Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Versatile and Stylish!!! Who Knew?!

Anytime I find out I've received an award I immediately drift off into the dreamworld where I am in a stunning black dress and walking up on stage to receive my award and give my thank you speech. But then I trip (yep I'm even clumsy in my dreamworld) and I snap back to reality. 

Thank you R over at Romancing Rachel who has presented me with the two following awards:


Thank you so much Rachel for awarding me with both of these awards! I always enjoy reading your comments and reading your blog as well! :)

Now with every award comes a set of rules..... lucky for me both rules are about the same!


1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass it along to 7  blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

Once again thank you to R over at Romancing Rachel!

At this point I think you all know me pretty well. But I still may have a few pieces of dirty laundry laying around I'm sure.... So here goes, 7 NEW things you may not have known about me!!

  1. Sonograms creep me out. ------ Strange. I know.  If it's someone I'm close to it doesn't bother me so much. But when people I haven't seen since like high school post sonogram pics on Facebook....... I don't know..... it just........ welllllllllllllllllllllllll.............. creeps me out
  2. Don't think I've ever admitted it out loud but after the first weekend I knew Marine was the man I would spend the rest of my life with. Call it crazy and I never told anyone but I actually had a dream a few weeks before he made it back from Iraq and when we actually went out I knew. Crazy. I know. That's why I never told anyone. 
  3. I want everything neat and orderly ----- have you looked at the top of my blog lately? I even categorize my life!! Yes, I have 2 other blogs. The deployment one was so I wouldn't drive all of you crazy. See I'm nice. I need to keep it up now that I feel I can talk about it without jinxing myself. I learned alot that I would like to share with others it may help.
  4. For lent this next year I have decided to give up Dr. Pepper for 30 days. So when you flip on the news and see a short girl thats gone crazy..... yeah that'll be me. 
  5. I cannot keep a plant alive. Instead of green thumb I was born with a red thumb.
  6. I would cut my hair off short if I didn't fear it would make me look 15.
  7. My mind goes blank every time I have to come up with a certain number of things  (like this list). Blank. Every time

So now I have to pass along the awards!

    I would like to award The Versatile Blogger award to the following:

    Now not saying the girls above aren't stylish! But to split it up I would like to award the following the stylish blogger award: 

    A Marine's Babe over @ Long Distance Love


    Nicole said...

    Oh yay! These always make me smile, thanks! :) And keep your eyes out, I've got a trifecta of blog posts about ready to post that include my new dating adventures... with a sex therapist. Oh yeah, good times ahead!

    Birdie said...

    Thank you!! Made my Friday:)

    Date Girl said...

    Thanks lady. I'm sad that I'm not stylish. ;-) Jk! I'm with you on the sonogram pictures. What's more creepy to me are bare belly pregnant pictures. I love bump pics with clothes on but the ones where they are practically naked? GROSS!! I mean beautiful and lovely for the couple, but I do not need to see a girl I barely know from high school half nekked with her boobs almost showing. Bleck. I promise to NEVER do that on my blog.

    E said...

    Your welcome girls I <3 all of your blogs!!