Monday, October 11, 2010

Homecoming ~ The Final Chapter

So I came back to the real world and out of my "homecoming bliss bubble" this past Wednesday.

But before I can tell you more I got to finish telling you about the trip.

To sum it up it was fantastic!!! But you already knew that.
Tropical Storm Nicole - Google Images

I had booked us a place on base to stay. Right on the beach. Same place we stayed during his deployment week.

But remember that awful tropical storm Nicole? Yeah she had other plans for us.

The roads to the lodge were damaged by the flood waters caused by Nicole. We find this out Friday evening when we go to check in. Upon calling we are told that the roads will be open the next day after 10am.

It's just one night so Marine and I decide to stay in his barracks room since no one is there anyway.

So we spent that night snuggled close in the twin bed.

The next morning we wake up and throw what few items we had brought up into the back of the 4Runner. It's exactly 10am so we decide to give them a little more time just in case. We run to Dunkin Doughnuts and grab a quick breakfast then make our way to the side of the base the lodge is.

All roads closed. Still.

Oh well. We return to the barracks, shower and head out to enjoy the day.

It was Saturday, the day we enjoyed the Seafood Festival.

On the way back from the festival Marine calls the lodge check-in.

Roads are still closed.


One more night in the barracks. Could be worse. At least we're together.

Sunday we awake and once again try to make it out to the lodge. Roads closed. We are told of a back way to get there.

I wish I could tell you it worked......

And it may have except Marine had to report for work at 8:30 the next morning and this "detour" would mean that he would have to leave around 6 to be there in time and to beat traffic.

He politely asked if we could cancel our reservation. Luckily the lady was in a gracious mood and canceled our reservation and credited us back the money we had already paid for the week.

So now what?

We both can't help but laugh. True to form our luck is still the same as it was before he left.

We get ready at the barracks before meeting his family to eat brunch at Cracker Barrel before they left to go back home.

After which Marine and I are driving along and agree will check into the first hotel we come to.

Bad Idea.

The first hotel we came to was a My Hotel (which I'd never heard of) and the sign advertised standard rooms for $59 a night.

Not to bad and the outside looks decent so Marine pulls into the parking lot.

We get out and hand in hand walk into the lobby.

I can immediately tell this is not going to be good.

I squeeze Marine's hand in a 'lets turn and run' gesture which he must confuse as a 'I can't wait to get up to the room' gesture.

Before I can backpedal Marine is at the front desk and booking a room for three nights.

I sigh and turn to go get the bags.

I reenter the hotel with our suitcase and my computer bag just as the clerk is handing Marine a key.

We proceed to the elevator and ride it to the 2nd floor.

"You missed the heath score didn't you?" I ask.

"What was it?"


"Well the outside looked nice..... as long as the rooms clean it'll be ok," he replies obviously not getting what the health score means.

He unlocks the door to our room and pushes it open for me to enter first. Except we both just stand there in the doorway staring.

Now I've stayed in some less than stellar hotels over the years, I've slept in a horse trailer, we go camping, and Marine has spent the past 7 months sleeping on a cot in the desert---- our standards aren't real high.

Hesitantly we both enter and I keep a hold of my stuff reluctant to set it down.

"It could be worse," I say trying to sound positive.

The room is about 90 degrees, Marine walks around the bed and flips on the AC. A cloud of dust comes billowing out and a smell that can only be described as awful.

I see the romantic images I had pictured in my mind slowly drifting away.

I go to turn down the comforter on the bed thinking I'd rather sit on the clean sheet than the probably not so clean comforter.

"UGH!" I gasp/groan/screech.

The bed is far from clean. We'll just leave it at that.

"We're not staying here," Marine states.

"Thank god!" I hug him in relief.

I replace the comforter on the bed, Marine switches the AC off and we exit the room.

I head for the car and leave Marine to explain why we are checking out not 5 minutes after we checked in.

Sometime later he climbs in the driver-seat and in response to my unspoken question, "The guy didn't know how to refund us. He said he would have to charge us for at least one night but a girl came up and said she knew how to do it so they gave us a refund."

Huge sigh of relief, "I'm sorry, you know I'm not high maintenance and I would have stayed there if we had to but..."

"I know," Marine laughs and pats my leg, "But that was pretty bad."

We went the safe route and headed for the hotel we had stayed at the first night. The standard room was more expensive but totally worth it!!!

Monday morning Marine reported for his day of classes and I spent some time hanging out.

When he got off work we traveled a little way up the coast to eat lunch at a quaint little restaurant on the water and afterward we walked a few blocks to our favorite coffee shop/pub and ordered desert and a beer. The desert was chocolate decadence --- which is to die for --- hot brownie with a crispy crust and soft center that has hot fudge in it and this is topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Its wonderful!!

After that we took a few picture on the pier and again I'm sure Marine questioned as to why he had ever given me a tri-pod.

If it ever shows up missing I will know who to blame.

Stuffed we decide to walk the streets and admire some of the beautiful seaside homes.
I LOVED this front door
It was a great day and Marine and I enjoyed some time to ourselves.

Tuesday while he was at work I met up with NorthernGirl - she is a fellow Marine spouse and we became friends during deployment since Marine and her Marine were together.

We ate breakfast while the guys were at work and then drove down to the beach. We walked and talked as we soaked up the sunshine, looking for neat shells and sharks teeth.

From the storms the beach was littered everywhere with shells. More shells than perhaps I had ever seen.

We found several beautiful ones along with a sharks tooth and part of a sand-dollar.

We also found a victim of the storm.... a poor octopus that had been washed a shore. Having never seen one outside of an aquarium I admit I was saddened but also amazed. And I did stand and study it for maybe a moment longer than I should have.

After work Marine and I ran errands taking care of things he needed to get while I was there and he had a car to use. That night we stayed in at the hotel and just relaxed and enjoyed a lazy night of watching TV.

The next morning (Wednesday) I dropped Marine off at base and then begin my drive home.

It sucked leaving but the days have passed quickly and I am about to leave now to go pick him up from the airport! 2 weeks of post-deployment leave begin today!!!

And needless to say I'm looking forward to it! :)


Date Girl said...

Aww, bummer about the crap weather. But you had the right attitude-at least you were together!
That's awesome that he has 2 weeks of leave. I guess that answers my previous question-so he's not done with the Marines yet. So when do you both get to move in together and stop this distance thing? I bet you're dying to get to that next step. You've been patient this long though, and you've made it through deployment. You guys can handle anything now!!

phoebe said...

even with yucky weather you made the best of it and i'm sure had a wonderful time. after all. you were with your marine!

after his 2 week post deployment thing, when can he start his leave which will lead up to him exiting marine life?

E said...

Thanks Date Girl! I answered your question on another post -- sorry for the delay response. He's in till March.

But yep we'll make it. Just glad to have the deployment down.

And thank you Phoebe!! He has leave but then will return to base till March :(