Tuesday, August 31, 2010

P.I.N.T. Good Bye August

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pure Romance

Friday night I met Giggles after work and headed to Nurse-Betty's house for a Pure Romance party.

Ever been to one?

Over the years I have been to several but this was by far the best yet!

I sat crammed on the lush love-seat with Vixen and Giggles each of us inspecting the items being passed around.

Let me tell ya this party sure would have come in handy a few months back and would have perhaps aided me in making a wiser decision.

I wasn't as embarrassed as I had expected to be, perhaps 6 months of no sex will do that to ya.

The only thing that would have made the party more fun would have been cocktails  [no pun intended].

My at the selection! Oils, Lotions, Lip Glosses, Books, Games, Toys.... the list is endless.

Behind a closed door the orders were placed.

Like we really weren't going to tell each other what we ordered.

After placing our orders Giggles, Vixen and I left and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late diner. We are barely seated when Vixen blurts out, "So what did ya'll order?!"

Giggles and I laugh and we wait as the waiter sets down the salsa and chips and takes our drink order.

Giggles tells us of her less than risqué purchase.

Vixen looks at me and without even blushing I tell them.

"OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe you ordered that............ I was actually curious about that one." Vixen admits.

"Me to!" exclaims Giggles, "I can't believe you ordered it."

I shrug, "I think it'll be a good homecoming gift for Marine."

Vixen, "Uh yeah!" She munches on a chip, "when did you become the adventurous one of us?"

"I think around month four," I say with a laugh.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Laugh Out Loud Convo's

Sometimes my conversations with my friends are just to funny not to share.....

When: Friday August 20th
Who: Texts between me and Red
Setting: I have taken Marine-Sis to diner at the local pub (yes they serve wonderful food!) and we have just sat down and ordered our appetizer. 

*** we are now coming in mid text conversation **

Me: Eating at Pub if you want to come.

Red: I thought you had Marine-Sis? Friend and I were about to head to Taco Mac once I get ready!

Me: I do we came to eat diner. And we're not staying out late, just diner. I have to be some kind of good role model. lol

Red: LOL.... you are taking her to a bar!! You would be my favorite sis-in-law!

Joey: In my spare time, I, uh, read to the blind. And I'm also a mento for kids.
Interviewer: A "mento"?
Joey: You know, a mento. A role model.
Interviewer: A men…to.
Joey: Right.
Interviewer: Like the candy?

Joey: As a matter of fact, I do.
~ Friends ~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome Home Sign

Marine's Home Coming sign came in!

Needless to say I had no clue what to write! Or what kind of picture to put on it. And I had promised Marine I wouldn't do anything to embarrassing. 

I think it turned out great! :) I wanted to use a picture of Me, Marine, and the dog but I just loved this picture and had to use it. 

Thanks to buildasign.com ~ They did a fantastic job!! 

I'm also making a card with some of the more risqué ideas that Amber from Goodnight Moon gave me. This I'll give privately to Marine and I am sure it will make him smile. 

Now to just count down the days.... and wait for the announcement of a return date. But its getting soon. AND I AM BESIDE MYSELF EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Discovered....... And Not In A Good Way

Every anonymous blogger's worse nightmare is being discovered.

We write anonymously not because we are ashamed of what we have to say or that we want to keep it a secret. If we didn't want to share with anyone we wouldn't have a blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a place I could write things from anywhere that I was; work, home, on my blackberry.... anywhere. I chose to write anonymously because I'm from a small town that I greatly love but lets face it in a small town everybody knows everything about everybody { or so they'd like to think }. I wanted this to be just for me. A place I could be totally honest. I worry to much about everyone else in everyday life. I always watch what I say, cross my t's and dot my i's. I want everybody to be happy. This was my place to tell it all. To vent when something bothered me. To tell about that guy I was hung up on when I knew better but for some reason didn't care. To share the things I didn't feel comfortable sharing anywhere else.

And then I got my first comment along with my first follower. It scared the crap out of me!

Somebody was actually reading my blog.

I was surprised to say the least. Not to mention fearful that my secret would soon be discovered.

But I continued to blog. Now several years later this blog has had such an impact on my life. It is my journal; it reminds me of the hard times I have went thru along with the wonderful times. It reminds me of mistakes that I have made and triumphs that remind me no matter how difficult things may get to never give up.

And thru this blog I have made some wonderful friends. Others who write anonymously and real names are probably the only thing we don't know about each other. Good friends. The ones that email each other if they read the blog and think one is having a bad day. Or just reach out to see how things are going. Just because they are anonymous don't think for a second that they do not care.

My friend Date Girl over at The Date Girl Diaries has had a rough week. Someone that knows her has discovered her wonderful blog. She was living every anonymous bloggers nightmare.

Had it been me I would have quickly panicked thinking:

What have I written over the years?

Have I said anything that someone else might take the wrong way?

Most of my posts I would have no problem someone I know reading. But there are a few that were written while I was still worked up or upset about something and just needed to vent. And let's face it blogging is pretty much free therapy.

And some earlier posts when I was still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life. The Mr. Big files -- not my finest moment but perhaps my greatest learning experience. I knew better and I knew deep down I deserved better. Yet for some crazy reason I tried to hold on to a guy that wasn't worth it. I can read back on this and see that how all the broken roads led me to Marine and that I had to travel them so that I would appreciate him and that love that we share.

Someone who knows me reading that could easily figure out my nicknames may not read it and walk away with the same understanding.

So yeah I would definitely panic if ever discovered.

Date Girl has handled it superbly with her head held high. Her wedding is just a few days away and she could use some positive comments I'm sure so please stop by her blog and leave her some comment love.

What are your thoughts on blogging anonymously?

Also check out some of my other favorite anonymous bloggers:

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Play Something Country

This weekend was busy, busy, busy!! Marine-Parents were going out of town and Marine-Sis didn't want to go so she came and stayed with me. 

Quality bonding time.

We rented movies. Watched Gerald Butler. Ate junk food.

Did I mention she's 15 and just got her learners license? Saturday I took her out on back roads and let her drive. 

Just us and empty dirt road. She did great and we even ventured out onto the main road..... where I had to explain that she had to go over 20mph or someone was going to rear-end her. Ahhh to be 15 again with the newly found freedom of the open road.

Sunday I met with some friends to attend Brooks and Dunn's Last Rodeo tour. It was AWESOME!!! We got there several hours before and tailgated, this of course resulted in an F trifecta = Friends, Food, Fun. 

Red had cooked a huge spread and I think we were the envy of every other tailgater in a 5 mile radius.

I of course had mixed a favorite concoction of mine (thanks to Vivi and her mad bartender skillz) pink panty droppers. So by the time the concert started I had a good buzz and had reached the fun part.

Miranda Lambert was the opening act and also put on a great show. Gotta love Gun Powder and Lead.

Great concert full of much laughter, singing and dancing.

Brooks and Dunn will always be one of the greatest duos of all time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heaven Gains An Angel

I was a junior in high school when I learned that my friends freshman brother had a crush on me. I was in denial as I had always thought of him as a little brother so I chalked up the excessive calls to friendship.

These were the first days of handheld cellphones and I was unfortunate enough not to have caller id. But at 17 who was I to complain. He would call incessantly...... and I would at times pretend to have poor service....

Me, "Hello?"

Him, "Hey."

Me realizing it's him, "Hello?"

Him louder this time, "Hey E!!"

Me, "I'm sorry I can't hear you...."

Him, "E!!"


Yeah not one of my finer moments and unfortunately after the fifth call of the day this is what I would sometimes resort to.

But he was not one to be easily deterred and I was still in denial.

Then one night the denial ended.

Girlfriend and I had rented a movie and were settling in on the couch when he walks in. Now maybe I should mention like most teenage siblings they did not get along --- fight like cats and dogs may be a better way to describe their love/hate sibling relationship. Throw me in the mix and I was often the peace-keeper or referee.

He wanted to watch the movie with us. She did not want him to. I just wanted everyone to get along (somethings never change).

The end result was Girlfriend, Myself and Him all piled on the couch watching the movie -- as peace-keeper I was seated in the middle.

At some point Girlfriend got up to go to the bathroom. The two of us are sitting on the couch watching the movie. He says something to me. I don't recall what it was but I know it was something that made me turn to look at him. I turn my head to the right and BAM!!

He kisses me.

I am frozen in shock.

Then I jump back, "What are you doing?!"

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I glance around quickly to make sure Girlfriend has not reentered the room. If she would have saw that World War III would have broken out I was sure.

He then confesses his crush.

I can no longer hide in denial but before I can say anything Girlfriend returns.

I act as if nothing has happened despite the candy-apple color I'm sure my face has taken on.

We watch the movie and at the end I quickly jump up to leave. He says he'll walk me to the door. Girlfriend looks at him weird. I say thats not necessary and I bolt.

I never told a soul. I mean how uncool to be kissed by a freshman!


What happened next?

That was over 10 years ago so I can't really remember. I do remember years of continued friendship after that though so I must have let him down gently.

In a small town like mine its true that everybody knows everybody. We've all grown up together. Some friendships fade over the years but you always look back on those fond memories and smile. The camp-outs, the parties, summers at the lake, the nights we probably all should have gone to jail but somehow miraculously didn't.

The stupid things we did that make it a wonder we made it pass the age of 18.

But somehow we did.

Over the years though I have lost more friends than I can count on one hand; all to young to have been called to heaven.

Today another angel entered into the gates of heaven. He was 25. He had been married for 3 weeks when he had an accident at work and hit a gas line that caused an explosion. The burns were to severe. My heart goes out to his wife and family. I cannot begin to imagine their pain and sorrow.

I try to always think that God has a plan for everyone but sometimes I can't help but question why.

 ~~ This Post Written In Loving Memory ~~

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heart Of The Matter

Sorry I have been MIA this week....

Monday evening I'm driving home from work and I start getting minor pains in my chest. 

They are minor so I figure it will go away in a minute. I go to the barn and let the horses out.

The chest pains are getting worse. I go to the house and take an aspirin. 

Few hours later I am still hurting and now the pain is in my chest, my shoulder and my arm. 

My mom takes me to the emergency room where I am poked and prodded. We arrive a little before midnight and between midnight and 6 a.m. I have blood test done, an ekg, x-rays and a ct-scan.

Not to mention a shot in the rear-end and a nurse trying to get an IV in my arm unsuccessfully and instead using it as a pin cushion. 

The end result is that I have an inflammation in my chest..... Not real sure what that means.... but basically it hurts to breath, hurts to move, hurts to sit still----- so basically just hurts!!!

I was given some anti-inflammatory medicine and pain medicine and sent on my way. 

So far feeling a little better but not sure what caused it in the first place......

Taking a few days to rest, be back soon.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Bachelor & The Stripper

Any time you talk about weddings you are inevitably going to talk about some of the other events that lead up to the big day. One of the most epic being the Bachelor / Bachelorette parties.

Where rules and trust go hand in hand out the door for some couples. 

I got to talking this weekend to a friend who's fiancée is deployed with Marine. They are set to get married the month the guys return from deployment. From the get go of the conversation I can tell she's upset; she then says that her fiancées brother is wanting to have strippers at the bachelor party.

** Crickets Chirping ** 

Now no girl really wants her guy going to a strip club. Any girl who says she is ok with it is lying and trying to appear cool and collected.

Not wanting the guy to go and not having a problem with him going are two different things.

I know Marine's friends will probably want to take him to a strip club for his bachelor party. It's a bachelor party. That's what guys do.

Do I really want him to go to one?


Am I ok with him going to one?


I trust Marine fully and any issues I have of him going to a strip club really boil down to my own insecurities. I mean I have a pretty decent body, but strippers have great bodies! A fact that can be proven by the whole pole dancing workout craze. Big boobs, long legs.... yeah a far cry from my five foot flat, small chested figure.

The flip side of this card is that girls also go to strip clubs for bachelorette parties. Does this bother guys? Do they have any of those same insecurities? Psshh I highly doubt it. Women are just crazy (yes I said it).

The fact that Marine Friend was so surprised that her fiancées brother would want strippers at the bachelor party completely surprised me. I thought that was just a given of bachelor parties.  And I mean she wasn't just a little upset, she was how-do-I-put-a-call-thru-to-Afghanistan upset.

I calmed her down telling her to not worry about something that was still months in advance and even though that was what his younger brother wanted to do that may not be what her Marine wanted to do for his bachelor party (sometimes I fib for the greater good). It worked, she calmed down. I'm glad cause, bless his heart, this is not what Marine Fiancée needs to be dealing with when he does get a chance to call home.

Marine and I have months till our Bachelor / Bachelorette parties but I have already been informed by two of his friends/groomsman that they are already planning the Bachelor party. They say this with sideways grins that can't help but make you laugh. The rules I have laid down to Marine are: you can look but don't touch and they better not touch you either.

Other than that I think I'm better off not knowing! Ignorance is bliss.

What are your thoughts on Bachelor / Bachelorette parties? Experiences - good or bad? Lets hear them!

The Friends quotes were to great to just pick one

Phoebe: "A stripper at a bachelor party, that is so cliché. Why don't you get a magician?!
Chandler: "Well, if the magician can open my beer with his but cheeks, then all right."

~ Friends ~

[Scene: Monica's apartment, where Phoebe's bachelorette party is taking place.]
Phoebe: (to Rachel) Thank you so much for this.
Rachel: Oh, d'you like it?
Phoebe: Oh my God, it's all so elegant! When's the dirty stuff starting?
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: You know, the strippers, and the guys dancing, and you know, pee-pee's flying about.
Rachel: Pheebs, I... there isn't gonna be any flying about! We actually thought we were a little too mature for stuff like that.
Phoebe: Oh, ok. I see what you're doing, that's fine. This is all there is, just tea, uh, ok. (she drinks her tea) Hmmmm... raunchy!
Rachel: Seriously Pheebs, it's not gonna be that kind of a party.
Phoebe: Really? So this is... this is my big send off in the married life? Rachel this is the only bachelorette party I'm ever gonna have! I've got a big wad of ones in my purse! Really? I mean, really? It's just tea?
Rachel: Nooo! Phoebe, of course there is more! I mean, I'll just go and talk to Monica and get an ETA on the pee-pee's!

~ Friends ~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome To The Jungle

Last night after work I went over to visit Conscious and the new bouncing bundle of joy. Her sweet baby girl is now 6 weeks old. It seems like just yesterday that Conscious told us she was pregnant.

As I walk thru the door Conscious greets me and simultaneously slings a burp cloth over my shoulder and hands me Kloe.

"I have been pooped on and thrown up on today."

I take Kloe thinking to myself that today may not have been such a great day to wear white after all. I spread the burp cloth out a little bit and immediately Kloe spits up on me aiming for the area beyond the cloth. Luckily she misses. I wipe her mouth and she looks at me and I could of sworn she grinned at me mischievously.

"I'm so sorry!" Says Conscious handing me a fresh cloth.

"Its ok," I laugh.

"Do you mind watching her so I can start diner? I'm starving!"

"No problem," I follow her into the kitchen where I take a seat on the bar stool and Kloe lays her head on my shoulder and goes right to sleep.

Conscious looks tired and I can tell she is still adjusting to the life of a new mom.

"How's motherhood?"

"You want the truth?" She asks with a laugh.

"I'm almost scared to say it..... but yes," I to laugh.

"Its wonderful but not as easy as everyone would have you think. Or maybe it's just me. Breastfeeding is a nightmare. Apparently my body doesn't produce enough milk. And then I hear all these people that say they never had a problem. Talk about making you feel inadequate." She places some items from the refrigerator on the counter as she pauses to take a breath.

"Don't let that get to you, your a great mom," And then I say the only I thing I can think of, "That happens to horses to."

She turns to look at me, "Really?"

"Yeah sometimes horses have babies and the mother doesn't produce enough milk and you have to use a supplement."

I look of relief crosses her face, "Thats interesting........ I'm having to alternate with formula and if she has to much of the formula it makes her sick. She pooped on my today. Literally pooped on me! Gives whole new meaning to having a shitty day! She just had on a diaper and a shirt so I guess it was my fault but it came out the sides!"

I try to hold back my laughter.

"And then last night. I couldn't get her to go to sleep. Hubby sat up with me till 1 but he had to go to bed cause he had to leave at 5 for work. Her stomach was upset. I changed her diaper and about 2 a.m. I finally get her to sleep and not 10 minutes later I can tell her diaper is dirty again. I was tired I just wanted to cry. I knew as soon as I started changing her diaper she'd wake up. E, I literally thought to myself 'I wonder if I can close my eyes for fifteen minutes then change it.' Cause I knew she'd be awake then and not go back to sleep. That's a horrible thought!! I'm horrible."

"Oh Conscious you're not horrible." The happy, healthy baby in my arms proof of my next comment, "You're a wonderful mother you're just still adjusting. You'll get the hang of all of it and eventually Kloe will get a pattern."

"I know your right."

She goes on to tell me some of the other stories and ends with saying, "Giggles said I would make a great birth control ad."

We both laugh and continue to catch up as I hold the baby and she starts laundry.

Also I forgot to mention she is going to be a bridesmaid to. That makes my total number 9. We talk about the wedding, about life, and everything in between.

Two hours go by and Hubby arrives home. I pass him the burp cloth and Kloe and hug Conscious and tell her I will come back another day and help her out.

On the car ride home I try to think positive baby thoughts. I remember Nurse Betty and when her little girl was born last fall. I remember she didn't seem to have as much trouble...... I remind myself this as I reaffirm to myself that I do want kids someday.

Rachel: Oh, my God! How long has she been crying?

Monica: About a week and a half.

Phoebe: Well alright, looks like you guys have got it under control so I’m just gonna go. 
(Rachel and Monica stare) No? Really? Misery really does love company.
~ Friends ~

Monday, August 2, 2010

Case Of The Monday's

It's been Monday all day long... ever heard that saying?

There are those days that you wake up and you seriously wonder what up is up and why everything you touch seems to not work properly. Nothing major - just enough to frustrate you.

The printer spazzed at the office ------ again. And once again seeing as I am the youngest person in the office it is automatically assumed that I can fix it.

Apparently I had on my magical super powers cape today because luck would have it I was able to fix it. Big shocker, I know. I was kinda surprised to. But I take any small victory I can get.

After work I ventured to the grocery store to get some stuff for myself along with some stuff for Marine's LAST care package (yes I did say LAST care package!!)

I get to the check out line where I received a stark realization...... people on food-stamps (and WIC) eat better than I do.

Rarely do I get on my soapbox but warning you here it goes. And I openly admit I'm pretty ignorant about food stamps and until this instance had never seen anyone using them.

Now I would not not consider myself well off, I'm more like working two jobs just to scrap by.  And I know that now are hard times and that sometimes people need a little help, but I also think you must be willing to help yourself. Either way I could not help staring in envy at the buggy full of groceries and the fact the couple only owed 46 cents in the aftermath.

Seriously how??

They were dressed nice and I heard them mention they had one kid and another one on the way.

Now Marine and I worry about having and being able to afford one kid here in this economy and here this couple in line in-front of me seemed to have no worries.

I glance at my shopping cart and this is what I had:

  • Ramon Noodles $0.15 a pack (I had approximately 12 packs for Marine)
  • Loaf of bread fresh from the bakery $0.90
  • Sandwich meat $3.00 
  • Bag of Chips $2.98
  • Cookie Snack Packs $2.50
  • Carton of Strawberries $2.98
  • Frozen Diners $2.50 each ( I had 3)
  • Cans of Ravioli, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti-os $1 each (on sale approximately 6 for Marine)
  •  Trail Mix $1.98 (For Marine)
  • Plastic Container of Mixed Fruit $3.50 (for Marine)
  • Pack of Twizzlers $1.50 (for Marine)
  • Pack of Chicken Breasts $4.98
Before tax that makes a total of $39.62 --- this is my food for a week! Lunches and Diners (I bought cereal last week and a box lasts me about 2 weeks) plus stuff for Marine. That's pretty frugal if I say so myself. -- and I admit I will cheat one day and skip the bagged lunch in favor of Chick-fil-a, thats my splurge. 

I watched in envy as the people ahead of me were loaded up with Watermelon and all sorts of other stuff. 

I wasn't mad per say but more confused -- both of these people looked healthy and able to work. So why the need for food-stamps? I understand that the un-employment rate is high but there are jobs out there! It may not be a job you want but its a job! There for awhile I became a jack-of-all trades trying to make ends meet so if you're looking for sympathy I may not be the best one to go to. I still struggle and live paycheck to paycheck trying to save some money each week for my "rainy day fund" but I don't complain. Ok maybe I complain at times, but still I was literally left thinking, HUH?!

And how is it that I'm working two jobs and they can afford to eat better than I do? lol 

Kinda sad isn't it?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

At Midnight The Carriage Turns Into A Minivan

For those of you who are new readers I need to let you in on the fact that I'm a horse girl. And I am serious as can be when I tell you that I learned to ride a horse before I learned to walk.

It was the 80's after all. Children could ride in the front seat of the car, car-seats were only a recommendation, so my mother riding a horse with me in one of those frontside-baby-backpack-things was completely acceptable. Hey I can't be one to judge cause I'll probably do the same thing with my kid (this is an unborn kid I am referencing here so please keep your DFACS threats to yourself - thanks! lol). 

At the age of two I had my own horse and was riding completely solo. And folks I didn't have a pony - I had a padded up Tennessee Walking Show Horse. 

I had no fear.

At the same time my parents were completely cautious. They had both grown up with horses and raising and training horses was what they did for living, so growing up on a horse farm riding just came natural. 

At 5 I started showing and I was quite the cutie in my little suit if I may say so. 

This was the beginning of a life-time love affair. At the age of 10 I traded in my English Saddle and padded up show horse for a feisty palomino and barrel racing saddle. 

I'm now 27 and still an avid horse rider and still barrel racing and competing frequently. I still have that feisty palomino I got when I was 10, she is now 23 and enjoying the life of retirement. She's still feisty so don't let her age fool ya. I always say if she was an old lady with a cane you'd have to watch her; she'd be the type you'd piss off and she'd swing that cane and smack you upside the face. Feisty is perhaps an understatement.    

So months ago (before he left for deployment) Marine and I were talking wedding and making plans. The location we picked out is a horse farm. So naturally I would want to have my horse involved. 

I believe our conversation went something like this......

"I think I want to ride Horse in the wedding," I say staring out the window as we drive down the road.

"Do you really think thats a good idea?" Marine asks glancing sideways at me.

"Yeah I think it would be beautiful!" I say in that dreamy-annoying-singsong voice.

"You've seen those funniest home videos where the bride rides in on a horse right?"

The picturesque bubble above my head is popped and I turn to look at him. His eyes are focused straight ahead on the road but he is smiling. 

"Yea, I've seen those but that won't happen."

"Babe I gotta look at the odds and they just don't seem to good...." He looks over at me, "I mean you know you're a klutz and so is Horse."

"Pish, come on! Those people don't even know how to really ride! They are probably inexperienced riders and just think it will be pretty to ride in on a horse," I debate. "Besides Horse would do fine!"

"You realize your talking about the same horse that busted you in the mouth a few months back." 

Damn. Point to him.

"Yes but that was a total accident!" I'm starting to plead.

"Just as I'm sure it will be when I have to pick you up off the ground after you've flashed everyone falling off and Horse runs into the distance." 

"That would NEVER happen and you know it," I laugh.

"Well maybe not, but do you really want to take the chance?" He is laughing to.

I nod my mind pretty much made up.

We drive in silence a minute. 

"Ok you can ride horse if thats what you really want," he says.

"See I knew you would see it my way---"

He interrupts, "But if you get to ride horse we are leaving in a minivan."

My mouth drops and he just looks at me and grins.

"You wouldn't!"

"I would."

I sit there mouth still hanging open as I try to think of a comeback. I have clearly been outsmarted. 

"That's my compromise." He is grinning profusely. 

See Marine and I have a running joke about minivans. I have said I don't care how many kids we have I refuse to be a minivan mom. I'll drive the biggest SUV out there but no minivans.

Now you may be wondering why my jaw is hanging down. Where could Marine possibly get a minivan?

His best-friend's family owns a Ford Dealership. 

"I'll tell Friend not to let you have one."

He laughs, "You know that if I ask to borrow one that they'll let me."

I know he's right.

"Fine! Fine! Fine! How bout a horse and buggy?"

He thinks he's won. "That would be beautiful and I think your klutz odds stand a better chance."

I smile. Poor Marine my mind has already been working quickly and I have a plan.

So my blogger friends. There will be a horse and wagon there the day of the wedding. And my bridesmaids and mother will arrive in it.

Marine will be looking for me to also climb out of the wagon, but I won't be there. And just when everybody is wondering where I am at, the music will key and Horse and I will come riding over the hill.

In my mind its a beautiful picture as my dress flows around Horse's shiny copper penny coat. My hair styled in large loose curls will hang around my shoulders blowing softly in the breeze as horse and I make our way down to the ceremony.

Once we arrive one my Saddle Club buddies will take Horse and I will dismount and proceed to walk down the aisle with my Mom.

Also new readers - my father passed away from cancer in 2006 and my mom and I have talked about it and I would like her to walk me down the aisle. I know its not traditional but its perfect for me and my mom and symbolizes the close relationship that we share.

Marine will be grinning from ear to ear and maybe even give a slight shake of his head while laughing at the fact that I out smarted him.

But knowing Marine and knowing how well he knows me I will not be surprised if there is a mini-van hidden somewhere near by him anticipating my surprise.

It will be interesting to see. 


A few more pictures to support my argument.....
Me age 8

Me age 11

Me And Horse a few weekends ago