Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Deployment

Dear Deployment,

From the beginning I knew that you and I would never be friends. But that we were both apart of Marine's life and that we would have to learn to co-exist. All I ask is that you keep him safe and when his time is done you will send him back home to me.

You were inevitable though so no-sense trying to avoid you.

I read all the articles. Tried to soak in the advice that was offered.

And lets face it I shoved you to the back of my mind much like I do that bad pair of shoes I just had to have (I mean really what was I thinking?).

Nonetheless the time for you arrived and with a final hug and kiss from me Marine was off on the journey he had to face with you. I knew this journey would not be easy for him but never did I pause to think about the journey I would have to go thru as well.

I didn't realize the sleepless nights that would soon become normal.

Nor did I anticipate the knot that would appear in my stomach each morning as I get ready for work - praying the entire time for Marine's safety and praying that there will not be a knock on my door.

I had never thought about what may happen after you return Marine to me. But my friends have asked "what if he's changed?"

Well Deployment I just want to let you know that I don't care if your time with Marine changes him - I'll still love him. And I will still stand beside him and do whatever I can to help him deal with the after effects of you.

You are a harsh lover.

I just beg of you to continue to keep Marine safe.

With that said, I am counting down the days.... and can't help but ask myself: Are we there yet?


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