Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome Home -- just to simple

Normally I am a fairly creative person.

But that creative side is currently napping apparently.

Even though it is still a little early I have been trying to come up with welcome home sign ideas for Marine.
I want it to say something catchy.... not just "welcome home". This will be the banner that I hang on the fence that he will see when the buses come in. 

I had thought about making one on a sheet, as some suggested, but I found a website (BuildASign) that offers free welcome home signs for the military. So I'm thinking of going this route for the fence sign (I'm going to make a sign to hold to, that will be a do-it-yourself project).

But what should I put on it?? 

Suggestions welcome!


Amber said...

I LOVE coming up with signs.....

Okay..are you ready for this....

"It's time for me to launch your missile"

"You thought you were under attack in Afghanistan...just wait until I get ahold of you with my guns."

"Welcome home honey. Your next assignment, Operation Clothing Removal. And your under MY command."

"Welcome home. I hope you slept on the plane, because there ain't no sleeping tonight."

"Now that your home, hre is your honey-do list...hold me, hug me, kiss me and love me."

"If you thought Afghanistan was HOT, just wait until tonight."

"Welcome home. Now come and get it"

"I'm glad your back, now lets jump in the sack."

"I'm here to pick up my hero."

"Job well done! Now come and get your reward."

"The night awaits us."

"Don't come a' knocking, if the house is a' rocking."

Okay...some are cheesey I know! But that might get your head spinning some ideas of your own!

Date Girl said...

Amber is cracking me up over here!! Lol. I'd say put some of those slogans in a card for him to read on the drive home.

What do you say to the love of your life who is finally coming home? I wish I had some creative ideas. He's going to love it no matter what you write.

E said...

lol Thanks Amber those are great!