Friday, October 29, 2010

Plain Jane Tears Down The Apple Tree

Fact #57 about me: I don't branch out much.

I don't branch out much.

There I've said it.

I'm a creature of habit.

I'm the person that goes to the same restaurant and orders the same thing every week.

If I like something I don't see the need for variation.

Call me Plain Jane if you will.

One of the things I appreciate about Marine is his encouragement of me to try new things. Normally I just try whatever it he's having but sometimes I get a little brave and order things like this:

Tuesday was Marine's birthday and I had taken off work to spend the day with him. We went to the Brewery for lunch and I had a turnkey sandwich on some kind of German bread with apple butter, cheese and granny smith apples. 

Not only did I branch out.... I took down the whole dang apple tree! lol

The first few bites were good but after that it was a little to sweet. But points to me for trying something new.

The weather was still rainy so the plans Marine and I had for hiking were swept away.

So we ended up riding around more and visited a Trout Hatchery.

When entering the hatchery this was the sign that was posted..... it makes me laugh hysterically for some unknown reason:

Doesn't it read like something you'd see when entering a strip club??

Not that I've ever been to a strip club...... ahem, ahem -- moving on....

The day was great. Just like all the days during Marine's leave though it seemed to pass way to fast.

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Date Girl said...

Yum, apples and cheese are always a good combination. Heheh, love that sign. Kind of want to steal it for my room, for when I'm not in the mood. ;-)