Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heaven Gains An Angel

I was a junior in high school when I learned that my friends freshman brother had a crush on me. I was in denial as I had always thought of him as a little brother so I chalked up the excessive calls to friendship.

These were the first days of handheld cellphones and I was unfortunate enough not to have caller id. But at 17 who was I to complain. He would call incessantly...... and I would at times pretend to have poor service....

Me, "Hello?"

Him, "Hey."

Me realizing it's him, "Hello?"

Him louder this time, "Hey E!!"

Me, "I'm sorry I can't hear you...."

Him, "E!!"


Yeah not one of my finer moments and unfortunately after the fifth call of the day this is what I would sometimes resort to.

But he was not one to be easily deterred and I was still in denial.

Then one night the denial ended.

Girlfriend and I had rented a movie and were settling in on the couch when he walks in. Now maybe I should mention like most teenage siblings they did not get along --- fight like cats and dogs may be a better way to describe their love/hate sibling relationship. Throw me in the mix and I was often the peace-keeper or referee.

He wanted to watch the movie with us. She did not want him to. I just wanted everyone to get along (somethings never change).

The end result was Girlfriend, Myself and Him all piled on the couch watching the movie -- as peace-keeper I was seated in the middle.

At some point Girlfriend got up to go to the bathroom. The two of us are sitting on the couch watching the movie. He says something to me. I don't recall what it was but I know it was something that made me turn to look at him. I turn my head to the right and BAM!!

He kisses me.

I am frozen in shock.

Then I jump back, "What are you doing?!"

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I glance around quickly to make sure Girlfriend has not reentered the room. If she would have saw that World War III would have broken out I was sure.

He then confesses his crush.

I can no longer hide in denial but before I can say anything Girlfriend returns.

I act as if nothing has happened despite the candy-apple color I'm sure my face has taken on.

We watch the movie and at the end I quickly jump up to leave. He says he'll walk me to the door. Girlfriend looks at him weird. I say thats not necessary and I bolt.

I never told a soul. I mean how uncool to be kissed by a freshman!


What happened next?

That was over 10 years ago so I can't really remember. I do remember years of continued friendship after that though so I must have let him down gently.

In a small town like mine its true that everybody knows everybody. We've all grown up together. Some friendships fade over the years but you always look back on those fond memories and smile. The camp-outs, the parties, summers at the lake, the nights we probably all should have gone to jail but somehow miraculously didn't.

The stupid things we did that make it a wonder we made it pass the age of 18.

But somehow we did.

Over the years though I have lost more friends than I can count on one hand; all to young to have been called to heaven.

Today another angel entered into the gates of heaven. He was 25. He had been married for 3 weeks when he had an accident at work and hit a gas line that caused an explosion. The burns were to severe. My heart goes out to his wife and family. I cannot begin to imagine their pain and sorrow.

I try to always think that God has a plan for everyone but sometimes I can't help but question why.

 ~~ This Post Written In Loving Memory ~~


phoebe said...

wow. i'm so very sorry. so this was girlfriend's brother? how upsetting that so many young people have passed away. again. i'm sorry for your loss.

E said...

Thanks Phoebe and yes it was one of my girlfriends younger brothers.

Sorry "girlfriend" is a vague term I use for many people that do not have specific names in the blog.

I know I'm confusing. Sorry