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B2B Day 3 ~ At Midnight The Carriage Turns Into A Minivan

Welcome to Day 3 of the Back 2 Blogging challenge. Todays topic is to highlight a post title you are particularly proud of. As I glanced back thru my archive I realized that my post titles are fairly lame boring -- this is something I will work on in future. A title that I find humorous comes from a more recent post so today I bring you once again: 

For those of you who are new readers I need to let you in on the fact that I'm a horse girl. And I am serious as can be when I tell you that I learned to ride a horse before I learned to walk.

It was the 80's after all. Children could ride in the front seat of the car, car-seats were only a recommendation, so my mother riding a horse with me in one of those frontside-baby-backpack-things was completely acceptable. Hey I can't be one to judge cause I'll probably do the same thing with my kid (this is an unborn kid I am referencing here so please keep your DFACS threats to yourself - thanks! lol). 

At the age of two I had my own horse and was riding completely solo. And folks I didn't have a pony - I had a padded up Tennessee Walking Show Horse. 

I had no fear.

At the same time my parents were completely cautious. They had both grown up with horses and raising and training horses was what they did for living, so growing up on a horse farm riding just came natural. 

At 5 I started showing and I was quite the cutie in my little suit if I may say so. 

This was the beginning of a life-time love affair. At the age of 10 I traded in my English Saddle and padded up show horse for a feisty palomino and barrel racing saddle. 

I'm now 27 and still an avid horse rider and still barrel racing and competing frequently. I still have that feisty palomino I got when I was 10, she is now 23 and enjoying the life of retirement. She's still feisty so don't let her age fool ya. I always say if she was an old lady with a cane you'd have to watch her; she'd be the type you'd piss off and she'd swing that cane and smack you upside the face. Feisty is perhaps an understatement.    

So months ago (before he left for deployment) Marine and I were talking wedding and making plans. The location we picked out is a horse farm. So naturally I would want to have my horse involved. 

I believe our conversation went something like this......

"I think I want to ride Horse in the wedding," I say staring out the window as we drive down the road.

"Do you really think thats a good idea?" Marine asks glancing sideways at me.

"Yeah I think it would be beautiful!" I say in that dreamy-annoying-singsong voice.

"You've seen those funniest home videos where the bride rides in on a horse right?"

The picturesque bubble above my head is popped and I turn to look at him. His eyes are focused straight ahead on the road but he is smiling. 

"Yea, I've seen those but that won't happen."

"Babe I gotta look at the odds and they just don't seem to good...." He looks over at me, "I mean you know you're a klutz and so is Horse."

"Pish, come on! Those people don't even know how to really ride! They are probably inexperienced riders and just think it will be pretty to ride in on a horse," I debate. "Besides Horse would do fine!"

"You realize your talking about the same horse that busted you in the mouth a few months back." 

Damn. Point to him.

"Yes but that was a total accident!" I'm starting to plead.

"Just as I'm sure it will be when I have to pick you up off the ground after you've flashed everyone falling off and Horse runs into the distance." 

"That would NEVER happen and you know it," I laugh.

"Well maybe not, but do you really want to take the chance?" He is laughing to.

I nod my mind pretty much made up.

We drive in silence a minute. 

"Ok you can ride horse if thats what you really want," he says.

"See I knew you would see it my way---"

He interrupts, "But if you get to ride horse we are leaving in a minivan."

My mouth drops and he just looks at me and grins.

"You wouldn't!"

"I would."

I sit there mouth still hanging open as I try to think of a comeback. I have clearly been outsmarted. 

"That's my compromise." He is grinning profusely. 

See Marine and I have a running joke about minivans. I have said I don't care how many kids we have I refuse to be a minivan mom. I'll drive the biggest SUV out there but no minivans.

Now you may be wondering why my jaw is hanging down. Where could Marine possibly get a minivan?

His best-friend's family owns a Ford Dealership. 

"I'll tell Friend not to let you have one."

He laughs, "You know that if I ask to borrow one that they'll let me."

I know he's right.

"Fine! Fine! Fine! How bout a horse and buggy?"

He thinks he's won. "That would be beautiful and I think your klutz odds stand a better chance."

I smile. Poor Marine my mind has already been working quickly and I have a plan.

So my blogger friends. There will be a horse and wagon there the day of the wedding. And my bridesmaids and mother will arrive in it.

Marine will be looking for me to also climb out of the wagon, but I won't be there. And just when everybody is wondering where I am at, the music will key and Horse and I will come riding over the hill.

In my mind its a beautiful picture as my dress flows around Horse's shiny copper penny coat. My hair styled in large loose curls will hang around my shoulders blowing softly in the breeze as horse and I make our way down to the ceremony.

Once we arrive one my Saddle Club buddies will take Horse and I will dismount and proceed to walk down the aisle with my Mom.

Also new readers - my father passed away from cancer in 2006 and my mom and I have talked about it and I would like her to walk me down the aisle. I know its not traditional but its perfect for me and my mom and symbolizes the close relationship that we share.

Marine will be grinning from ear to ear and maybe even give a slight shake of his head while laughing at the fact that I out smarted him.

But knowing Marine and knowing how well he knows me I will not be surprised if there is a mini-van hidden somewhere near by him anticipating my surprise.

It will be interesting to see. 


A few more pictures to support my argument.....
Me age 8

Me age 11

Me And Horse a few weekends ago

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