Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome To The Jungle

Last night after work I went over to visit Conscious and the new bouncing bundle of joy. Her sweet baby girl is now 6 weeks old. It seems like just yesterday that Conscious told us she was pregnant.

As I walk thru the door Conscious greets me and simultaneously slings a burp cloth over my shoulder and hands me Kloe.

"I have been pooped on and thrown up on today."

I take Kloe thinking to myself that today may not have been such a great day to wear white after all. I spread the burp cloth out a little bit and immediately Kloe spits up on me aiming for the area beyond the cloth. Luckily she misses. I wipe her mouth and she looks at me and I could of sworn she grinned at me mischievously.

"I'm so sorry!" Says Conscious handing me a fresh cloth.

"Its ok," I laugh.

"Do you mind watching her so I can start diner? I'm starving!"

"No problem," I follow her into the kitchen where I take a seat on the bar stool and Kloe lays her head on my shoulder and goes right to sleep.

Conscious looks tired and I can tell she is still adjusting to the life of a new mom.

"How's motherhood?"

"You want the truth?" She asks with a laugh.

"I'm almost scared to say it..... but yes," I to laugh.

"Its wonderful but not as easy as everyone would have you think. Or maybe it's just me. Breastfeeding is a nightmare. Apparently my body doesn't produce enough milk. And then I hear all these people that say they never had a problem. Talk about making you feel inadequate." She places some items from the refrigerator on the counter as she pauses to take a breath.

"Don't let that get to you, your a great mom," And then I say the only I thing I can think of, "That happens to horses to."

She turns to look at me, "Really?"

"Yeah sometimes horses have babies and the mother doesn't produce enough milk and you have to use a supplement."

I look of relief crosses her face, "Thats interesting........ I'm having to alternate with formula and if she has to much of the formula it makes her sick. She pooped on my today. Literally pooped on me! Gives whole new meaning to having a shitty day! She just had on a diaper and a shirt so I guess it was my fault but it came out the sides!"

I try to hold back my laughter.

"And then last night. I couldn't get her to go to sleep. Hubby sat up with me till 1 but he had to go to bed cause he had to leave at 5 for work. Her stomach was upset. I changed her diaper and about 2 a.m. I finally get her to sleep and not 10 minutes later I can tell her diaper is dirty again. I was tired I just wanted to cry. I knew as soon as I started changing her diaper she'd wake up. E, I literally thought to myself 'I wonder if I can close my eyes for fifteen minutes then change it.' Cause I knew she'd be awake then and not go back to sleep. That's a horrible thought!! I'm horrible."

"Oh Conscious you're not horrible." The happy, healthy baby in my arms proof of my next comment, "You're a wonderful mother you're just still adjusting. You'll get the hang of all of it and eventually Kloe will get a pattern."

"I know your right."

She goes on to tell me some of the other stories and ends with saying, "Giggles said I would make a great birth control ad."

We both laugh and continue to catch up as I hold the baby and she starts laundry.

Also I forgot to mention she is going to be a bridesmaid to. That makes my total number 9. We talk about the wedding, about life, and everything in between.

Two hours go by and Hubby arrives home. I pass him the burp cloth and Kloe and hug Conscious and tell her I will come back another day and help her out.

On the car ride home I try to think positive baby thoughts. I remember Nurse Betty and when her little girl was born last fall. I remember she didn't seem to have as much trouble...... I remind myself this as I reaffirm to myself that I do want kids someday.

Rachel: Oh, my God! How long has she been crying?

Monica: About a week and a half.

Phoebe: Well alright, looks like you guys have got it under control so I’m just gonna go. 
(Rachel and Monica stare) No? Really? Misery really does love company.
~ Friends ~


Date Girl said...

Isn't it crazy that everyone we know is either getting married or having babies? I feel so grown up...

As I read this, my coworker is in a meeting (she's still on maternity leave but came by the office) and asked me to watch her sleeping baby. She's chilling in her car seat sleeping and generally looking adorable. Those moments I think, I could totally be a mom. But then I read this about poo coming out of diapers and being up all night and I'm like, ehhh what's the rush? I can wait a few more years!!

phoebe said...

you are so right. everyone i know is married, getting married, has kids or is preggers. it's interesting how life makes that shift.

uch, i love babies. most days i can't wait until i have one. i mean i could certainly do without the pain and needles (i think that's what freaks me out the most!) but i'm really looking forward to that next chapter as i'm sure you gals are too.