Friday, September 24, 2010

LOL Convo's ~ A Hollywood Moment & Rotting Eggs

Who: Me & Hollywood
Where: Sitting at a table at Girlfriends Wedding Reception

E: "Notice the farther north we go the faker the blonde hair gets?"

Hollywood looking off into space as if she hasn't heard what I've said: "Sometimes I just get the urge to slap the sh*t out of someone." she turns to me, "Do you ever feel like that?"

Hmmmmmm not sure how to respond to this but I did about fall out of my chair laughing.

Not Quite As Funny...... more panic on my part
Who: Me and Marine
Setting: Talking on the phone catching up as he waits for a flight

E: "Yeah your sister and I have really bonded while you've been gone."

Marine: "That's good."

E: "Well you know besides the whole her calling me a cougar part and telling me we need to hurry and have kids because once I'm in my 30's our kid is more likely to have problems. I think our mom's have put her up to the whole baby pressure thing."

Marine slightly laughing: "You may be right but she's right the there are some risk factors that are higher for women over 30."


My jaw is hanging open.

Marine: "Babe you still there?"

E: "Yeah."


My eyes have suddenly welled.

Marine: "You ok?"

E: "I THOUGHT SHE WAS LYING!!! Really??!! After 30 somethings going to be wrong with our kids??"

Marine in damage control soothing voice: "No, just saying that some risks do increase with age. But our kids will be fine. Your in great heath and so am I. Our kids will be fine."


Marine: "I love you."

E: "Yeah yeah my eggs are apparently rotting as we speak but I love you to." I laugh.

Marine: "Well I still love you."

E: "It's a good thing cause the 4 years we were waiting to have kids has just went down to 2."

Side note ~ So ready for him to be home!! }


One of The Guys said...

No, no, no. After 30 is totally fine.Once you're in your forties some risks increase, but even then if you're in good shape it's not terribly risky.

Stop you're worrying. Enjoy. And have kids when the time is right!

Date Girl said...

Lol, he's actually right. But relax-it'll all work out fine. That thought nags at me all the time too! Hey, 2 years is our timeline. Let's get preggers together! We got engaged together, it's only fitting. Heheh. Can't wait for Marine to be home too!! Woohoooo!