Monday, August 2, 2010

Case Of The Monday's

It's been Monday all day long... ever heard that saying?

There are those days that you wake up and you seriously wonder what up is up and why everything you touch seems to not work properly. Nothing major - just enough to frustrate you.

The printer spazzed at the office ------ again. And once again seeing as I am the youngest person in the office it is automatically assumed that I can fix it.

Apparently I had on my magical super powers cape today because luck would have it I was able to fix it. Big shocker, I know. I was kinda surprised to. But I take any small victory I can get.

After work I ventured to the grocery store to get some stuff for myself along with some stuff for Marine's LAST care package (yes I did say LAST care package!!)

I get to the check out line where I received a stark realization...... people on food-stamps (and WIC) eat better than I do.

Rarely do I get on my soapbox but warning you here it goes. And I openly admit I'm pretty ignorant about food stamps and until this instance had never seen anyone using them.

Now I would not not consider myself well off, I'm more like working two jobs just to scrap by.  And I know that now are hard times and that sometimes people need a little help, but I also think you must be willing to help yourself. Either way I could not help staring in envy at the buggy full of groceries and the fact the couple only owed 46 cents in the aftermath.

Seriously how??

They were dressed nice and I heard them mention they had one kid and another one on the way.

Now Marine and I worry about having and being able to afford one kid here in this economy and here this couple in line in-front of me seemed to have no worries.

I glance at my shopping cart and this is what I had:

  • Ramon Noodles $0.15 a pack (I had approximately 12 packs for Marine)
  • Loaf of bread fresh from the bakery $0.90
  • Sandwich meat $3.00 
  • Bag of Chips $2.98
  • Cookie Snack Packs $2.50
  • Carton of Strawberries $2.98
  • Frozen Diners $2.50 each ( I had 3)
  • Cans of Ravioli, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti-os $1 each (on sale approximately 6 for Marine)
  •  Trail Mix $1.98 (For Marine)
  • Plastic Container of Mixed Fruit $3.50 (for Marine)
  • Pack of Twizzlers $1.50 (for Marine)
  • Pack of Chicken Breasts $4.98
Before tax that makes a total of $39.62 --- this is my food for a week! Lunches and Diners (I bought cereal last week and a box lasts me about 2 weeks) plus stuff for Marine. That's pretty frugal if I say so myself. -- and I admit I will cheat one day and skip the bagged lunch in favor of Chick-fil-a, thats my splurge. 

I watched in envy as the people ahead of me were loaded up with Watermelon and all sorts of other stuff. 

I wasn't mad per say but more confused -- both of these people looked healthy and able to work. So why the need for food-stamps? I understand that the un-employment rate is high but there are jobs out there! It may not be a job you want but its a job! There for awhile I became a jack-of-all trades trying to make ends meet so if you're looking for sympathy I may not be the best one to go to. I still struggle and live paycheck to paycheck trying to save some money each week for my "rainy day fund" but I don't complain. Ok maybe I complain at times, but still I was literally left thinking, HUH?!

And how is it that I'm working two jobs and they can afford to eat better than I do? lol 

Kinda sad isn't it?


phoebe said...

i completely agree with you! i could not have said this better myself!

btw... i just looked over at your twitter thingy on the side of the blog... AAA (triple A) is the automotive association (for when you break down and need a tow or if you need help with travel plans, etc)... you're thinking of AARP :-) that's the organization for the "older" crowd :-)

E said...

Thanks Phoebe! After I wrote this I thought maybe I shouldn't have published it - don't want to make anybody mad but........... well....... yeah! :) Lol and thanks for the clear up on AAA. haha when I got it I thought wow I went from going on 30 to going on 60 haha

Date Girl said...

Ugh, I so agree with you on the food stamps thing. I understand people are struggling right now, but the baby thing just makes me mad. If you can't afford em, DON'T MAKE 'EM. That should be a bumper sticker...

And kudos to you for being so thrifty with the groceries! Groceries are a tad more expensive in CA, but we still manage to find good deals. Cooking at home and sack lunches definitely help save money! Oh and WAHOO last care package for Marine!!!

phoebe said...

i totally agree dg! for a 50 cent condom you can save a gazillion dollars down the road, but people just don't care. i saw a real winner at the store a few weeks ago... she couldn't have been much older than me and had 6 kids with her calling her mommy. i just about died.

there are so many ways to save money. i mean i always buy stuff on sale and the local store that i use doubles coupons up to 99 cents! so for the $1.00 a week i spend on the paper, i save 10x that at least at the grocery store.

some people are just so dumb. and that drives me up a freakin wall!