Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

Happy Labor Day!!

So its Labor Day and I'm sitting at work laboring away........ ok maybe labor is a strong word there..... in reality I chose to work today instead of taking off and going to play. 

Are you asking yourself if I'm crazy? 

I mean choose to work?!

Yeah I know. As I gaze out at the beautiful day I ask myself that question to. 

But like most things there is actually a method to my madness

Marine will be home shortly and by working today that just means I have an extra paid day I can take off later. And after 7 months, trust me, there is a lot of time to make up!

But let me tell you about my weekend. It was not all work and no play.

Friday night I went out to diner with the future in-law family. Marines family - parents, brother, sister and grandparents. Diner was delicious brick oven pizza. SO YUMMY! I am so blessed to have such wonderful future in-laws. It's funny thinking back how nervous I was to begin with when Marine and I first started dating and now I am truly part of the family. 

I hear so many stories about monster in-laws and these stories always make me thankful of the family I am to become a part of!

Saturday I loaded up Horse and accompanied my mom and one of her friends to a local state park that had special designated trails for horses. 

The weather was perfect!! Low 80's with a cool breeze blowing occasionally. 

The perfect day to go riding in the woods. 

Unfortunately our map was not quite good...... translation IT SUCKED! There were different trails you could take. All marked with signs, but some signs that were not present on our map. 

That was ok though. I was out to enjoy the day and didn't have a particular destination in mind. 

I wasn't worried about getting lost, my philosophy was - you can always go back the way you came. 

So Horse and I stopped to enjoy the coolness of the creek. A minute after this picture was taken she was sure to splash so that I could feel the coolness of the creek as well....... Horse is considerate like that, always making sure I don't feel left out

It was a wonderful afternoon and definitely a place Marine and I are going to have to visit when he's home. 

There is nothing like the hint of fall in the mountains. 

Ok enough break --- got to get back to work ;)

Happy Labor Day ~ Hope you are all having a great one!!


E said...

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods! And I am completely jealous of your labor day activities (except the working part). I wish I could have spent my day looking at the world between the ears of a horse. I used to ride when I was younger, but I don't have a horse of my own...that is on my wish list and will definitely happen one of these days!

Date Girl said...

Oh this looks like so much fun. I love the picture of Horse's ears. :-)