Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Double Booking Fiasco

There are 52 weekends in a year.


Five - Two.

I announced in January 2010 that Marine and I had set a Wedding date for May 7, 2011.

That leaves 51 Saturdays in 2011.

Why then must Blondie choose the direct weekend before as her wedding date?

We just had back to back weddings - Giggles and Vixen's. Giggle's had planned her's for a year. Vixen announced her's four months prior.

We have the same friends. The same people are (and were) involved. It was a complete STRESS MESS!!! Not to mention a complete financial drain. I mean showers and parties for two of your best friends. Not to mention two bridesmaids dresses.

The only thing we all asked (our group of friends) was that the next two to get married could not do this back to back thing.

I try to nicely point this out to Blondie... "Everyone is going to kill us! We promised no more back to back weddings. lol"

Blondies response, "I don't really care! I'm tired of trying to work into everyone else's schedule! If they have a problem with it they don't have to come!"

Right now this post is coming out of sheer panic. And in reality this is not as big of a deal as it seems at the current moment. I know that.

But I need to vent. And it's my blog.

So what do I do?

I really do not want to put my friends thru this again.

I love Blondie dearly and I don't want to hurt her feelings. Her wedding day is such a special day. I want her to be able to enjoy it and not be stressing about the things that have to be done for the other wedding she will be involved in (mine). And vice versa.

So what do I do?

Do I change my date?

Only problem with that is that I picked the first weekend of May for a reason. I will break it down into 2 categories:


  • Marine get's out of the Marine's the end of March
  • April will be an adjustment period as we get all his stuff moved back and try to get the remodeling stuff done at the house so we can get moved in
  • By end of April this should all be settled so May is looking good
Weather - Marine and I have both agreed we want an outdoor wedding

  • March is normally to chilly for an outdoor event
  • April it tends to rain
  • May - April showers are gone and the first hints of summer are in the air. Just enough to be warm but not hot. Perfect for an outdoor event.

Now you may read this and say - "What about another weekend in May?"

Nice suggestion but no. Marine's Marine roommate is getting married also in May. Marine is a groomsman. So in order to attend this wedding if we change our date to another day in May we will not be able to take a honeymoon till June.

We are taking a 7 day cruise for our Honeymoon of the Western Caribbean. The Honeymoon is the main thing Marine and I said we would not skimp out on when it comes to the wedding budget so taking a shorter cruise is out of the question {perhaps I'm being difficult but gotta put your foot down somewhere}. If we push the cruise back to June it will cost almost $300 more. Plus June is Hurricane season. And I for one really don't want to be out in the middle of the ocean on a big boat during a hurricane. But maybe thats just me.

So again what do I do?

Do keep our set date and put my friends thru the torture and hellacious ride of back to back weddings. AGAIN.

Or change it?

Note to Vivi: Input would be much appreciated since you will be apart of the madness

{Thank you listening to my rant. I promise to be normal again tomorrow. ~ E. }


phoebe said...

vent away... we all do it... here's my opinion...

i think it was pretty crappy of blondie to do that knowing full well when you set your wedding date... i would never do that to one of my friends. i don't know if she wants to steal your thunder or what, but pick another date (her, not you). you had your date first. keep it. i would not go around rearranging everything. that may be the stubborn bitch in me (which comes out on occassion), but what can you do...

i wish there was a nice way of saying to blondie that you wished she hadn't chosen the weekend before your wedding as her date and then rattle off the reasons...

by the way, i'd about kill my friend if she did that to me... pissed off would not describe my feelings so you have every right to be upset with her and the situation... just know that whatever happens, it will all work out :-) *hugs*

Vivi said...

So while I was driving to Sam's Club for work yesterday I get the text from Blondie telling me the wedding date. I said something to the affect of, 'The weekend before E's?' 'Yes.'

Okay, so I looked at my calendar as we all know that my schedule is probably the busiest one currently and I am scheduling events for next year - it's clear and I let her know this.

Do I think it is right? No, not really. Two weeks was close enough but a week apart? EEK! I don't know if I'm in her's, so that semi makes me wonder how involved I will be as to how much of an objection I can have.

Here's the thing, it's going to be hard financially. I'm moving, buying a new car and maybe seeing someone out of town (we'll see how that works out) so money isn't flowing. I can't do the nails, dresses, travel expenses within themselves kill me because everything is on the other side of the world.

From your standpoint? No, it is taking the thunder from you but the only thing that might be okay with that is that you have done it before and will you have the showers and stuff again? No idea, but is that what she's thinking? Hmmm.

Her side? It is her wedding day. She's never done it and is so excited. I asked her yesterday where they were doing it and she said maybe some of his family's property. As an event planner that SCARES ME! You should have the location booked a year in advance.

If you have a complete objection you need to tell her now before it goes too far.

And every one of you had better remember - if I ever do it all I as is for one HELLA party afterwords because I'm just going to go away and do it. No sense in all the wedding BS - unless he can afford it. ;)

Date Girl said...

Oh E, I'm so sorry, that SUCKS! I felt a teensy bit like this when Couple Wife went and got pregnant and her due date was right before the wedding. But then we changed the date forward and all is good. Still-that was an accident, for the most part. This thing Blondie did was straight up on purpose.
Here's what I think: she doesn't have the location planned or booked right? This means she may not get the date she wants. So if you have yours all booked, keep the date.
Also, like Vivi was saying, maybe your friends won't be as involved w/hers.
I hope she changes the date...that was just cold of her!

phoebe said...

i'm so glad that i wasn't the only one thinking that it was just wrong wrong wrong...

and yes... this may be e's 2nd wedding... but i don't think that's an excuse not to do all of the fun weddingy stuff, you know? i rally hope that's not what blondie is thinking... that would just be so vindictive. i'm team e! woo.

E said...

Thank you so much everybody for the comments!!! I love Blondie and I don't think she did this vindictively or anything I just think she didn't think about it. I don't really care about the "thunder" part. It's more just the stress, energy and money that come along with the back to back weddings.

And yeah this is my 2nd wedding but it's Marine's first so I can't short change him. Plus I am at a completely different place in my life than I was before so even though I didn't really plan on having all the showers again there are people that what to throw them. Like my office wants to have one and Marine's family and friends want to have us one. So even though this is my 2nd I plan on it being my last so I want it to be special.

It has made me reconsider bridesmaids though because I can't afford to pay for everyone's dress and I don't want to ask them to buy dresses for weddings that are 2 weekends in a row. I mean really who can afford that?

I guess I'm just not brave enough to say anything to her about it cause I don't want to hurt her feelings. Plus she has already told EVERYBODY that that will be her date. I'm going to keep out date and just keep my fingers crossed for the best.

I guess my main concern is I know how stressful it was this year and I just really don't want to put my friends through that again. Because I wouldn't want them to put me thru it.

Anyway thanks for listening to me bitch everybody!!

haha and thanks Phoebe for being the team E cheerleader :) haha

phoebe said...

my pleasure :-)

is that a southern thing for the bride to pay for bridesmaid dresses? i've always had to buy my own, haha.