Thursday, September 9, 2010

TMI Thursday ~ Pure Romance Vibe

Aahhh it's time for another session of TMI Thursday. A post in which you will probably wish you wouldn't have read and I'll pretend like I never wrote. {Thanks Lilu for opening the door for me to embarrass myself for a purpose!}

A couple weeks ago I wrote this post about attending a Pure Romance party and received several comments wanting to know what exactly it was I purchased cause if you remember a previous post on a similar topic I was a total prude........


There I sat squished comfortably on the love seat with Giggles and Vixen. 

Giggles seemed intent listening to all the informative information the lady was saying; Vixen on the other hand was taking each vibrator that came her way, turning it on high and messing with the other settings. Then passing each to me along with her opinions on them.

Need I mention we were actually marking in the book with stars next to the products we liked. 

And then I hear "eeeeewwwwww".

I stop messing with the edible cream I have in hand and turn to Vixen. 

"Hold your hand out," she instructs. 

I hold my hand out and she slips the ring around it and then presses the button on the remote she has in hand.

We know have Giggles full attention as well.

"Nice," I nod my head.

"Wait for it...." She presses another button.

The vibrator has kicked into high gear. 

"Wow," I have no other words.
It's turned off and we all three make marks in our books next to the Jelly C-Ring ~ "the ultra-soft Jelly C-Ring with seven {SEVEN} revolutionary variations of pulsating vibration..."

To pleasure him and her according to the Pure Romance Lady and from what my hand felt I think I can vouch to the accuracy of her statement.

I was sold.

The only one of the three of us brave enough to order it. Yeah me! Who'd have thought?!

Six months of no sex will make you think outside the box apparently.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Side note: After reading Simone over at Skinny Dip's post about the We-Vibe I went into this party with the idea I'd buy something for Marine and I (I mean what better way to say HAPPY HOMECOMING). The We-Vibe sounded interesting so I was bummed at her bad review of it. But also totally amazed cause I didn't know such things existed.

I think I'm becoming less of a shy prude. 

Miranda: "What's the big deal? In 50 years men are gonna be obsolete anyway. I mean, already you can't talk to them, you don't need them to have kids with, you don't need them to have sex with anymore, as I've very pleasantly discovered."

Samantha: "Uh oh, sounds like somebody just got their first vibrator."

Miranda: "Not first, ultimate. And I think I'm in love."

~ Sex and the City ~


Date Girl said...

YAY!! I'm so proud of you! C rings are the best-especially the vibrating ones. Brown chicken brown cowwww! ;-) Marine is going to be thrilled.

One of The Guys said...

Love it! I've found that these types of parties work out well for both the woman and the man!

phoebe said...

yeah i have something similar... and i have to tell you... once the boy got over his stage fright, it was a fun time :-)

between this and the new undies... you're set for a 'fun' time, haha