Monday, July 5, 2010

Eclipse, Parade, Family & Fireworks

So lets see.... what has happened since I last wrote?

I went out with the girls Thursday night and saw Eclipse. I think that this may have been my favorite of the books and the movie did not disappoint. Now was it as good as the book? No - but they never are.

And Jacob.... my oh my..... we love for you to run around shirtless!

Bella really aggravates me sometimes though. I mean here she is your average girl next door and she is lucky enough to have two great guys in love with her (minus the fact one is a vampire and one is a werewolf). Yet she drags them both along. Or I should say she drags Jacob along. It made me feel sorry for him. She doesn't want him and he knows it but he keeps hanging on hoping that she will change her mind, and she keeps him hanging on knowing full well he will never be more than a back-up plan.

I think we have all been there, done that playing one of those roles during our teenage years.

Friday evening I had an unexpected phone-date with Marine. He had woken up early so while everyone else slept he was able to use the phone. Still hard for me to get used to the time difference and as I watched the sun set on my day, he was watching the sun rise on a new day for him. It was wonderful to get to actually talk longer than the average 15 minute phone calls we have become so accustomed to. We were able to talk about an hour before he had to go.

Saturday was family day. I got to Marine's grandparents house around 4 for the cookout. It's funny how I used to be so nervous about going to family functions without Marine and now I am completely comfortable (but still ready for him to be home to be able to go with me!). Marine's family is great and I enjoyed visiting with his grandparents, aunt and uncle, cousin's and of course Marine-Mom, Marine-Stepdad and Marine-Sis.

After cooking out we headed to town to walk in the 4th of July Parade. There had been an ad in the local paper inviting family members of active military to walk in the parade. Marine-Mom had asked if I would like to walk with them. So Marines family, myself and Marine1's mom all walked.

It was a hot day and this was the first parade I had been in where I had not rode Horse. But it was fun and despite how much this would have probably embarrassed my modest Marine, it was nice.

(I'm the one with the blue circle with white star

Friday night when on the phone with Marine I told him we were going to walk in the parade.

Marine, "well if that makes you happy."

I laugh and tell him, "I'm going to wear my I heart Marine (replace Marine with his real name) shirt."


So not getting my joke.

"I'm just kidding!" lol "I would never embarrass you like that." I laugh telling him.

"I highly doubt that." He laughs.

After the parade I headed a horse show and took Marine-Sis along with me.

It's that time again. Week of the Horse. Little over one week. Every night horse show. It started Friday night and will end this Saturday night. Last year I went every single night. It was exhausting! This year I'm not as hardcore. Also I have to work and lets face it, it gets expensive showing every night.

So this year I plan on just doing a few nights. Mom, Marine-Sis and I visited with Vixen and Vixen's Lil Sis and other members of my saddle club. From where we sat watching the show we were able to watch the fireworks in the distance.

There's just always something magical about fireworks. Makes you feel like a kid again as you watch them with wonder and amazement.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.  
~ Elmer Davis ~


hellotaylor said...

Ah, Eclipse. Love the boys. Especially my Jacob, of course. Bella bothers me too. Like, really?? I wouldn't be complaining about Jacob and Edward fighting over me.

One of The Guys said...

Hmm...."Eclipse".....I did read the books, but I started skimming after a while. Parts were fun, but the threesome got a bit old after a while. Bella is kind of annoying.

We had a great weekend of BBQ's etc. But no fireworks. Can you believe it!!

My boys don't like the loud booms. I'm shocked, but next year we're doing it no matter what.

phoebe said...

what a nice time.... i'm glad that you had an enjoyable holiday weekend :-)