Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Knitty Gritty Wedding Dish

Lately my life has mainly consisted of wedding and deployment...... and the many things I throw in there to try and distract myself from the later. During this I have tried to blog about other things because lets face it at this point I'm not sure who's more ready for this deployment to be over --- me or you.

Who am I kidding you only have to hear about it, so therefor I automatically win on the "who's ready for to be over worse" front.

Anyway, moving on ------> it was pointed out to me that in my trying not to bore you I completely forgot to give you an update on bridesmaids and wedding issues.

I received enthusiastic phone calls and texts saying yes - others laughing at me as they said yes....

So the final lineup is: Marine-Sis, Vixen, Blondie, Nurse Betty, Hollywood, Babbles, LC and then Giggles as my Matron of Honor.

And Red and Punk-Rock-Chick (if she can make it, she lives out of state now....) are going to keep my guestbook - I need two people because of the wonderful idea I had awhile back.

Also since my last wedding update Blondie has moved her date from the Saturday before to two Saturdays before so there will be one weekend between the two weddings. Needless to say I'm not much bothered by this but the friends are not happy. And I can't really blame them we had agreed on no more back to back weddings. With that said we did it once, we can do it again!

I'm trying to stay positive on the matter.

I have decided to make a few changes though. When I sent out my bridesmaid email I included pictures of the two dresses I was planning on using.

Blondie picked the same dress for her wedding.

She is using purple.

I'm using black.

I know they will look different but I really do not want to use the same dresses. I mean the majority of the guests will be the same at both weddings.

Blondie asked if I mind and I don't want to hurt her feelings but I want to be nice at the same time so I kinda sidestep the question by responding, "I just don't want our weddings to look exactly alike. If they were months apart I wouldn't worry about it, but being so close together I just don't want things to be identical."

Her wedding is going to be first so this is a concept lost on her as she points out again that even though its the same dress they are going to be different colors.

I once again take a deep breath and tell myself that 10 years from now this won't matter.

Which basically boils down to that I'm spineless and I agreed.

I don't want to hurt her feelings and I want her wedding day to be perfect for her and as a friend sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Did I mention she wants me to be her maid of honor?

So its back to the drawing board. I've about decided to just say the heck with it and let everyone pick out their own dresses. As long as its black and knee length what does it matter.

I have so many other more important things going on right now I really don't care about bridesmaids dresses!! Is that bad? I just want Marine to make it home safe. Once he does then I'll worry about bridesmaids dresses and everything being just so.

Location update: I have (and have had for sometime) a location. But there is another location that I really want!!!!!!!!!!! I'll call it the dream location because it is perfect in every way.

Problem is that it is under foreclosure.

The bank has said to contact them in December and that they may possibly work with me. We'll see.

Its an equestrian farm that has a large banquet area - see I told you it's perfect! Marine and I are horse people so our perfect location would be something that included that aspect of our life. So we shall see.

If it doesn't work out it's ok we have another place lined up. But in reality I just don't feel it. You know that "this is the place" type feeling..... So we shall see.

I have everything else lined up; DJ, Photographer, Caterer, Honeymoon (so super excited! Also main reason we booked so early is because we got a fantastic deal!).

Everything else I have picked out it just needs to be assembled; centerpieces, invitations, programs.

The only thing I don't have is favors but I have a few ideas there so I'm not worried.

In life nothing is ever perfect, but sometimes imperfect can be perfect. Years from now I'm not going to look back and remember the dresses that my bridesmaids wore, I'm going to think back and remember that wonderful feeling - the giddiness excitement of marrying the man of my dreams.

I'm also going to remember the look on Marine's face when he sees me riding up on Horse in my beautiful wedding dress......

Yeah that's going to be a surprise for him..... I'll tell you that funny story later.

"Sometimes things have to be a little imperfect for them to be perfect."
~ E. ~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Monday, July 26, 2010

The Girl Who Cried Love

 Carrie: When it comes to relationships, maybe we're all in glass houses, and shouldn't throw stones. Because you can never really know. Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than Butterflies... 
~ Sex and the City ~

We've all heard the classic story of the boy who cried wolf but what about the girl who cried love? It to is a classic story, one that most are sure to of heard.

Currently I am experiencing it with one of my friends. She got out of a relationship, moved and was doing her own version of starting over. 

Yet every guy she meets she falls head over heals for. The first one I was all supportive about with my "everything happens for a reason" philosophy. 

That short lived relationship ended and she started seeing another guy. Same thing - instant love. 

At this point I think she has a love bug stuck in her clothes that keeps biting her. 

Guy number 2 makes it about a month or so and then the love bug's spell wears off and she ends the relationship.

This pattern has been repeated pretty consistently for almost a year now - to the point I'm thinking about sending her a can of bug spray to zap that dang love bug with (well maybe not zap but at least stun). 

I am a hopeless romantic and I want her to meet someone and be happy, but the latest guy, Mr. Fresh-21, is probably not it.

Each one she says "this time is different...."

Famous last words.

When thinking of this the Carrie quote above came to mind. Are we at the age that some are willing to settle just in hopes of not being left behind? I mean we are in PRIME childbearing years - as my friends and I are reminded quite often

My advice never settle for anything less than butterflies. You may have to kiss a lot of frogs but eventually you will find your prince. You just have to be brave enough to put yourself out there. Go on the dates. Take the chance of getting your heart broke. Learn from the mistakes. Remember the lessons you learn and keep moving forward. 

But never settle. 

Even though my friend may have a case of annoying love bug at least she's taking the chance. 

Now if I can just get her to ease up on the crying love part........

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Dream Cruise is BOOKED

Today I booked our honeymoon and I am so excited!! Seven days of pure bliss as we cruise the Western Caribbean on the Carnival Dream making stops along the way at Cozumel, Isla Roatan, Belize and Costa Maya.

Saying that I am "so excited" does not even really begin to explain just how EXCITED I am!

I booked through a Carnival Cruise Vacation Planner that I had used on my previous cruise and she is great! She found us a much better deal than I had found us..... because we all know that I shopped around before contacting her just to see what all was out there

Thats one more thing checked off the "to do" list.


Isla Roatan


Costa Maya

Monica: "Did you hear that? They bumped them up to first class because they're on their honeymoon! Come on, let's act like we're on our honeymoon!"
Chandler: "We are on our honeymoon."
~ Friends ~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Mania

Since Marine has been gone I have watched more movies than at any other point in my life. 

Saturday morning I went to the grocery store and decided to pay a visit to my dear friend Redbox. I had no plans for the afternoon so I decided cleaning house and watching movies would be a perfect way to spend the rainy afternoon. 

I return home and am surprised and thrilled to receive a message from Marine on my Blackberry telling me he is online. I rush to my laptop and click it on. While waiting for it to power on I quickly throw my frozen diners in the freezer and then race back to watch my laptop finish waking up. I quickly open my browser and login. 
Awe technology. I was able to chat with Marine for for a bit before his internet connection went out. Anytime  I get to talk to him though is wonderful. He is doing well and is ready to come home. When he finally returns home I will give you an insight to some of our deployment stories and what not but until he comes home I'm strongly sticking by OPSEC rules. Better to be safe than sorry. 

After talking to him online I get up and go about cleaning and trying to straighten up. My phone goes off and its a text from Marine-Sis (she's 15). She sounds completely bored. The clouds seem to have blown over so I text her and tell her I will come get her and we will go do something. 

I plan to take her hiking but as I pull in the driveway the rain starts to fall again so we decide to go see a movie; Knight & Day. 

See told ya it was a movie weekend.

Once back home I resume washing clothes and watching movies. 

Sunday was much of the same - clean, go to the barn clean stalls, give my retired barrel horse a bath, perform other barn chores and return to home. P.S. I Love You was on lifetime so of course I had to watch it. 

Well you see the weekend trend. 

Here is my movie review recap:

Scooby Doo: Abracadabra-DooScooby-Doo Abracadabra Doo ~ **** 
I am really just a big kid at heart and I will always have a love for Scooby-Doo so of course I had to rent his latest movie. I give it 4 stars for its loving characters, good story line and of course the element of mystery.

It's ComplicatedIt's Complicated ~ ***
I would have given this movie 2 stars but I LOVE Meryl Streep so she alone pulled it up to 3 stars. Funny movie about exs that never really get over each other. Ten years later on a drunken night they find themselves in bed together. The chemistry is still there for them but Alec Baldwin (Meryl's ex husband) is still a cheater no matter how you slice. He cheated on her with his current wife and now ten years later he is cheating on his wife with his ex. Its a never ending cycle. Meanwhile Steve Martin really likes Meryl (really who couldn't like her?) and as a view you want Meryl to snap to her senses. Meanwhile Alec and Meryl's kids are thrown in the mix.

I recommend it, but only for Meryl's witty performance. 

Valentine's DayValentine's Day ~ **
One movie = 10+ story-lines. Some story-lines were good, others needed some serious help. 

If it weren't for all the big names I think this movie would have slid thru the cracks completely.

It had its moments. Guess its worth a see. Just don't get your hopes up.

P.S. I Love YouP.S. I Love You ~ *****
Gerald Butler whats not to love? I LOVE this movie!! Thank you Lifetime for airing it on an otherwise drab Sunday evening. This love story makes me cry every time. And makes me want to cross the water to visit Ireland when I see that beautiful countryside. 

If you haven't seen this add it to your MUST see list...... oh and pick up a box of Kleenex while your out. 

Revenge of the Bridesmaids ~ *****
Funny, Funny, Funny!! This ABC Family Original Movie is one that will keep you from changing the channel during commercial breaks for fear of missing something. What do you do when the bride is a bitch and your best friend is in love with the groom? You sabotage the wedding of course! 

Well there's more to it than that but you just got to watch it and see for yourself. Visit ABC Family for showtimes. 

Knight & Day
Knight and Day ~ ***

Lots of action, lots of shooting, lots of "he said, she said". Cute movie, with underlying love story going on - witty in parts. Kinda long, but overall worth seeing.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing Wingman for Operation Crush

Friday night I went out with Red and commenced in total debauchery (not really but beer was involved). Red has a crush and I agreed to play wingman/stalker for the night. She knew which bar was his weekend hangout so I agreed to go with her to have a beer and offer moral support.

We arrive at the restaurant/bar and the parking lot is packed! Among the cars Red spots her crushes vehicle. I stick out my hand for a high-five at the so far success of the night.

I spoke to soon. We enter the bar and it is dead.


Except the occasional bar-flies -- you know the people that never seem to go home.

We are already in so we decide to go ahead and have a beer. We take seats at the bar and laugh at the failure of our simple mission. Red and I talk amongst ourselves and, not knowing anyone else, try to avoid making eye contact with the creepy dude lingering close by.

Why must there always be a creeper?

And why must I always feel sorry for the creeper and tell myself that he's probably a nice guy....... Sometimes my over optimistic quality can be seen as plain crazy.

I drink my beer fast thinking the quicker I make it disappear the quicker we can get the heck out of dodge.

Red lights her second cigarette and her eyes light up as she glances over my shoulder.

I don't even have to turn and look. I know that her crush has arrived. I slow my beer intake, setting my glass back down on the bar.

He approaches and engages Red in conversation. At this point others we know arrive and my bar stool is quickly surround by girls that I wouldn't classify as friends but more along the lines of acquaintances.

There reaches a point in any night out when you know its time to go. Maybe its something in the atmosphere or maybe it was the drunk girl hitting on the acquaintances husband - either way you know its time to go.

Red and I pay our tab and leave.

Operation Crush a success.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome Home -- just to simple

Normally I am a fairly creative person.

But that creative side is currently napping apparently.

Even though it is still a little early I have been trying to come up with welcome home sign ideas for Marine.
I want it to say something catchy.... not just "welcome home". This will be the banner that I hang on the fence that he will see when the buses come in. 

I had thought about making one on a sheet, as some suggested, but I found a website (BuildASign) that offers free welcome home signs for the military. So I'm thinking of going this route for the fence sign (I'm going to make a sign to hold to, that will be a do-it-yourself project).

But what should I put on it?? 

Suggestions welcome!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eternal Daddy's Girl

Nearly four years after my father passed I am still dealing with the fact that I am a clueless Daddy's girl. So many things my dad took care of that I have no clue about.

My vehicle being the main thing. 

I know to change my oil every 3,000 miles but that is pretty much the extent of my car-fixing-mojo.

Growing up if my Jeep made a funny noise I would go to Dad tell him what it was doing (or not doing), hand him the keys and my Jeep would be returned later problem solved. 

It was a pretty good system we had going there.

When graduating college I decided to hand over the keys to my Jeep and purchase my first vehicle with understanding I would now be on my own. With this decision I gained the responsibility of insurance payments, car payments, and maintenance. At the time I was thrilled with my 4runner and this new found responsibility. 

Boy was I stupid. 

Do you know how much insurance is?????

I didn't.

Tires cost how much???? ~ You've got to be kidding. 

It needs new brakes how often?

You see the trend that developed. 

Clueless may have been an understatement.

The good ol' 4Runner likes to keep me on my toes and is not nice enough to give warning like the Jeep used to before something went wrong. Oh no not 4Runner. 4Runner likes the element of surprise.

This morning I went out and got in the 4Runner to head to work. I turn the key and I hear it struggle to come alive. (Imagine me in the morning before my Dr. Pepper -- STRUGGLE).


I can guess it is probably the battery. 

I'm running late so I head to work with the Scarlett O'Hara philosophy "I'll worry about it later."

This afternoon I go to leave work and I turn the key praying to the car gods. It works and the 4Runner again struggles to life. 

I can tell it's going down fast. 

I head to Advanced Auto. 

Where I wait.

And wait.

And wait a little more.

Finally a guy emerges from the back and asks what he can help me with. I tell him I think I need a new battery. 

He says they will check it for me first.

I think the "check" is going to be useless but agree on the off chance its not.

So he grabs his little machine and we head out to the 4Runner where he hooks it up to my battery.

After several minutes it prints out a slip of paper.

"Did you leave your lights on recently?"


"Your batteries week. But not dead. It just needs charging." He tells me then adds, "Do you have a charger?"

My mouth says, "Yes." ----- My mind says, "I've seen one at the barn hooked up to the tractor but would I know how to make it work? Or even how to get my battery out of the 4Runner to charge it?" 

I had several other stops to make before I would be heading to the barn. Was it worth the risk of getting stranded somewhere?.........

He - unaware of my inner monologue - is responding, "Well maybe charge it first and see if that works. If not then you'll need to go ahead and get yourself a new battery."

I decide to level with him. "Look I really don't want to end up stranded somewhere. I've had the car four years and I've never put a battery in it since I've owned it. How long are batteries good for?"

His inner monologue either pictures a short, pissed off girl standing beside a broke down 4Runner or he works on commission and sees a chance to make money. I think it was probably the first one, "Let's go take a look at batteries."

We go back in the store and he pulls a list of batteries up on his computer that will fit the 4Runner.

I am clueless at what a battery would cost --- this being my first battery buying experience. I was thinking around 50 bucks. 


He points out the differnet batteries on the screen and starts speaking a language now that may as well have been swahili. From the pointing and gesturing I was able to comprehend that the cheapest battery only put out enough volts as the 4Runner requires. 

Apparently this is not a desirable thing. You need more volts than is required.  ---- Or so I'm told.

Sure give me that one. 

He then tells me that I need this thing that will keep my cables from corroding. I'm skeptical but its $2.95 so why not. 

He goes to give me the battery. At which he receives a blank - deer in the headlights - stare.

I was told they would install it. I ask. They do. All is right in the world again.

The end result new battery, and non-corroding goop $100.

Getting half home and the 4Runner wanting to die - frustrating!!

I pray to the car gods once more; just please let me make it home!

What I'm going to do when I get home I have no clue. But at 8:30 on a Wednesday night it seems like the most reasonable option.

Today the 4Runner is visiting the doctor (aka mechanic). 

Poor Marine. He really doesn't have a clue what he has gotten himself into.