Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Discovered....... And Not In A Good Way

Every anonymous blogger's worse nightmare is being discovered.

We write anonymously not because we are ashamed of what we have to say or that we want to keep it a secret. If we didn't want to share with anyone we wouldn't have a blog.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a place I could write things from anywhere that I was; work, home, on my blackberry.... anywhere. I chose to write anonymously because I'm from a small town that I greatly love but lets face it in a small town everybody knows everything about everybody { or so they'd like to think }. I wanted this to be just for me. A place I could be totally honest. I worry to much about everyone else in everyday life. I always watch what I say, cross my t's and dot my i's. I want everybody to be happy. This was my place to tell it all. To vent when something bothered me. To tell about that guy I was hung up on when I knew better but for some reason didn't care. To share the things I didn't feel comfortable sharing anywhere else.

And then I got my first comment along with my first follower. It scared the crap out of me!

Somebody was actually reading my blog.

I was surprised to say the least. Not to mention fearful that my secret would soon be discovered.

But I continued to blog. Now several years later this blog has had such an impact on my life. It is my journal; it reminds me of the hard times I have went thru along with the wonderful times. It reminds me of mistakes that I have made and triumphs that remind me no matter how difficult things may get to never give up.

And thru this blog I have made some wonderful friends. Others who write anonymously and real names are probably the only thing we don't know about each other. Good friends. The ones that email each other if they read the blog and think one is having a bad day. Or just reach out to see how things are going. Just because they are anonymous don't think for a second that they do not care.

My friend Date Girl over at The Date Girl Diaries has had a rough week. Someone that knows her has discovered her wonderful blog. She was living every anonymous bloggers nightmare.

Had it been me I would have quickly panicked thinking:

What have I written over the years?

Have I said anything that someone else might take the wrong way?

Most of my posts I would have no problem someone I know reading. But there are a few that were written while I was still worked up or upset about something and just needed to vent. And let's face it blogging is pretty much free therapy.

And some earlier posts when I was still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted out of life. The Mr. Big files -- not my finest moment but perhaps my greatest learning experience. I knew better and I knew deep down I deserved better. Yet for some crazy reason I tried to hold on to a guy that wasn't worth it. I can read back on this and see that how all the broken roads led me to Marine and that I had to travel them so that I would appreciate him and that love that we share.

Someone who knows me reading that could easily figure out my nicknames may not read it and walk away with the same understanding.

So yeah I would definitely panic if ever discovered.

Date Girl has handled it superbly with her head held high. Her wedding is just a few days away and she could use some positive comments I'm sure so please stop by her blog and leave her some comment love.

What are your thoughts on blogging anonymously?

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phoebe said...

well. seeing as i too am an AB, i fear the day that i am discovered. and like you said... it's not that i'm 'hiding' per se, but it gives me the freedom to just say what's on my mind and vent, good or bad, without being judged.

Date Girl said...

Awwww E, thank you for this post!

Yes, those were my exact thoughts-what have I written over the years that people would take the wrong way? And omg how embarrassing some of my past dating experiences have been that I've blogged about.
After talking with friends I've written about (who were all so cool about it all and agreed I should keep writing) and more importantly, after talking with you and my other bloggy friends, I feel so much better.

In fact, I'm thrilled to know I have such great true friends, even if we don't know each other's names! :-) XOXO, thanks for always being there!