Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If Nancy Drew and Harry Potter Hooked Up

In case your new let me catch you up to speed on my current relationship status....
I'm engaged to a Marine. He is currently deployed. Letters are our main form of communication.

About a month ago Marine suggested that we read the same book at the same time and then we can talk about it in our letters.

Seemed like a good idea.

We are both readers and this way it is like instead of just telling about the normal day to day stuff in our letters we are also having a discussion or conversation. Good idea Marine.

I implemented two rules: 
  1. It has to be a book that neither of us has previously read
  2. It has to be a paperback (so Marine can fit it in his pack easily --- see I'm thoughtful ☺)

Now Marine and I have two completely different tastes when it comes to books. Remember The Book

If you were to glance at our bookcase this is what my shelf looks like:

And this is what Marine's shelf would look like:

The substantial difference is Marine likes tales of obstacles and things overcome. Or a book that he can learn something from.

I on the other hand read to escape everyday life. I want funny stories laced with a hint of suspense and mystery.

He is Harry Potter.
I am Nancy Drew.

So how in the heck was I going to find a book that we would both enjoy?

Of course I go to Amazon and start searching. Marine and I share a mutual interest of history so I start there.

Nothing catches my eye.

I check the bestseller list and any and every other list imaginable. I seriously spend over an hour looking for us a book.

My Virgo "research mode" was kicked into high gear.

I hate making decisions..... at times.

I'm to much of a people pleaser.

After all the looking I am feeling frazzled and just want to pick something! So basically like closing your eyes and picking something --- yeah thats what I did. I typed "history mystery" in the search. Up pops The Red Pyramid.

Before I can change my mind I click add 2 to cart and complete the purchase.

I heave a sigh of relief *Shew* --- you would of thought I'd just solved one of life's great problems or something. 

I then actually go back to look at what I just ordered. I read the description.... ok its sounds interesting.... wait is this a kids book?

And it's a hardback?!


Oh well. 

Fast forward a month ---------> The book has arrived, it's already been sent to Marine, he received it but told me to wait a week before I started it. 

That puts us at this past Saturday. I crack open the book my expectations not really that high. Immediately I become engulfed in the plight of these two teenage kids.

Needless to say it is now Wednesday and I am totally loving this book. 

If Harry Potter and Nancy Drew hooked up and had a one night stand that resulted in a kid. Yeah this would be it { ok I've never actually read Harry Potter but I'm guessing....}. You know if Nancy would hook up with a dorky guy like Harry --- but thats really neither here nor there.


phoebe said...

what a great idea!!! sounds like so much fun. so now... of course i want to go see what this book is about. like you, i normally read to escape life. my love is chick lit and i'm an amazon nut. the boy once said to me... you know, there is a place where books are free (meaning the library)... i'm like yeah, but what fun is that? hahahaha. can't wait to hear your review of the book.

besswess said...

Ha ha! I'm glad that marine didn't poke fun at it being a kid's book. I love fun reads like that at times. I think it is great that you both read the same book!

One of The Guys said...

I loved this post. So creative and fun!

I've never heard of that book. Sounds like something to put on my list.

Here are some other suggestions for both of you:

The Secret History by Donna Tartt
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Date Girl said...

That's so great that Marine loves to read. Match doesn't like to read much. If he does its boring documentary or historical books that I hate.

I'm allll about fantasy books. I can't believe you've never read Harry Potter. Books 1-4 are so good! I love young adult books too. I'm going to have to check this one out.