Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Deployment

Dear Deployment,

From the beginning I knew that you and I would never be friends. But that we were both apart of Marine's life and that we would have to learn to co-exist. All I ask is that you keep him safe and when his time is done you will send him back home to me.

You were inevitable though so no-sense trying to avoid you.

I read all the articles. Tried to soak in the advice that was offered.

And lets face it I shoved you to the back of my mind much like I do that bad pair of shoes I just had to have (I mean really what was I thinking?).

Nonetheless the time for you arrived and with a final hug and kiss from me Marine was off on the journey he had to face with you. I knew this journey would not be easy for him but never did I pause to think about the journey I would have to go thru as well.

I didn't realize the sleepless nights that would soon become normal.

Nor did I anticipate the knot that would appear in my stomach each morning as I get ready for work - praying the entire time for Marine's safety and praying that there will not be a knock on my door.

I had never thought about what may happen after you return Marine to me. But my friends have asked "what if he's changed?"

Well Deployment I just want to let you know that I don't care if your time with Marine changes him - I'll still love him. And I will still stand beside him and do whatever I can to help him deal with the after effects of you.

You are a harsh lover.

I just beg of you to continue to keep Marine safe.

With that said, I am counting down the days.... and can't help but ask myself: Are we there yet?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

P.I.N.T. This & That

Monday, June 28, 2010

Maniac Monday

Thank you everyone for the kind words this past week.

It meant a lot.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Will try to get back in the swing of things later. Things have been crazy hectic lately...... does that have something to do with it being summer? Or is the moon in some kind of weird thingy-ma-bob right now?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bunny That Stole My Heart

Sometimes the right decision is not the easiest.

As I stood today in the vets office I knew that the decision I had to make was not really the one that I wanted to make.......

It all started Monday morning. As every morning right before I leave for work I feed Harley. I opened the door and reached in for the food dish. Harley did not greet me at the door as normal but laid off to the side.

"Harley what are you doing still sleeping?" I asked (yes I talk to my pets).

He remained still staring at me. The only movement the twitching of his eye.

I reached in and petted him.This normally would would gain me some kind of reaction.

Harley may be small but he's quite spunky.

"What's wrong sweetie?" I reach in to pick him up.

All chaos breaks loose. He falls to his side and starts flailing about in what I believe to be seizers. I pet him and speak soothingly try to calm him down. It finally works.

I pull out my cellphone and call the vet. He was fine Sunday evening and I tell the vet that maybe he was stung by something and I just didn't notice. They tell me to bring him in.

I call in to work and tell them I'm going to be late.

Harley is keeping his head tilted to the left and his eye will not stop twitching.

At the vets office I learn my first shocker.... my sweet little girl bunny is a boy (I reported this in Post It Note Tuesday also).  

Vet: "He seems to....."
Me: "She."
Vet looking up at me: "He."
Me: "I was told it was a girl."
Vet flipping Harley over and pulls away hair: "Definitely a boy. When there so young it's hard to tell."

She then proceeds to tell me that Harley has an ear infection and it has caused his brain to swell. The left ear is the infected one, hence the head tilt.

Immediately I think I have done something wrong and have neglected my precious Harley. "What can I do to prevent it in the future?"

The Vet seems to understand my underlying question and explains that its the inner ear and there is really no way to clean it. That inner ear infections are common in dwarf rabbits.

She gives Harley two shots and prescribes two different types of antibiotics for me to give him. I ask if he will be ok. She looks at me as if she wished I wouldn't have asked and tells me that it depends if he has parasites in his ear that have made it to the brain. But that one of the medications is for that so he should be fine but that we will need to come back Wednesday for a check up.

Monday he seemed to be doing a little better. Tuesday he was no better. He wouldn't eat or drink. And he wouldn't move from where he was propped up on the side of the smaller crate he now occupied so he could be in my room and I could keep an eye on him.

The past days I have even taken him to work with me and he has chilled in his small crate under my desk. Every 30 minutes I hold the water bottle up to him so he will drink. Otherwise I knew he would not drink on his own. Last night I could tell his eyesight was faltering.

This morning I picked grass hoping he would eat some of that since he didn't want any hay or his grain.

As I prepared to leave for work I cleaned out his crate. I loaded the car and came back inside for him. He was soaking wet on his right side. "Did we spill some water while you were drinking?" I open the door. His entire left side is soaking wet. Then I realized he has used the bathroom and then because his equilabrum is off  he feel down in it.

"Oh Harley I'm so sorry." I take him out of the crate and place him in the kitchen sink and proceed to wash him with a warm wash cloth. I again clean out the crate and apply fresh bedding and Harley and I head for work.

This afternoon we went back to the vet and I knew what I would be told but I hoped for the best.

Monday he had weighed a little over 3 pounds today he weighed right at 2 pounds. In two days he had lost a pound.

The Vet tells me she can give him another steroid shot but that it would just prolong him and if he won't eat he might starve himself.

I don't want him to be in pain. But I wanted so bad for him to just be ok.

I ask her if there is any chance he can recover and be ok.

She tells me the chances are slim that the brain swelling has not decreased and that the antibiotics should have made a difference by now. If by some chance he did make it thru this his quality of life would never be the same.

I thought about how every evening after work I would sit out in the yard as he played and ran around. He knew his name and would come when I called. How many rabbits do that?

I think about the first time he figured out how to climb the front porch steps but then was to scared to climb down and I had to go get him. I remember how just a few weeks ago he had finally climbed them and then climbed back down; so proud of himself for this small achievement.

I think of him getting mad at me when I would tell him no or not to go somewhere outside and he would "flip me off" - as mom would say - this is when he would turn his but to me and kick up his back feet.

Yeah there is no way he would want to live his life in a cage not aloud to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Tears well in my eyes and I know that I can't be selfish. I can't keep holding on hoping he will get better while the entire time he suffers.

"I know you can't tell me what to do. But I need you to tell me that he's not going to be ok. That there is no hope."

"The medicines should have worked by now. If we continue to give them to him it will only be prolonging it." (of course her speech was a little longer...)

She asks if I would like a minute alone. And I tell her I would.

I sit down in the chair and hold Harley close to me. I cry. I can't help it.

The Vet comes in and I pet Harley one last time and tell her I will wait in the waiting room.

I try to suck up my tears but with tear streaked face and red eyes as I enter the waiting room all faces look at me sympathetically.

I told the vet I wanted to take Harley with me. I couldn't leave him here. I had to bury him at home.

A sympathetic assistant brings out the carrier and I leave the office as quickly as I can. As soon as I walk out the door I let the tears fall.

When I'm in the 4runner I no longer hold back and let all the tears of the past month out.

During those last minutes it was just me and Harley I wanted nothing more than to pick up the phone and call Marine and ask him if I was making the right decision.

Marine gave me Harley the day of his deployment. I know it sounds silly but loosing Harley made me feel like I was loosing a small piece of Marine to.

Harley was only four months old.... how is life fair that he was fine one day and then deathly ill the next?

I buried him down at the barn under a small tree that I had seen wild bunnies under just days before.

I'm going to miss him and as hard as it was I know I made the right decision.

At the same time I have cried more tears than possibly anyone has over a rabbit.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Making The Best Of Any Situation

So I know I was a little frazzled last week (missed it? check here). Thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate all the comments and advice.

I have calmed down and decided to make the best of the situation. Cause really what else is there to do?

Maybe it will be fun planning stuff with Blondie.

With that said I made a few frantic calls last week securing in some details; afraid that some vendors may not want to work weddings two weekends in a row. I had done the research and had my first choices already selected. Just need to finalize the details.

I booked a photographer.

Double checked with the carter.

And confirmed with the DJ.

The only thing left I really needed to do was pick bridesmaids. This is the one part of the wedding I have stressed the most about. How can I possibly pick between my friends? I am close to them all in different ways. I love them all -- how was I to choose?

Well I came to a solution.

I wasn't going to choose. They were.

Perhaps it was unorthodox but I found myself last night typing an email to my nine close friends (Giggles, Vixen, Vivi, Hollywood, Babbles, Conscious, Nurse Betty, LC and Blondie).

I would sum it up but instead I'll just let you read the email:

Hi Everybody,

Ok so I'm sorry to send this in an email but I wanted to ask you all at one time and all of us being together at one time is a little difficult! 

The most difficult decision I have had when figuring out wedding details is picking bridesmaids. So I'm asking you to do it for me!! You are all my closest friends and there is no way I can choose between you. At the same time I know a lot goes in to being a bridesmaid - time as well as money. And it will not hurt my feelings one bit if some of you cannot be bridesmaids. I UNDERSTAND!!! There are other things I will need help with that day if you would like to be involved but not a bridesmaids. Or if you want to just show up and have fun and drink I'm cool with that to :) 

I can't really afford to pay for everyones dresses and I understand that money is tight with everyone now so I don't want to ask you and you say yes out of obligation but feel you can't really afford. Plus I know right now we are all at different places in our lives and that some of you may have to many other obligations. And I'm ok with that. It will not hurt my feelings one bit!! I promise!! :) Like I said though I love you all and there is no way I can choose between you.

Attached are the two bridesmaids dresses you can choose between if you do want to be one they are both $135. I know that is a lot and like I said I completely understand either way :) 

Love you all and look forward to hearing from you!!

PS I know this is not normal. But you all know I'm not normal :)

As soon as I hit send I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I didn't want anyones feelings hurt if I didn't ask them, nor did I want to ask someone to be in it that really didn't want to be. Plus I know its expensive. And I meant it that my feelings won't be hurt either way.

Vixen frantically asks me what if everyone says yes?

I tell her that I will be thankful, honored and blessed to have my best friends in my wedding.

Still frantic she asks, "Does Marine have that many groomsman?"

"Probably not." I answer honestly.

"Well what will you do then?"

"Make it work. They don't have to match." I reply much to her horror I think.

I'm over stressing. I want our wedding to be beautiful - yet fun and relaxing. I can't control everything. Things will go wrong, I'm sure. But I'm happy knowing that day that I will marry Marine. Nothing else matters.

I'm ok with having uneven numbers. Two Bridesmaids per Groomsman. Doubt anyone will mind.

Sometimes things have to be a little imperfect for them to be perfect.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

TMI ~ It Could Happen

In a phone conversation with Marine.....

E: "I think my virginity is growing back."

Marine laughing, "Well that's good."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double Booking Fiasco

There are 52 weekends in a year.


Five - Two.

I announced in January 2010 that Marine and I had set a Wedding date for May 7, 2011.

That leaves 51 Saturdays in 2011.

Why then must Blondie choose the direct weekend before as her wedding date?

We just had back to back weddings - Giggles and Vixen's. Giggle's had planned her's for a year. Vixen announced her's four months prior.

We have the same friends. The same people are (and were) involved. It was a complete STRESS MESS!!! Not to mention a complete financial drain. I mean showers and parties for two of your best friends. Not to mention two bridesmaids dresses.

The only thing we all asked (our group of friends) was that the next two to get married could not do this back to back thing.

I try to nicely point this out to Blondie... "Everyone is going to kill us! We promised no more back to back weddings. lol"

Blondies response, "I don't really care! I'm tired of trying to work into everyone else's schedule! If they have a problem with it they don't have to come!"

Right now this post is coming out of sheer panic. And in reality this is not as big of a deal as it seems at the current moment. I know that.

But I need to vent. And it's my blog.

So what do I do?

I really do not want to put my friends thru this again.

I love Blondie dearly and I don't want to hurt her feelings. Her wedding day is such a special day. I want her to be able to enjoy it and not be stressing about the things that have to be done for the other wedding she will be involved in (mine). And vice versa.

So what do I do?

Do I change my date?

Only problem with that is that I picked the first weekend of May for a reason. I will break it down into 2 categories:


  • Marine get's out of the Marine's the end of March
  • April will be an adjustment period as we get all his stuff moved back and try to get the remodeling stuff done at the house so we can get moved in
  • By end of April this should all be settled so May is looking good
Weather - Marine and I have both agreed we want an outdoor wedding

  • March is normally to chilly for an outdoor event
  • April it tends to rain
  • May - April showers are gone and the first hints of summer are in the air. Just enough to be warm but not hot. Perfect for an outdoor event.

Now you may read this and say - "What about another weekend in May?"

Nice suggestion but no. Marine's Marine roommate is getting married also in May. Marine is a groomsman. So in order to attend this wedding if we change our date to another day in May we will not be able to take a honeymoon till June.

We are taking a 7 day cruise for our Honeymoon of the Western Caribbean. The Honeymoon is the main thing Marine and I said we would not skimp out on when it comes to the wedding budget so taking a shorter cruise is out of the question {perhaps I'm being difficult but gotta put your foot down somewhere}. If we push the cruise back to June it will cost almost $300 more. Plus June is Hurricane season. And I for one really don't want to be out in the middle of the ocean on a big boat during a hurricane. But maybe thats just me.

So again what do I do?

Do keep our set date and put my friends thru the torture and hellacious ride of back to back weddings. AGAIN.

Or change it?

Note to Vivi: Input would be much appreciated since you will be apart of the madness

{Thank you listening to my rant. I promise to be normal again tomorrow. ~ E. }

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vixen's Fairytale Wedding

The time had come for yet another wedding weekend. 

Giggles and I met after work Friday to make a stop at the liquor store than to head to Vixen and VB's wedding rehearsal. This was my first time visiting the location and it was beautiful. 

But lets face the facts - Its June. In the south. Which equals hot, , Hot, HOT!

The rehearsal goes by rather quickly and then we head to the outdoor seating area for diner and sweet tea.

This was all fine and dandy but the fun begin when we got back to the cabin we were staying at for the night. We being Vixen and her bridesmaids - myself, Giggles, Blondie, Vivi, LC and Girlfriend. We changed into bathing suits and climbed in the hot tub. At the liquor store Giggles and I had purchased TGI Sex on the Beach (which is a premix with vodka already in it) we also purchased a bottle of vodka to mix with it. Giggles started making the drinks. We sat in the hot tub and told stories, laughed, and sang along with the radio. 

I couldn't tell you what time it was when we decided to call it a night. Nor could I tell you how many drinks that I had had. But I can tell you one thing, when I crawled in bed with Giggles and Vixen I had drank enough they voted to put me on the side closest to the bathroom while taken drunken bets on how long it would take before I made a mad dash to pray to the porcelain gods. 

Vixen and Giggles should know me well enough to know that I can hold my liquor.

I should have known well enough to not let make Giggles mix the drinks. 

And we all should have known better than to drink that much the night the night before the wedding.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. 

The room was spinning when I went to bed and the next morning I was first awoken to the front door slamming and someone retching of the front porch.

Not exactly what you want to hear first thing in the morning.

As soon as you close the door it automatically locks. Something important that Girlfriend should have remembered. We heard her attempt to turn the turn knob. Giggles climbed out of bed and went to let her in and we all went back to sleep -- trying to get every spare minute that we could before the alarm went off. 

A short time later Giggles and I were awoken to Vixen jumping up and down on the bed yelling, "IT'S MY WEDDING DAY!!!!"

My head is spinning a little but I throw on clothes and the group of us head down to the lodge for breakfast. 

Now here I should state that Girlfriend may be a better friend than I could ever be!! Two weeks ago she tried on her dress and it would hardly zip. Her boyfriend told her (jokingly) that she wasn't going to be able to eat for a week in order to fit into it. Well Girlfriend literally did nearly that. Eating small portions so that she would fit into her dress.

Very little food mixed with ALOT of alcohol was a big mistake on her part. As we sat in the lodge - surrounded by a large church group I might add - Girlfriend takes a bite of some fruit and sips on some Sprite. A minute later she jumps up and runs out the door. We all look after her but none of us move. 

Somethings are better done alone.

At this point the church group gets up and heads outside.

Girlfriend appears a few minutes later... "So I'm puking behind the car when the entire restaurant decides to come outside." She does a blushing smug smile, "Pretty sure that secured my place in hell."


After breakfast it was time for our bridesmaids gifts. Vixen had arranged for massages. A WONDERFUL gift.

She had a line up and we went in order and once done begin the long beautification process. And then it was time to head to the site and start getting our dresses on. For 8 bridesmaids and 1 bride in one small bridal suite I think we did rather well.

Vixen was stunning and her dress may as well have made especially for her. She was absolutely beautiful. 

Everything went smoothly and despite the rumors of it being the hottest day of the year it was still a beautiful wedding. 

Now as Maid of Honor I tried to ensure that things went smoothly. This meant that when the wedding bands were lost by the photographer (well perhaps misplaced is a better word) I was able to track them down without anyone being the wiser. When the best man popped a button off his tux jacket I was quick to snatch the jacket and button and find a safety pin and fix it so it looked good as new. When the Grandparent memory frame was floating around and no one knowing what to do with it, I tracked down the coordinator and told her where to place it. 

While I was taking care of these small details the other bridesmaids were helping Vixen to get ready and also putting out small fires of there own when we discovered one bridesmaid's had a bustle ripped on her dress.

To all of this Vixen was never the wiser.

Now remember Little Man, Hollywood's son. He was the ring bearer for the day. Before leaving him in my charge Hollywood promised if he behaved and did a good job she would take him and let him pick out a new toy. Little Man's Nana added to this saying she would also take him to the tack store to pick out something new for his pony.

Yes, bribing a two year old.

The time has arrived and it is time for the bridesmaids to line up outside. I hold Little Man's hand and we walk across the yard. I keep a tight hold on him because I know Little Man and I know as soon as I release his hand he will do what any two year old little boy would do ------ run across the yard with wild abandonment. 

I show him how to hold his pillow and I carefully explain to him that he will not walk down the aisle with me, but that he will follow me. "Understood?"

He shakes his little head yes, "Can I get a firetruck?"

He may be two but he is no fool.

"You mom said you could pick out a toy if you do good... but you gotta ask her," I reply.

He thinks about this for a minute. "A Mater truck?" 

"You'll have to ask your mom but I'm sure if you do good she will let you get a Mater truck."

We walk forward as another bridesmaid has started her walk to the ceremony site.

"I want the firetruck," He states.

"Ok well make sure you do good so you can get one," I tell him. "Show me how you're going to hold your pillow."

He holds his little pillow up smiling at me proudly.

Yeah this is not going to go well. Finally it is almost my turn. The coordinator is standing telling the next girl to go. "Little Man stand right here until its your turn." I say to him and then turn to coordinator, "You may want to hold his hand....he's a bit of a flight risk."

Vixen's sister snickers at this and then she begins her walk. It is now my turn and I head down the aisle. VB looks handsome and it is obvious how excited he is to be marrying Vixen.

Little Man and the Flower Girl make it down the aisle. Things are good. Vixen appears with her father and the head down the aisle where her father gives her away.

Little Man is standing beside me. I am now holding my bouquet and Vixen's bouquet in one hand and my other hand has a light grip on Little Man's shoulder.

All of a sudden he goes to make a run for it. I catch him the arm and his forward movement matched with my firm grasp sends him falling backward. 

I can't catch him.

He falls at my feet and is now looking up at me. 

The preacher has begun to pray and when I see the look on Little Man's face I start saying my own silent prayer that he won't scream.

"Little Man I am so sorry!!" I whisper as I pull him to his feet.

He never breaks eye contact with me. He holds up his fingers, "Two firetrucks."

"Ok you stand here beside me and do good and you get two firetrucks."

Yep, I had just been swindled.

The rest of the ceremony goes fine and then it's back down the aisle. We pose for pictures and then head inside for the reception.

The food was wonderful!! Best wedding food I have ever had. Hands down.

The cake looked like it had been taken straight from the pages of Modern Bride. Just like the rest of the day, it was perfect and exactly what Vixen had wanted.

But with every wedding day something must go wrong. The air conditioning in the reception hall was not working and given the formal attire and the hot humidity everyone was sweating. 

Trying to make the best of the situation the windows were thrown up and I tried to encourage people to dance. 

All the bridesmaids danced (trying to help Vixen think she had gotten her money's worth out of the DJ) and occasionally were able to con other friends into joining them on the dance but it was so hot that most remained seated. 

Before the cake cutting I stood and gave my speech. 

I was nervous as all get out but it went well and everybody even laughed at my jokes. 

To top the night off I also caught the bouquet.

Lily: [about throwing the wedding bouquet] It's such an evil tradition.
Ted: You're not gonna do it at your wedding?
Lily: Hell, yeah! I'm gonna take that flower grenade and chuck it to the crowd and scream, "Crawl for it, bitches!" It's just what girls do.
~ How I Met Your Mother ~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If Nancy Drew and Harry Potter Hooked Up

In case your new let me catch you up to speed on my current relationship status....
I'm engaged to a Marine. He is currently deployed. Letters are our main form of communication.

About a month ago Marine suggested that we read the same book at the same time and then we can talk about it in our letters.

Seemed like a good idea.

We are both readers and this way it is like instead of just telling about the normal day to day stuff in our letters we are also having a discussion or conversation. Good idea Marine.

I implemented two rules: 
  1. It has to be a book that neither of us has previously read
  2. It has to be a paperback (so Marine can fit it in his pack easily --- see I'm thoughtful ☺)

Now Marine and I have two completely different tastes when it comes to books. Remember The Book

If you were to glance at our bookcase this is what my shelf looks like:

And this is what Marine's shelf would look like:

The substantial difference is Marine likes tales of obstacles and things overcome. Or a book that he can learn something from.

I on the other hand read to escape everyday life. I want funny stories laced with a hint of suspense and mystery.

He is Harry Potter.
I am Nancy Drew.

So how in the heck was I going to find a book that we would both enjoy?

Of course I go to Amazon and start searching. Marine and I share a mutual interest of history so I start there.

Nothing catches my eye.

I check the bestseller list and any and every other list imaginable. I seriously spend over an hour looking for us a book.

My Virgo "research mode" was kicked into high gear.

I hate making decisions..... at times.

I'm to much of a people pleaser.

After all the looking I am feeling frazzled and just want to pick something! So basically like closing your eyes and picking something --- yeah thats what I did. I typed "history mystery" in the search. Up pops The Red Pyramid.

Before I can change my mind I click add 2 to cart and complete the purchase.

I heave a sigh of relief *Shew* --- you would of thought I'd just solved one of life's great problems or something. 

I then actually go back to look at what I just ordered. I read the description.... ok its sounds interesting.... wait is this a kids book?

And it's a hardback?!


Oh well. 

Fast forward a month ---------> The book has arrived, it's already been sent to Marine, he received it but told me to wait a week before I started it. 

That puts us at this past Saturday. I crack open the book my expectations not really that high. Immediately I become engulfed in the plight of these two teenage kids.

Needless to say it is now Wednesday and I am totally loving this book. 

If Harry Potter and Nancy Drew hooked up and had a one night stand that resulted in a kid. Yeah this would be it { ok I've never actually read Harry Potter but I'm guessing....}. You know if Nancy would hook up with a dorky guy like Harry --- but thats really neither here nor there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Giggles Wedding Weekend

Why is it in the winter I struggle to find things to blog about but have all the time in the world to blog? Then in the summer I have SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO many things to blog about and not enough time?

Maybe another reason me and Mother Nature our at odds this week.
So this past weekend was Giggles big weekend. That's right after all the planning and preparation the BIG day had finally arrived.

Friday I left work and headed to the resort. BEAUTIFUL ~ that is the only way to describe it.

The rehearsal went good and this was followed by a boat tour of the lake.

Pontoon Boat + Coolers of Beer + Giggles Family = Fun time.

I love Giggles family and think of them as my extended family. So needless to say Giggles Niece (the other bridesmaid) and myself became drinking partners. Her fiancĂ©e had to work so was unable to attend the wedding weekend and with Marine on the other side of the world Niece and I decided we could just be each others date.

After the boat ride we return to the lodge where we are escorted into a private dining area for the rehearsal diner ~ Mexican food theme. Yummy!

Now here is where the madness begins. Giggles Sister (who is Niece's mom --- yeah Giggles was an accident lol) suggests shots. Giggles says no shots. Sister orders a round saying "Don't think of them as shots....... think of it as a condensed drink!"

I tell myself that I will not drink that much, after all tomorrow is the wedding day.

Really we had the best intentions.

However pictures on my camera of Giggles, Niece, Sister, Giggles Mom, and Giggle's future mother in law, and myself seem to say that "Best Intentions" went out the window around the time of the 3rd condensed drink..... or maybe it was the two rum-runners that followed the condensed drinks.

Either way smores at midnight is always a good idea. Yeah the resort starts a fire in the evening and puts out all the necessities for smores. I was starting to wonder if they would let me live here at this point.

We enjoyed sitting around the fire with both families, sharing stories and laughs. Giggles finally said she was ready to head to bed. As Maid of Honor I was her bunk mate for the night so together we headed upstairs to our room.

Oh and speaking of Mother Nature... yeah our first disagreement came Friday night at the rehearsal diner. She decided that this would be an appropriate time for Aunt Flow to visit. Thanks Mother Nature. Hope you got a good chuckle out of that one. I thought we were cool.

Saturday I woke up my head slightly spinning and my stomach in knots. I wanted to blame the rum but I knew the later was Mother Nature's fault. So Advil became my morning companion along with a Dr. Pepper of course. Another hour of sleep and it was 8:30 - time to rise and shine.

Giggles and I lay in bed debating on going downstairs for breakfast. We have our priorities straight; food before showers. Then Giggles phone rings and her future Hubby tells her to send me to the door......

I open the door and am greeted by him holding a tray of goodies.

"I think I love you." I say reaching out to take the tray.

He laughs, "Make sure she eats something please."

"Will do! Thanks." I close the door and carry the food back to Giggles who is still curled up on the bed.

"This is why I approve of this marriage...." I sit the tray down, "He feeds us."

Yeah we really are that simple.

Giggles laughs and we enjoy our breakfast but decide that despite Future Hubby's best efforts we are missing cereal. So we venture downstairs for raisin bran (Giggles) and Fruit Loops (me).

After breakfast we venture upstairs to shower and begin the beautification process. Blondie arrived do fix Niece's and my hair.

I was up first. With a curling iron and hairspray Blondie started working her magic. When I was done I was sent to the bathroom to inspect my curls in the mirror.

Blondie has fixed my hair hundreds of times and I have always loved it! With that said I look in the mirror and my jaw drops.

I hate it.

Its to..... poofy. I'm not a poofy person.

In my mind I have flashbacks to Conscious's wedding. Vixen and I had looked awful. Need evidence --- see photo. Only photo I could find on the laptop and doesn't give full justice the bird nest on top of my head.

I want to call Vixen and ask for advice.

But I refrain. I've done it before. I can do it again. I take a deep breath and exit the bathroom.

I return to the room.

Blondie, "You hate it."

"No it's fine," I lie, "It looks good."

She gives me a look.

"Ok maybe it's a little poofy....."

"I knew you'd say that!!! It's not poofy!!"


"Sit your ass down, and hold this." She hands me the curling iron and now attacks the curls with a vengeance.

I silently pray she doesn't kill me with the curling iron. "You really don't have to.... It's fine," I stamper.

"Almost done," She takes the curling iron from me and then hands it back. "Close your eyes." She sprays.

The end result ---- Beautiful!

Much more me. Simple curls and half up.

Everything about the day was great. Except that I was missing Marine.

When single, weddings brought on emotions of the +1 syndrome -- or lack of, and made you want to gag on the pure romance and dripping blissful love of it all.

Who knew that it would do the opposite this time and make me miss him more. Yeah that bitch Aunt Flow didn't help any either having shifted my emotions into overdrive. But leave it to Marine to call at just the right moment. I was standing outside waiting around and thankful that my dress had pockets. I told him he was my invisible date and that I was taking so many pictures to send him that he would feel as if he was there. [and yeah I've started mailing him some of my posts along with his letters.... figure he's got to know what he's getting into..... Hi Marine! Love ya! Stay Safe]

Rain was in the forecast for the entire day but Mother Nature decided to grant me one wish despite our recent differences and  held the rain at bay.

The sun and blue skies allowed Giggles to have her perfect outdoor wedding.

Giggles sister was her matron of honor, I was her maid of honor, and Giggles niece was a bridesmaid. And if I do say so myself we all rocked the dresses!
And for a bridesmaid dress (and I've worn my few... this was lucky number 7) it was very comfortable!

I always consider myself cute. Not beautiful or pretty but cute.

But in the dress, with my hair fixed just right, and with my newly fixed smile I felt beautiful. Not to mention the dress actually gave the false impression that I had boobs.

Yeah Marine will probably get that picture and think, "Have they grown since I left?...." Yeah don't get excited. They haven't. Just the dress and a really good push up bra :)

After the ceremony a few more pictures were snapped and then it was off to the reception.

Again excellent food! Well except......

E: "Those fried pickles sure were good!"

Conscious's husband (CH), "Fried pickles?"

E: "Yeah fried pickles."

CH: There were no fried pickles...."

E: "Yeah there were," pointing.

CH: "That's fried squash."

E, looking alarmed: "No it's not."

CH: "haha yeah its squash."

E: "Well maybe there was squash in there but the little round things were hamburger pickles."

CH: "No they weren't."

E: "You must have missed them."

Everybody else at the table is involved in their own conversations. CH looks around and jabs his fork at Conscious's plate and brings a small round fried object to his plate.

CH cutting into the object: "See squash."

E: "No wonder it tasted funny."

CH is laughing hysterically cause he know's as well as everyone else in my group that I..... DO NOT EAT VEGETABLES.

There I've said it.

Judge me as you wish.

{ There you go Marine. You told me to try new things. I expect squash to be crossed off the list now. }

After diner was dancing. Much dancing.

When a friends 6 year old daughter came up and grabbed my hands and started to twist dance with me I knew the heels had to go. We danced and I twirled her around. Laughing and enjoying the smile that lit up her face. If only I had her energy.

It was a wonderful weekend. I was so happy for Giggles and her newly wedded Husband.

The friends always know. I will never forget the day I met Giggles Husband at another friends wedding. She admitted her crush on him and right then and there I knew he was the one she would one day marry. And sure enough his sister set them up and things went from there. The friends always know first.

One wedding down.

One more to go.

Then before I know it Marine will be home and it will be our turn.

Dance Instructor: "The Wedding Dance is a timeless ritual... Surrounded by a group of family and friends. Watching, smiling, taking bets on how long it's going to last. All you have is each other and whatever skills you acquire today."

~ The Wedding Date ~