Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pure Romance

Friday night I met Giggles after work and headed to Nurse-Betty's house for a Pure Romance party.

Ever been to one?

Over the years I have been to several but this was by far the best yet!

I sat crammed on the lush love-seat with Vixen and Giggles each of us inspecting the items being passed around.

Let me tell ya this party sure would have come in handy a few months back and would have perhaps aided me in making a wiser decision.

I wasn't as embarrassed as I had expected to be, perhaps 6 months of no sex will do that to ya.

The only thing that would have made the party more fun would have been cocktails  [no pun intended].

My at the selection! Oils, Lotions, Lip Glosses, Books, Games, Toys.... the list is endless.

Behind a closed door the orders were placed.

Like we really weren't going to tell each other what we ordered.

After placing our orders Giggles, Vixen and I left and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late diner. We are barely seated when Vixen blurts out, "So what did ya'll order?!"

Giggles and I laugh and we wait as the waiter sets down the salsa and chips and takes our drink order.

Giggles tells us of her less than risqué purchase.

Vixen looks at me and without even blushing I tell them.

"OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe you ordered that............ I was actually curious about that one." Vixen admits.

"Me to!" exclaims Giggles, "I can't believe you ordered it."

I shrug, "I think it'll be a good homecoming gift for Marine."

Vixen, "Uh yeah!" She munches on a chip, "when did you become the adventurous one of us?"

"I think around month four," I say with a laugh.


Date Girl said...

Haha-you've come a long way baby! Marine is going to be so proud of you!
I'm dying to know what you ordered. We call those parties Pleasure Parties on the West Coast. They're pretty funny aren't they? I can't believe the hostess didn't serve drinks. That usually loosens everyone up!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

That sounds interesting. So...are you going to tell us what you ordered? ehehehehehe

phoebe said...

such a tease... hahaha. now i'm curious what was ordered!! i haven't been to one of those parties in eons, but man oh man, they can be so much fun!!

E said...

Ok I decided to share what I bought in a TMI post today :) TMI ~ True Romance Vibe.

Hope your happy. lol