Monday, October 4, 2010

Homecoming ~ Deployment is OVER!

The days leading up to homecoming were a roller coaster.

He's coming home.

No he's not.

He's coming home.

No he's not.

Within a 24 hour time span the arrangements changed so many times it made my head spin.

Why, you ask? In case you missed the weather channel this past week the east coast was taking a hit from some major storms. All of which could have had an affect on the flight schedules.

The first call I received was that Marine's flight would be delayed due to the storms. So instead of them being on base by 7:30pm they were now scheduled for 10:30pm. Just a few hours no big deal.

Then I hear word that if the storms don't let up the flight will be canceled completely and that they wouldn't fly in till Saturday. 

Hearing that was kinda like taking a blow to the stomach. I mean the excitement has built up. It's been 7 months. It was disappointing news to hear. But the realistic side of me knew (and understood); I'd have rather them flown in on Saturday if the storms were bad instead of them trying to make it home and the plane crashing or something crazy. 

I awake Thursday praying the entire time the storms will let up so that the guys can make it home. 

Flights are still a go but I wait all day on pins and needles knowing that in the Marine Corps no plan is ever definite. 

Marine's family and I try to pass the time by going and watching a movie ~ we saw You Again. Very funny! I'd definitely recommend it. During the movie my phone rings and a number I don't know flashes across my screen. I quickly hit the answer button and flee the theater. 

It's Marine. They've landed in Maine. HUGE sigh of relief!! He says that so far things look good and that they should be home as planned. 

A few hours later I hear word that they are back at Cherry Point. Which is the base they land at. Just a few more hours and I'll get to see Marine. I'm beside myself excited at this point

Marine-Sis accompanies me to check into the hotel Marine and I will staying his first night back. Marine's one requirement was a garden tub so in order to get that I had to book the Presidential Suite. 

Main Room (Fireplace is in the corner & Marine-Sis is in the chair watching TV)

The Bedroom
And of course I brought Champagne to celebrate

Marine-Sis takes one look at the room and says, "You better come home pregnant."

No joke that is really what she said. Of course I tell her no way not happening! 

We proceed to get ready in which I drive her crazy..... 

E: Does my make up look ok? 

Marine-Sis: Yes.

E: How bout these jeans?

Marine-Sis: Yes.

E: What about the shirt? You sure this looks ok?

Marine-Sis: Yes.

E: How bout the belt?

Marine-Sis turns and walks out of the room.......

That night Marine's family and I meet up with some of Marines-Roommates Family and a few others for diner. Over diner one of the girl's receives a call saying that the gate to base has closed and no one is allowed on base or off base due to flooding. 

She goes into a fit that can only be described as panic. 

Surprisingly I remain calm. It's still early we have plenty of time for the water to drain before we are to arrive at base for homecoming. 

Rumors start to run rampant (another thing the military is known for thanks to gossipy wives). Thru the grapevine we hear that if the roads remain closed we won't be allowed to meet the guys till the following morning. 

I still think positive having learned this rumor game early on. Until you receive official word all things are still go.

Marine-Roommates wife and I head to base and are allowed on easily. Yes we had to detour due to some roads being closed but we made it. I took back roads till I found the base stables and then used it as my marker to find where we needed to go. 

It was pointed out that only me would know where the base stables is and that only me would be able to find Marine's barracks from it. Sometimes being a horse girl pays off :)

We arrive at the gym a little after 9.....

and we wait.

and we wait some more.

and we wait some more.

The entire time I stare at the door. Just waiting for him to magically appear thru it. 

Midnight rolls around and still nothing. 

I drink a Coke and try to stay awake. At this point my butt has long since gone numb and all of us are looking a little tired. 

Finally at around 1:30am we are told they are on the buses and heading our way.

It's like everybody gets a second round of energy and excitement.

And then we wait some more.

And some more.

Finally around 3am it is announced the buses are pulling in.

I rise and hurry, along with my small group of family and friends, to line up. We have to wait for formation and them to be dismissed. So I stand at the edge of the line waiting as patiently as I can for that first glimpse.

My eyes are still staring at the door. 

Then I see them coming thru door, a mass of camo and faces.  

And then I spot my Marine and my heart leaps as we lock eyes.....

To be continued......


besswess said...

Awww! I can't imagine the feeling. I am so happy for you! When the guy I was dating came home from deployment, I was so happy to finally see him.

phoebe said...

yay!!!!!!!!!! i'm so happy for you. i am totally teary right now!!

i'm so happy marine is home in one piece and now you two can start your new life together... and know that there will never be another deployment :-)

Nicole said...

So even though I watch a lot of General Hospital and am very familiar with how the whole Friday cliffhanger thing works, there are two things I need to remind you of. One, it's not Friday. Two, I don't like cliffhangers!

At least I'm pretty sure this is moving toward a very happy ending... Yay! I'm so happy you've made it past this big step!

Date Girl said...

OH man! You're worse than me. To be continued?! That wait must have felt like ten excited your man is finally home. :-)