Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back To Blogging ~ Day 2 --- Mouse Hunt

Today is Day 2 of back to blogging. The topic today is to "repost a post you wish more people had read". This posed a dilemma because I had two posts come to mind { Like Thelma & Louise or The Mouse Hunt } The first because it's a classic me & my mother moment and the second because this post still makes me laugh thinking back about that night.

Since I have gained numerous new readers since Marine has been deployed I have decided to repost The Mouse Hunt so everyone can catch a glimpse of one our funniest memories. Enjoy!

{ Back story: At the time I was roommates with my best friend Vixen and my room was in the basement of the house }

The Mouse Hunt

So let me set the tone..... It's late! I mean late late! We have been at the horse show aaaaaaallllllllllll night. We (when I say we I mean myself and Marine) are tired, oh so tired. And dirty. In desperate need of a shower. It's about 3:30 in the morning when arrive at the house.
I quickly shed my clothes and head for the bathroom with only my underwear on. Marine and I are still in that honeymoon faze I guess you could say and also we're tired. Why take two showers when you can save time and take one together?? hehe.
So I head for the the bathroom first. I close the door behind me and reach in and turn on the shower. I take off my sports bra and as I'm sliding my underwear down my legs a small grey streak of lightening shoots by my foot.
The toilet lid was down (thank god) I jump on the toilet and apparently start screaming. Ok yeah I screamed and jumped up and down and the tiny mouse runs against the door bounces off and continues to repeat this pattern because he is trying to escape the ear piercing shrieks coming from me.
I hear Marine yell something at me and the next thing I know the door opens. The mouse shoots out the door and under my bed. It narrowly misses Marines foot yet he does not see it. He is looking at me concerned. I meet his eyes realizing I am still jumping up and down on the toilet with one hand over my mouth as I half screech the word mouse, the other hand pointing..... and oh yeah I'm butt naked.
He lets out a breath, "Babe you about gave me a heart attack! I couldn't get to the door fast enough!"
"I'm sorry.... it came out of nowhere....... it startled me."
By this time he's laughing, "I thought someone was in here with you! You gave three screams and not 'oh its a tiny mouse screams' they were 'I think I'm about to die screams'," he shakes his head.
I make him go open my bedroom door in hopes that while we are in the shower the mouse will make its way out of my room and into the unfinished basement. Then I planned to go by the Scarlett O'Hara theory, "I'll worry about that tomorrow."
I close the bathroom door behind because I already know that it can't make it under the door and we get in the shower. I ask what he would have done if I would have had the door locked. "Oh I would have busted it down for sure."
We get out of the shower and I leap from the bathroom to my bed and make Marine check all the nooks and crannies, you know under the bed, under my trunk, behind the TV stand, under my bookcases. Coast is clear no mouse. So I close the bedroom door and barricade the bottom with a towel.
Ok maybe that was going overboard but really could you sleep knowing a mouse may be in the bed with you??................. I didn't think so.
Marine climbs in bed and reaches over and turns off the lamp. He puts his arm around me and I snuggle down my head on his chest to go to sleep. I let out a sigh.
*****Crisssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (plastic bag noise)***************
I freeze, "Did you hear that?!"
Marine half asleep, "Hear what?"
Silence. Everything is silent except the crickets chirping outside.
"I don't hear anything......." He whispers.
"I know I heard something. It was in the bathroom," I whisper back wondering if I am really going crazy and paranoid over a tiny mouse.

We hear again. Marine stiffens, "Do not scream," he whispers as he slides over and switches on the lamp. Stealthy he slides out of bed and reaches down and picks up one of his flipflops.
A flipflop?
"Do not scream." He says again as he walks quietly toward the bathroom. He switches on the light and then goes in and closes the door.
I bury my head under the covers. Because really we all know if I see it run out I AM going to scream. I promise I'm really not a scaredy cat I just don't like things that jump out at me!
From behind the door, "Little bastards fast!" Marine exclaims.
I pull the covers down and stare intently at the closed door not really sure what is going on within. A few seconds of silence......................... "Oh shit he can climb!"
Despite the wee hour I let out a chuckle and then I hear WHACK!
"Got him???" I ask.... WTF?? Got him?
The door swings open. Marine is holding a wad of toilet paper in his hand and dangling from it is the mouse.
Marine then goes outside to dispose of the mouse and returns and washes his hands. I feel the need to wash my hands as well even though I have been no where near the mouse.
Minutes later we are once again laying in bed.
I break the silence, "I don't know if I'm impressed you killed the mouse with a flipflop or if I'm scared because that's the early warning signs of a serial killer."

Carrie, (about finding a rat in her kitchen) "At least this didn't happen in a room I actually use, like my closet."
Sex and the City ~

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Mommyof2girlz said...

Thanks for visiting today! LOVE this post. Not sure if it is because I am married to a Marine and the quote "little bastards fast" sounds like something mine would say, but the whole post kept me laughing. Oorah!