Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Wish I Could Make This Stuff Up

Friday was an interesting day.

To say the least.

The printer tore up at work and since I'm the youngest person in our office it is automatically assumed that I shall be the one to fix it. Even though let's face it I really have no clue. But I do give it some great effort and determine ~ and after a Google search and trying multiple things I diagnose that it's the printer. Even when unplugged from the computer it still prints strange symbols never stopping the insanity until the paper tray is empty.

By 1 o'clock I am ready to hit it with a baseball bat. Instead I take a deep breath and escape to go grab some lunch.

It is a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L day!!

On the way to pick up lunch I swing thru the ATM to take out some cash for the weekend. I recently received a new debit card, and I thought I knew the pin. [ Thought being the key word in this sentence. ] After two failed attempts I retrieve my debit card in fear that a third attempt will cause the machine to eat my card.

No biggie I will just write a check for Cash, go thru the drive-thru and cash it. Simple.

Have I mentioned I live in a small town?

Just making sure you remember.

And X's current Girlfriend, Physco-Bitch, works at this particular bank.

As luck would have it I pull into the drive-thru and there she is behind the window. Yep that fits right into the day I've been having.

She looks surprised to see me - maybe because I usually avoid the drive-thru by taking my banking needs inside.

I smile and say hello.

The drawer opens and I place my check inside. As the drawer slowly closes a nice spring breeze blows through and catches my check lifting it out of the drawer and thus begins it's flight across the parking lot.

Physco and I meet eyes both surprised by this turn of events. The difference being she has a glint in her eye pleased and the glint in my eye is panic as my signed check blows across the parking lot.

I jump out of the 4runner - leaving it running and still parked in the drive thru - and dash to catch the check that has now come to a landing.

As I near the wind catches it again and carries it further out of my grasp.

This really happened.

I dash and stomp on it before the next breeze comes through. I pick it up and make my way back to the window. I just laugh.

I mean really what else can you do?

Physco seems surprised at my laughter. As the drawer opens I say with laughter, "well that seems about right for the type of day I've had."

You would think she would laugh to. But no. She seems bummed that I wasn't upset by the event.

As she finishes my transaction and sends my cash back thru the drawer I smile, "Have a great weekend."

This is met with a smirk and stony silence.

Ah well can't please them all.

I pull away knowing that this story will be spread like wildfire and that the majority of the population will probably know about it before I get back to work.

I wish I could make this stuff up. Really.

Jules "When you act like you don't want to talk to me, it just makes me want to talk to you even more."
Grayson "That may be the world's most annoying personality trait."
~ Cougar Town ~


One of The Guys said...

That is funny as hell!! The check blowing in the wind reminds me of another story you couldn't make up.

My friend, NOT ME SERIOUSLY, had a bunch of Playboys he decided he needed to get rid of. Maybe his new girlfriend didn't like them. So he had them in his car and was looking for a dumpster. He drove by the dumpster in the Kmart parking lot and tried to throw them in while driving. He missed, they hit a pole and literally blew all over the parking lot. He had to pick them all up while everyone watched. Also a small town. Yikes!

I shit my pants when I heard that!!
I might have to write this on THE GUYS. See ya.

Date Girl said...

Ugh what a day. I hate printers btw-worst part of my job when I have to deal with them. I want to go all office space on them sometimes!
The check thing is funny. Lame that psycho bitch couldn't laugh with you. Then again she IS a psycho bitch!

phoebe said...

that is too funny... :-)