Monday, May 24, 2010

Sometimes The End Just Makes Way For New Beginnings

Life Lesson 36: 
It is NEVER a good idea to start drinking at 9:30 in the morning past the age of 21.

When my alarm went off at 3 a.m. I would like to tell you I sprung out of bed. In reality I fell out of bed, grabbed my Monster, and stumbled to the 4Runner. Perfect example of why I had been smart enough to pack the car the night before!

Giggles was late of course because she is, a bitch in the, not a morning person.

Vixen is smart though and had thought ahead and met us with Waffle House in hand. The way to Giggles heart is thru her stomach and after four bites of hashbrowns the anti-morning-she-devil had been replaced by our lovely friend.

Now I admit when Vixen called me last Thursday morning and demanded requested that we go to the beach for the weekend instead of having the planned bachelorette party I was ready to kill her!!! And that is putting it mildly. So last minute I cancel the few plans that were already set, uninvited people with a vague excuse of rescheduling, and started looking for beach locations anywhere within a 6 hour drive.

Maybe murder would be a better word....

Of course it was so last minute that not everyone could go and the large bachelorette party dwindled down to three; Vixen, Giggles, and myself.

By 5 a.m. we were easing our way thru traffic and laughing at the morning radio personalities.

Due to the forgotten time change when crossing into the new Time Zone we arrived a little earlier than we had planned. Like 10:30 a.m. early. Thank goodness the hotel receptionist was nice and let us go ahead and check into the room.

We dropped our bags and changed into swimsuits and headed for the beach.

Vixen and Giggles were hell bent on getting a tan and me and my 70 SPF and umbrella was hell bent on not getting sunburned. Yes, I am a pasty white girl. I don't tan, I burn.

Lunch time arrived and we walked to the beach-side restaurant located next to our hotel and promptly ordered seafood and frozen drinks. I mean what is a beach vacation without a frozen drink?

Now here is where I said my stupidest comment of the trip:

Giggles: "How's your pinacolada?"
E: "Here try it... It's almost to sweet. To pineappley."
Giggles: "Pineappley?"
E: "Yeah."
Giggles takes sip of my offered drink.
Vixen: Pineappley?"
E: "Yeah!...... What do you think pinacolada's are made of?"
Giggles and Vixen in unison: "Coconut!"

All three of us burst into laughter! Yeah that was just one of the dumb things I said over that weekend that I'm sure I will never live down.

After lunch we headed for the store to get some snacks and other grocery items. Our hotel room had a kitchenette so we planned on buying cereal for breakfast and snacks...... well because let's face it we are "snack" type of people.

Giggles is pushing the buggy and of course she heads straight for the beer aisle; she beelines for her beer of choice (Yuengling) and Vixen and I stand debating what will be our poison of choice for the weekend. I want Landshark but they don't have it in cans (gotta have cans to take on the beach) so we go with Bud Light Lime. We are trying to deciede between the 12 pack and the 18 when I glance behind me and do a double take.

I tap Vixen who is mid-sentence and point to the buggy. Giggles has 2 yes 2 - 12 packs in the buggy. "If she's planning on drinking 24 surely between the two of us we can drink 18!" I laugh.

"What?" Giggles responds to our laughter and glances at her beer, "We're at the beach!"

18 it is.

We returned to the hotel, unloaded our goodies and returned to the beach.

Where we spent the rest of the day.

Diner was Little Caesars Pizza and Bread-sticks eaten on the beach by moonlight. Like always over pizza and beer late at night is when we contemplate life. We talk about the past, the present and the future. I was sad none of our other friends could go but as I sat there with two of my best friends I realized it was kinda symbolic. Like beach trips of the past it was just the 3 of us. We've grown from the 15 year old girls we once were but our friendship remains the same. This would be the last trip we would all take before tying the knot.

Saturday was much the same--- wake up, head to the beach, go out for lunch, return to the beach.

From the safety of the umbrella and 70SPF shield I snapped pictures. Then like kids we threw care to the wind and, despite the cool temperature of the water, plunge in. Koozies with beer in hand of course. WE HAD A BLAST!! Trying to stay afloat while dodging waves and keep our beer from getting submerged. Being short the ocean pretty much had it's way with me, tossing me wherever it felt like. End score - Ocean 2 : E 0. The amount of sand found in my bathing suit afterward left me feeling totally violated. Thanks Ocean most action I've had in 3 months. lol ;)

For lunch we headed to Margaritaville . Best food eaten on the vacation hands down! Two frozen drinks later I feel a little buzzed. I get up to leave and realized that I may be more than a little buzzed. We had started drinking beer at 9 am.


You betcha!

But as Vixen put it, "It's my Bachelorette weekend!!!"

So it's 1:30 p.m. and I've reached the fun part (as my friend Red would say).

Yeah unless your 21 it's really not a good idea...... and even at 21 I really don't remember it being a good idea.

Needless to say back at the room I took an hour refresher nap before once again joining Vixen and Giggles on the beach.

By this point we hit the harsh reality we aren't the alcoholics we used to be and the fact we are getting older is almost a happy reminder.

We went out for diner. This point sober and Giggles saying, "I remember now why I don't drink much anymore."

After diner we head back out to the beach and under the light of the moon we pop the top on a bottle of champagne to celebrate the last night.

The last night of vacation.

The last trip before the weddings.

The last night before we embark on the next chapters of our lives.

But this wasn't an ending it was a toast to new beginnings. Somethings in life change. Things come and go. But friends never fade.

So together we bid farewell to the past and welcomed the future and discussed what it may hold; kids, jobs, and marriage. One day we're going to be the little old ladies that still get together for drinks, lunch, and gossip. I see many more vacations in the future, but this was the last one just us. Next year our husbands will be with us. And then who knows summers after that may bring kids. But no matter what happens we will always have each other.

Oh and in case you're wondering, It takes 3 people to open a bottle of champagne... :)

"Growing up, does not mean growing apart."
~ E. ~

Quotes from the trip

E, "If I sit to long in the direct sun I die."


Vixen, "In this light your hair looks kinda blonde."
E, "My hairs kinda like a mutt."
Vixen, "A mutt?"
E, "Yeah such a mixture of things your not really sure what it is. I mean is it blonde? Is it red? Is it brown?"

Giggles as she takes the bottle away from Vixen who is pointing the champagne bottle right at her face, "Ok let's not go home with a cork black eye....."

Vixen, "Ok who's ready for beer!!!???"
Giggles, "It's 9 a.m."
Vixen, "Ssooooo.... It's my Bachelorette weekend!!!!"............................ "and you got 24 to finish in less than 48 hours." tosses her a beer, "Drink up bitch."

Photos From The Trip

And my pic for Marine....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gay DJ

So last week Marine had a mobile unit visit his FOB which meant we were able to Facebook Chat. Of course we talked about some Wedding stuff during this time....

  I've been thinking about wedding stuff and talking to my buddy who just got married. 

    Ok what have you come up with?
are we having DJ or band?
What do you want?
I thought it would be neat to have a band but DJ would probably be more affordable
Dj would play more stuff. I think DJ but if it was a good band then that would be cool.
OK then I already know a DJ we can hire:)
k is he good? I bet he is gay.
like he likes dudes gay
OMG no! it's Giggles's Brother lol
oh my bad. LOL I know of one gay DJ. Is he good?
  Sometimes I worry about you.

You only know gay DJ's.:)
One question...
Ok shoot
So you and your buddy are all dressed up in you Marine Gear, doing patrols and talking about wedding stuff?:)
You sure it's the DJ thats gay? lol :)
Hey you run out of stuff to talk about out here! lol

 It's so sweet he is so involved while on the other side of the world, but the thought of these tough guys discussing weddings cracks me up and leaves me with the following mental picture (thank you google images and picnik editing - lol):

I love my Marine

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

With Love

I'm a talker.... therefore I SUCK at Wordless Wednesday posts!!

I always want to add text.

So if you haven't seen it yet check out my Wordless Wednesday post for today ~ With Love From Afghanistan

Yesterday I was sitting at work when in walks the UPS guy. He says he has a package for me.

'I haven't ordered anything....' I think to myself wondering what it could be.

Then he hands me a rather large box that reads I start smiling before I have even cut the tape on the box. I open the box and inside is the largest bouquet of flowers I have ever received.

And not just any flowers... my FAVORITE flowers. They have many names: star-gazer lily's, tiger-lily's, etc -- no matter what the name or color they are by far my favorite flower.

There are two wrapped sets of the flowers in the box (two bouquets). I am near speechless, which if you ever met me you would know is near impossible - I always have something to say.

Before I even look at the enclosed card I know that they are from Marine.

How thoughtful. And how sneaky on his part. He must have ordered them last week when the mobile unit was there and he was able to get online for the first time.

There were so many of them I decided to leave half in a vase on my desk at work and to take the other half home where they are now in the smack dab middle of my dresser.

They are so much more beautiful than the picture portrays.

He is just always full of such nice surprises. He definitely scored some brownie points here.

Wordless Wednesday ~ With Love From Afghanistan

Monday, May 17, 2010

Crazy Cat Lady

So last week was crazy hectic.I house sat for a lady I worked with while she was out of town.

When I told her I would house sit and babysit her dogs, I really only thought about the extra cash I could deposit in the wedding fund. I didn't pause to think about the other factors. Other factors being the cats.

Now I like cats and  I've always had barn cats, but never inside cats.

I'm going to sum up last week for you.... I think it's safe to say I will never be a crazy old cat lady....

Day 1 (Saturday):

I open the door and am greeted by two eager dachshunds. They are friendly and sweet. This should be easy. Then I realize there are four other pairs of eyes also watching as I make my way thru the front door. 


She has inside cats. 

I did not sign up for this......

There is a note on the counter saying that the cats go in and out at there leisure ---- "Just make sure they are inside before you go to bed" -- it reads.

Two of the cats are standing by the door. I let them out. Several hours later I open the door and Frank (the big guy) saunters in the room. The other cat who I never learned his name but called him Demon (photo unavailable) sits in the yard illuminated by the flood lights. He just looks at me. I call to him. He remains frozen. I step onto the porch and he bolts. 


I wait about 20 minutes and I once again turn on the lights. I open the door and peak out hoping to hold on to the element of surprise. Demon is now resting casually in a rocking chair. 

I remain steady eye contact with him and ease out of the door talking calmly. I take two steps forward and he bolts, leaps off the porch and doesn't slow down. He reaches the edge of the flood lights and keeps on booking it. 

At this point I give up and decide to go to bed. 

Yeah less than 24 hours and I've lost a cat. 

Great house sitter I'm turning out to be.

Day 2 (Sunday):

I wake up and my allergies are killing me! Head stopped up, eyes itching. I feed everybody, and turn the dogs out into the fenced in backyard. When I open the door there sits Demon. Our eyes meet and once again he bolts. 

Well at least he's still alive, thats gotta count for something.... right?

Day 3 (Monday):

2 a.m. ~ I am awoken by a dog trying to climb on top of my head, one cat chasing another around the room, the cat that hides under the bed all day is now sitting on the end of the bed meowing as if auditioning for a Meow Mix commercial, the other dog is curled up closer to me than I would have thought possible and  the other cat..... well he was unaccounted for but plotting something in the other room I'm sure.

Forget Animal House; I'm in Animal Hell. 

Day 4 (Tuesday):

My allergies are worse today. The cat hair is everywhere. Even on the clean clothes still carefully sealed up in my suitcase. The dogs are cute but have no manners and think that an appropriate sleeping place is on top of my head. 

Marine calls and I tell him that I think the cats are conspiring to kill me. He doesn't seemed convinced.

Day 5 (Wednesday):

I return home from work and I open the back door to let the dogs in and as soon as the door opens a grey blur flees by my feet. I turn to see Demon as he races down the stairs surely to a hiding spot unbeknown-est to me. Our silent agreement is to pretend the other doesn't exist. 

I feed the cats and dogs and curl up on the sofa with Giggles to eat pizza and watch "Did you Hear About the Morgans" as I plop down she hands me a beer. I'm hoping the beer will dull the slow death the cats are trying to inflict. 

Frank comes to curl up at my feet. Despite the allergies I can't help but like this cat that is larger than the dogs. I reach down and pet him but then quickly wash my hands. My eyes didn't pop out of my head.... maybe the beer is working.


4 a.m. I am now getting used to the small dog who is once again tempting to curl up in my hair. I am getting used to the cat that is convinced he must serenade me during the night and only pauses if you throw a pillow at him. I am even used to the the cat in the kitchen who finds amusement emptying the complete food bowl onto the kitchen floor every night.

But what the heck is that other noise? 

*Bang*Bang*Bang* I hear something skirting across the floor and the pounding of feet chasing it.

"QUIT!!!" I yell.


Thank you God! - I silently pray.

I am nearly back asleep when the noise starts up again... "QUIT!"


And the soccer game resumes. "UGH!!! You have got to be kidding!" I sit up the dog on my head rolling down the pillow from my sudden movement. I flip on the bedside lamp and I see two cats scatter. 

The Singer stops and flees under the bed - her normal spot unless it is absolutely dark.

The two guilty cats have high tailed it out of the room at this point. I get out of bed to see what could have been making so much noise. There soccer ball..... was a hair band. A HAIR BAND!

How can a hair band be so loud you ask? When treated like a soccer ball on hardwood floors.... yeah it's loud.

Take my word for it.

All this before sunrise. 

Day 7 (Thursday):

Still convinced the cats are out to get me but Marine's FOB has a mobile unit there today. Phones calls and Facebook chat allow us to talk more than all the other times added together in the past two months. I'm so happy that I surmise if the cats do kill me at least I will die happy.

Day 8 (Friday):

I awake to my eyes almost swollen closed yet they still itch so much I want to claw them out, my head is stopped up, the benadryl has ceased to work entirely and I think this is it. 

But no fear I've made it!!! Throw the bags in the car and I'm outta here!  Which I do quickly and even arrive at work early deciding on the way I'm just going to have to burn my clothes. The cat hair is that bad.

Plus side to this experience -  I know I can never be a crazy old cat lady. 

Phoebe: [singing] Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you? Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault. They won't take you to the vet, you're obviously not their favorite pet. You may not be a bed of roses, and you're no friend to those with noses.
~ Friends ~

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Friday afternoon Marine's sister (who is 15) and I took my Mom, Marine's Mom, and Marine's Grandma all out for their Mother's Day surprise.

As we walked along our small town streets I could tell they all still had no clue where we were going but as we approached the pottery shop I decided to go ahead and spill the beans. Marine-Sis and I were taking them to a clay making class.

I wish I could take credit for the great idea.... but I can't. It was all Marine's idea, modified slightly. He originally suggested a pottery class, but the place we were going only had enough pottery wheels for three people. So the instructor suggested a clay making class.

It was so much fun!!!

We were able to each complete two projects. The first project was a tea cup sorta looking thing ~ Mine turned out looking more like a goblet. And like me it was a little lopsided.

The neat thing was everyones looked different; all the way from the design to the shape of them. All were similar size but where mine was rounded, my mom's was more square (see picture of mine to the right before coloring and blazing).

Once done with those we started on the next project. The instructor gave us the option of making a wall plaque or a bowl. I decided to make a wall plaque that Marine and I could use in our new home when he gets back. So I put my future name down the right hand side and the design on the left. I plan on hanging it by the door... if it turns out ok.

Everyone else decided to make the wall plaque, expect for my mom who decided to go with the bowl.

We all had such a wonderful time and it was a great way to do something for my mom and Marine Mom for Mothers Day. I think it helped make it even more special to Marine Mom knowing that Marine had had a part in it to.

Now we just have to wait a week or so for them to be blazed!

After this I said quick goodbyes and headed to the barn. I fed Horse her diner and then went to the house to change and exchange my flip-flops for boots. After getting horse ready I was off to the Horse Show. I'M SO EXCITED IT'S RACING SEASON AGAIN!!

At the show I met up with Vixen who wasn't showing till Saturday night but came to offer moral support. It was alot of waiting. My first class was Texas Barrels and I didn't run till nearly 1 a.m. -- In and out. We ran the pattern in 9.6 seconds which won Horse and I fourth place. So we had waited nearly four hours for less than 10 seconds. But let me tell you so worth it! Nothing like the Adrenaline Rush! (picture is of me and Horse)

I had signed up for clover-leaf barrels and the arena race but by 1:30 I realized that if I stayed I wouldn't get home till nearly 4 a.m. I had a busy day planned for Saturday so I loaded horse up and headed back home.

Saturday morning, after not near enough sleep, I got up and headed for a Bridal Tea that was being held for Giggles.

I had never been to a Bridal Tea before and really wasn't sure what to expect. Upon arrival Giggles's mom poured me a glass of Vodka Tea and right then and there I decided Bridal Tea's weren't that bad. Lots of fancy food, pretty dresses, and an abundance of mixed drinks = much laughter.

I had other places to be so only one special tea for me, but I did leave with the recipe.

I went to the barn and took care of the horses and then headed to the house that I will be staying at for the next. A co-worker and her husband are going on a cruise so while they are going I was to house sit and take care of  their two small dogs and countless cats.

When I told her I would house sit I knew that she had cats..... what I didn't understand was that some of them were inside cats. Yeah, I'm allergic to cats. Not a pretty picture.

I've always had barn cats but not inside cats.

Thank goodness for benadryl!

Sunday for Mother's day my mom and I went out to eat lunch and then went for a trail ride. It was a beautiful day!

After the ride I worked around the barn and then headed to Marine's Grandparents house to eat diner with his family.

I can't believe just a few short months ago how nervous I was going to these family events by myself! Now it seems almost natural and that I'm one of the family - I'm ready for Marine to be home to enjoy these moments to.

Marine-Sis left with me and came back to stay the night with me and hold down the fort.

So far: Cats -1 / Benadryl - 0

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7th

I just realized that one year from today Marine and I will be getting married. It's beautiful and sunny out today so hopefully next year it will be also...

With Mother's Day being Sunday this afternoon I'm taking The Mom's (My mom and Marine's Mom) for their surprise Mother's day gift today. Marine's Grandma and Sister are also coming. Such as good idea.... and it was all Marines - even though I wish I could take credit for it.

He suggested taking them to a pottery class. What a great idea is that?! So I called around and the local pottery place only has 3 pottery wheels. There are 5 of us. I'm not that good at math but I know that just isn't going to work.

So I call around and no such luck, so the surprise had to be altered. Instead of a pottery class I'm taking the group to a clay class.

I think it will still be a lot of fun and The Mom's and Grandma have no clue what we are doing. I told them they needed to wear something they wouldn't mind getting dirty in.

With this tid-bit of knowledge I have received the following responses:

My Mom, "Am I going to have to throw these clothes away afterward?"

Marine's Mom, "Ok.................."

Marine Grandma, "You're not taking us to haul hay are you?"

Yeah they have no clue.

Then after that I have a horse show! Super excited but I really must start practicing more. All these weddings and working all the time has not left me with a enough hours in the day. But Horse and I got this. As long as we place in the top 5 I'm happy. After all we are defending our title from last year of High Points winner. Yeah I plan on winning again this year, **fingers crossed**.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mothers Day!!

Also Happy Military Spouses day to all those Military Spouses out there!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cowboy Casanova

Scenario: Guy hitting on one of my friends...

Girl: "You're such a cowboy Casanova."

Guy looking all pleased with himself: "Thank you."

Girl: "That was not a compliment."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

Funny, we all just look for a reason to go out and celebrate.

And Cinco De Mayo is one of those perfect days. I mean half the American populations doesn't even know what the day really signifies.

"It's the Mexican Independence day..."


According to Wikipedia:
Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a holiday held on May 5 that commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over Frenchforces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza SeguĂ­n.[2][3] It is celebrated primarily in the state of Puebla and in the United States.[4][5][6][7] While Cinco de Mayo sees limited significance and celebration nationwide in Mexico, the date is observed nationwide in the United States and other locations around the world as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.[8] Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day,[9] the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico.[10]

Did you just read that? Yeah I really didn't read the whole thing either. But you get the point.

So today was a wonderful day! I went to the post office this morning and there was not one...... but TWO letters there waiting on me. 

Excited does not begin to even describe how I felt!

Today is two months down!! Now that is a reason to celebrate!

Red, Hollywood, and I went to eat Mexican to celebrate. As I sat listening to the girls talk about their recent dating disasters I realized that somethings never change. Different day, different guy, same ol' crap. Why is that? 

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fling Before The Ring

 Reason To Carry Cash Number 27: 
someplace's you don't want to explain when they show up on your bank account.

I am about to break a cardinal rule, one that normally if you were told you would then be killed.  

I am about to tell about what happened at a Bachelorette party.

Saturday was a little hectic - but by 3 that afternoon Vixen, Giggles, Red and I were headed north. We checked into the hotel and were joined shortly by Blondie, Vivi, Girl-Friend, and Queen (our gay guy friend). 

The hotel suite was WONDERFUL (thank you Vivi!) and after a few rounds of drinks started to get ready for the night ahead.

Let me backtrack a minute... my first great idea of the night came on the drive up as I saw a billboard for Racetrac.

"Let's get icee's and mix them with vodka!" I suggested. 

GREAT IDEA... at the time. So we stopped and three of the four of us went inside to purchase Strawberry-banana icee's  and then once back in the car I dug around in my bag and pulled out the bottle of Grey Goose I had brought for the nights festivities. Delicious! 

So as we got ready we all pre-gamed before leaving the hotel and heading for the first stop. We had chosen a hotel downtown so we could walk as many places as possible. For diner we had chosen a fabulous brewery and grill. Over diner the eight of us laughed and drank. It was here that I had the best Rum Runner I have possibly ever had in my life, but for $8.50 had better been good! It was my treat to myself before switching to  $1.50 beer - and what a treat it was!

From here we bar-hoped drinking beer along the way and finally landing a local joint that had an 80's cover band scheduled for the night.

We danced, sang at the top of our lungs, and stood right up front like star crazed groupies. Giggles was laughing and everyone seemed to be having a good time. 

Red and I headed for the bar to get another drink and I hear someone yell my name..... I stop as I hear my name yelled again. I turn around and scan the crowd when a man standing in front of me shouts, "E?"

"Yeah...." I reply trying to get a good look at the guy who in the dim light and with the baseball cap I do not recognize.

And then it hits me as I see a woman approach his side. It's Marine's aunt and uncle who have also made the two hour drive to see the band. 

Small world.

We talk a minute and laugh at the coincidence before I wave goodbye and Red and I join our group again.

At this point I admit I am drinking heavily. I know where our next stop is and have decided I will be less uptight if I'm a little tipsy.

Everyone knows where we are going but Giggles. We leave the club at exactly midnight and walk outside to hail a cab. The 8 of us pile into the death cab mini-van driven by a 23 year guy who is apparently training for Nascar. 

Or maybe he was driving fast because two of the drunk girls are hitting on him and Queen is yelling from the back, "So girls or guys!?"

"Girls," He answers as he punches the gas.

"Awe well if you change your mind." Queen laughs at his own joke and the rest of us hold on for dear life as we take a curve on two wheels.

I thank the Driver as we get out and ask if he will come get us later. He gives Vivi a card but I suspect there is no way in hell he is coming back for our wild group.

We walk toward the door, and Giggles shrieks at the surprise as we enter the Gay Bar. The drag show starts at 12:30 and we are just in time. Exactly as planned.

We head up a spiral staircase and take places around the balcony area to watch the show. A voice booms over the speakers and the show begins.

OH MY!!!

Thats really all I can say. 

This was a totally new experience for me. And an interesting one at that; and one that left me with many unanswered questions --- I am so naive!

But let me admit I was also impressed!

"Is that a guy or a girl?" I whisper to Vixen.

She laughs hysterically, "A guy..."

"Well I wish I could move my hips like that!"

"Uh, yeah me to!" She replies.

We watch in amazement, cheering as one leaves the floor and another one enters. 

After the show we hang around for a bit dancing and drinking. Then the bartender snubs Blondie. Blondie is one of those loud-mouthed girls that after few drinks doesn't back down from a confrontation. We see the steam escape her ears and grab her and head for the exit.

From here we hop in a cab, not the same cabbie, and headed back downtown. 

Some how we ran into some guys from earlier that had been trying to hit on Girl-Friend and we follow them into a nearby joint. Pool tables fill the center of the room and tables and chairs are spread around the outskirts. The place is packed with local college students. 

The mood is not as fast paced as what we are wanting. So Vivi, Giggles, Red and I stand at the top of the stairs waiting for Blondie and Girl Friend to say goodbye to their new friends and this guy comes up. He introduces his-self to all of us, we all are polite but it's obvious we are not looking to hook up here. As he starts to talk to me I politely raise my left hand up to push my hair behind my ear doing it slowly enough and obviously enough flashing him my engagement ring. Boy is drunk and the subtle hint does not work. Neither does the silent treatment he is now getting from the rest of the group. 

Poor dude.

Girlfriend and Blondie stumble over and with a "nice meeting you" called over the shoulder, we head down the stairs and out of the bar. 

Outside we snap a few pictures and then head back to the hotel on a foot. It's only a few blocks but the few blocks walk seem even shorter as our laughter rang threw the streets. 

Once in the room some sat up in the living area of the suite but it was nearly 4 a.m. and I'll admit my head was ringing. I stumbled into one of the bedrooms and changed into PJ's and crawled into bed. 

The suite had 2 bedrooms and the one I had chosen had two queen beds - which were quickly full of Giggles and myself in one and Vixen and Blondie in the other. Apparently we aren't as young as we once were. lol

The next morning my head still was ringing and I really just wanted to come home and climb back in bed. 

But we are group of eaters and headed to the City Diner for lunch before heading home.

Queen to Giggles, "So how you feeling?"

Giggles, "I'm not as over hung as I thought I would be."

[Scene: Monica's apartment, where Phoebe's bachelorette party is taking place.]

Phoebe: (to Rachel) Thank you so much for this.
Rachel: Oh, d'you like it?
Phoebe: Oh my God, it's all so elegant! When's the dirty stuff starting?
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: You know, the strippers, and the guys dancing, and you know, pee-pee's flying about.
Rachel: Pheebs, I... there isn't gonna be any flying about! We actually thought we were a little too mature for stuff like that.
Phoebe: Oh, ok. I see what you're doing, that's fine. This is all there is, just tea, uh, ok. (she drinks her tea) Hmmmm... raunchy!
Rachel: Seriously Pheebs, it's not gonna be that kind of a party.
Phoebe: Really? So this is... this is my big send off in the married life? Rachel this is the only bachelorette party I'm ever gonna have! I've got a big wad of $1s in my purse! Really? I mean, really? It's just tea?

~ Friends ~