Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Mania

Since Marine has been gone I have watched more movies than at any other point in my life. 

Saturday morning I went to the grocery store and decided to pay a visit to my dear friend Redbox. I had no plans for the afternoon so I decided cleaning house and watching movies would be a perfect way to spend the rainy afternoon. 

I return home and am surprised and thrilled to receive a message from Marine on my Blackberry telling me he is online. I rush to my laptop and click it on. While waiting for it to power on I quickly throw my frozen diners in the freezer and then race back to watch my laptop finish waking up. I quickly open my browser and login. 
Awe technology. I was able to chat with Marine for for a bit before his internet connection went out. Anytime  I get to talk to him though is wonderful. He is doing well and is ready to come home. When he finally returns home I will give you an insight to some of our deployment stories and what not but until he comes home I'm strongly sticking by OPSEC rules. Better to be safe than sorry. 

After talking to him online I get up and go about cleaning and trying to straighten up. My phone goes off and its a text from Marine-Sis (she's 15). She sounds completely bored. The clouds seem to have blown over so I text her and tell her I will come get her and we will go do something. 

I plan to take her hiking but as I pull in the driveway the rain starts to fall again so we decide to go see a movie; Knight & Day. 

See told ya it was a movie weekend.

Once back home I resume washing clothes and watching movies. 

Sunday was much of the same - clean, go to the barn clean stalls, give my retired barrel horse a bath, perform other barn chores and return to home. P.S. I Love You was on lifetime so of course I had to watch it. 

Well you see the weekend trend. 

Here is my movie review recap:

Scooby Doo: Abracadabra-DooScooby-Doo Abracadabra Doo ~ **** 
I am really just a big kid at heart and I will always have a love for Scooby-Doo so of course I had to rent his latest movie. I give it 4 stars for its loving characters, good story line and of course the element of mystery.

It's ComplicatedIt's Complicated ~ ***
I would have given this movie 2 stars but I LOVE Meryl Streep so she alone pulled it up to 3 stars. Funny movie about exs that never really get over each other. Ten years later on a drunken night they find themselves in bed together. The chemistry is still there for them but Alec Baldwin (Meryl's ex husband) is still a cheater no matter how you slice. He cheated on her with his current wife and now ten years later he is cheating on his wife with his ex. Its a never ending cycle. Meanwhile Steve Martin really likes Meryl (really who couldn't like her?) and as a view you want Meryl to snap to her senses. Meanwhile Alec and Meryl's kids are thrown in the mix.

I recommend it, but only for Meryl's witty performance. 

Valentine's DayValentine's Day ~ **
One movie = 10+ story-lines. Some story-lines were good, others needed some serious help. 

If it weren't for all the big names I think this movie would have slid thru the cracks completely.

It had its moments. Guess its worth a see. Just don't get your hopes up.

P.S. I Love YouP.S. I Love You ~ *****
Gerald Butler whats not to love? I LOVE this movie!! Thank you Lifetime for airing it on an otherwise drab Sunday evening. This love story makes me cry every time. And makes me want to cross the water to visit Ireland when I see that beautiful countryside. 

If you haven't seen this add it to your MUST see list...... oh and pick up a box of Kleenex while your out. 

Revenge of the Bridesmaids ~ *****
Funny, Funny, Funny!! This ABC Family Original Movie is one that will keep you from changing the channel during commercial breaks for fear of missing something. What do you do when the bride is a bitch and your best friend is in love with the groom? You sabotage the wedding of course! 

Well there's more to it than that but you just got to watch it and see for yourself. Visit ABC Family for showtimes. 

Knight & Day
Knight and Day ~ ***

Lots of action, lots of shooting, lots of "he said, she said". Cute movie, with underlying love story going on - witty in parts. Kinda long, but overall worth seeing.


besswess said...

I saw it on Lifetime this weekend. I had the tv on for five minutes before I was crying. Geesh! I loved it!

Nicole said...

Haha, and here I thought I was the only one who watched Revenge of the Bridesmaids. I was laughing so hard the first time through, I had to watch it again the second time they aired it. Loved it, completely impressed by Raven Symone, not going to lie!

phoebe said...

haha. i dvr'd revenge of the bridesmaids! i'm glad that it will be worth the watch. i think joanna garcia is hilarious. and ps i love you. love. love. love. i watched it too on lifetime! i haven't seen valentines day yet. it's on the netflix list. now i just need to find time to watch what i have. haha.

i'm glad that you had a great, relaxing, movie weekend :-) they are the best.