Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Year Closer

September 1.

The beginning of my birth month.

This year I will be 28 {or 26 round 3 seeing as I have said I'll stay 26 till Marine catches up :) }.

The thought of getting older had never really bothered me before. I always assumed I would age gracefully. But the closer I get to the big three - ooo the more I realize that was all a bunch of crap!

The thought of reaching thirty is becoming something slightly short of terrifying.

The main reason being is that the closer I get to thirty the more I realize I have accomplished very little, or at least by the standards I had established as a kid.

I have a degree I don't use, a job that is well..... just that a job.

I feel as if I should still be about 23. Seriously where do all the years ago?

As one approaches thirty the question of kids always seems to arise as well; just a reminder those eggs do have an expiration date and that yours is vastly approaching.

But thats not really what all this is about. As I enter my birth month and climb the ladder closer to 30 I think back to Julie and Julia (previous post). I feel the need to set a goal to accomplish before the final date approaches.

And even though Julie did this at 29, I would like to get a jump start. Cause that way I can procrastinate awhile and then get a jump on it -- that is after all my trademark style.

But the question remains..... what do I do?

I want it to be a realistic goal

One that I with work I can achieve and that will perhaps help me out in the long run.

But what should it be?

That right now is the important question.

One that I hope to have an answer to come the end of the month.

Suggestions Welcome!

"I never really even tried. But if I'm not a New York actress, what am I? I'm a person who takes a subway from the outer boroughs to lower Manhattan office every morning, who spends her days answering phones and doing copying, who is too disconsolate when she gets back to her apartment at night to do anything but sit on the couch and stare vacantly at reality TV shows until she falls asleep. Oh God it really was true, wasn't it? I really was a secretary." 


One of The Guys said...

Turning thirty was great. Maybe it's different for a guy. I don't know. But I hear you about feeling like you haven't accomplished anything.

For me, it was more about following my dreams, and really going for something, rather than actually accomplishing anything. Really, what does that mean anyway?

So are you going for your dreams? Are you working on the things that make you happy?

At 32, I quit a great teaching gig, to be a jazz musician. It hasn't been all great that's for sure. And now, I kind of wish I had that cozy job back, but I don't regret it.

No regrets. It's cliche, but it's the best I can do here. Good luck!

phoebe said...

i think this is something we all go through as we approach the big 3-0. we think about what we have (not) accomplished and what we had dreamed about when we were young(er). you still have plenty of time before the big 3-0 to accomplish tons!! don't fret it. <>

Date Girl said...

I'm turning 26 round 2 this month and I'm terrified of the big 3-0 as well. I don't think you need to stress about kids-they will happen. :-) I had no idea Marine was younger than you! Match is 5 mons younger and he teases me all the time about it. I wish I had some suggestions for you about a goal to set. I've been thinking of setting my own. All I can say is make sure to enjoy every moment that you can!

E said...

Thanks guys for the positive comments! And GUY your right its more about having no regrets maybe than "accomplishing" something :)

And yes Date Girl, Marine is 4 years younger than me. I keep telling him I'm going to stay 26 till he catches up.

At first I wasn't sure I wanted to date him because of the age difference. But Marine is a rare find and you'd never guess he was younger. I think the fact he's younger though makes me dread getting older more though. I know that sounds stupid. I just read it and shook my head. lol