Thursday, October 28, 2010

In My World A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

The time since Marine came home has passed in a blur.

Always on the go that Marine of mine.

I swear I don't think he really knows how to just sit back and relax. He' always got to be doing something.

Saturday was his first time to slow down. I had a horse show and weather be guilt or the desire to show support he came with me. He was patient and even if he was bored at times he never let it show. He must have been a good luck charm for me and Miss B! Out of our four events we placed 1st in three and 2nd in the other.

1st in Texas Barrels, 1st in Arena Race, 1st in Poles, and 2nd in Cloverleaf Barrels.

On The Takeoff
We were on a role and left the show that night with a lot more money than we showed up with (which is always a plus).

Sunday was engagement photo day.... And I had several over the top creative ideas....

I took pictures of Blondie and her fiancĂ©e and she took pictures of Marine and I. 



I think the total count was around 900...... so as you can imagine I have not edited them or even looked thru all of them yet. Hey I've told you I take lots of pictures.....

Afterward the four of us went to lunch at a local BBQ place one of our friends owns and that has the best BBQ around. Lunch was delicious and I think the guys were just relieved that "picture day" was over.

After lunch we parted ways and Marine and I went and got the dog and decided to go for a short hike.

Marine, Heidi, Me

River the trail went by
Heidi and her backpack
This crossed our path and I was ready to turn around!
By the end of the 4 mile hike I was ready for ice cream. I mean burn it all off, gotta add some back on. Where better to get ice cream than Dairy Queen. I sat out on the swing by the river and waited with Heidi as Marine went in for ice cream cones. Other people were enjoying the beautiful day by sitting outside at the picnic tables. Everyone admired Heidi and complimented me on how sweet and beautiful she is. As Marine approached with the ice cream cones and gave one to Heidi everyone really oohhhed and awed.

And me? Well I had to laugh as Heidi inhaled her vanilla soft-serve kiddie cone.

Monday and Tuesday I took off work to spend time with Marine while he was home - also Tuesday was Marine's birthday. We planned on taking the horses and going trail riding.

Mother Nature had other plans because it rained both days.

That was ok though. We went riding back-roads up in the mountains Monday.

Due to the storms we came upon several places where trees had fallen down....

Marine moved them out of the way and we would continue on.

We are enjoying the ride talking about where we are going to eat lunch, etc. Then we come upon this:

And this is what Marine did:

Yeah we had been riding backroads about 3 hours and were about 3 miles from the end. SSSSOOOO obviously we couldn't move this tree. So we turned around.

But it wasn't so much about the destination as it was the ride. 

At this point the better part of the day was gone but that was ok. We went home curled up and ate White-Bean-Chicken Chili and watched Band of Brothers. 

May not have been a productive day. But it was an enjoyable one!

Four hundred miles to go 

A good song on the radio 
Makes the time go by 
It doesn't matter where we go 
There's something new to see 
It's not the destination that holds 
A thrill for me 
It's the ride......

~ Sugarland ~

More to come....


phoebe said...

great pictures! you live in such a beautiful area :-)

happy birthday marine! (when is yours?)

Date Girl said...

Your engagement shoot looked like fun. What kind of camera do you have? It takes beautiful pictures!

I love drives like that, Match and I used to take them a lot. Enjoy every minute of your leave time together, I know you are!