I, Guy Friend, Vivi, and a friend of Vivi's.

I didn't walk thru my front door till around 2:30 a.m. with 2 relizations:
1. I'm sososososososososo tired leading me to believe that I'm not as young as I once was
2. Well there is no two.

It was a much needed night of fun and laughter.

All that stuff I read about deployment may have been right. It said that the first few months its easy to get depressed. I thought that was a load of crap (to an extent), I'm such a positive person I figured that first stage wouldn't hit me so hard. I was wrong. Lately I've been a little down and out.... so I think a night of fun was just what the doctor had ordered.

Laurie, "Am I in a different conversation?"
Jules, "Almost always."

~ Cougar Town ~


besswess said...

That is awesome about your friend! I know what you mean about being able to write what you want. I'm toying with the idea of being more ballsy with my blog. The only problem: my family reads it. Ugh!

phoebe said...

haha. yeah... i am not that brave... to the blog world, i will be known as phoebe and that is fine by me... i like being able to say what i want, when i want :-) kudos to your pal. had you known her prior?