Monday, November 22, 2010

Pass The Torch Please

Friday after work I headed to AT&T for a little early Christmas present to myself.
I think I've said before that my old Blackberry Pearl was dying...... that puts it mildly. It had lived a long life and was just barely hanging on. So before we reached the rather eminent bedside death scene, I decided to end its suffering and I upgraded to the new Blackberry Torch.

I LOVE IT! It's touch screen but also has a keyboard - best of both worlds. And it has a great camera (well anything was better than old Pearl).

Such a great present to myself! Marine and I have been on a budget-diet since his return from deployment. We are trying to save as much as we can so that when he gets out we'll have money to pay our bills till he finds a job. So when I told Marine I was getting a new phone even though he didn't say it, I knew he didn't really see the point. 

Marine is not a techie-person and therefor seemed to think even at $99 Torch was a wasted expense. Let's just say I sent him a few pics that made him change his mind. He may now be the biggest fan Torch has. 
Hey don't judge, you got to keep the romance alive somehow when your separated by 500+ miles

Friday evening Vixen, Babbles and I had a movie and pizza night ~ Little Caesars pizza and Date Night

It was nice to sit around and play catch up with my friends. 

The pizza was good, the conversation was good, and the movie was hilarious. 

If the movie wasn't already good this would have totally made it a great movie on any charts....

Saturday was Marine-Sis's 16th Birthday. I met her and Marine-Mom early and headed to the mall for a day of shopping with them.
I was along to window shop seeing as I had spent my 'blow' money of the week (ok month).  I think Marine-Sis went in each and every store there was.

Whole new meaning to shopped till we dropped. 

When I walked in the door at 8 pm I headed straight for my bed where I crashed and didn't move till the next morning.

Awe to be 16 again.

But to know what I know now.

Natalie[after throwing a gob of spaghetti at him] I'm NOT THE ONE FOR YOU!?
Ted: I, I'm sorry I thought that was the mature thing to do, I...
Natalie: It's my birthday!
Ted: Yes, I know it's just...
Natalie: It's my birthday, and you're telling me I'm not the one for you?
Ted: It's no big deal. It's odd, like you lost the lottery-
Natalie: Oh, so dating you's like winning the lottery? [Ted stammers] So what's the problem?
Ted: I can't explain.
Natalie: Try!
Ted: Well, it's just ineffable.
Natalie: Oh, so I'm not 'F-able'?
Ted: No, no, no, ineffable means it can't be explained.

~ How I Met Your Mother ~


miss_kay said...

Lol @ Marine being the biggest Torch fan. Cute! Very cute & I totally agree with you. Gotta find a way to keep the romance alive.

On a side note, I want the torch, but my provider doesn't carry it :( Boo

Enjoy missy!!!

Date Girl said...

No judging here! I think that's awesome. :-) And so jealous of the BB torch. I've got the newest curve that has the touchpad but it's not that great. I would love a torch.

I could not shop til I dropped. I really hate shopping, but I sort of remember liking it when I was younger. Maybe because I was a fabulous size 3 and never had to worry about things like love handles. ;-)

phoebe said...

congrats on your new phone. this time next year i'm up for a new phone... do you like your blackberry? i'm teetering between blackberry and droid. i mean i still have a year, but i'm still asking around :-)

and yay for you. presents to you from you are most certainly the best!

haha. i had a shopping experience like that with my brother last week. made me realize no wonder his gf loves him so much, hahaha.

E said...

Oh Miss_Kay the torch is so good you may have to switch! lol

Date Girl I agree - I'm not the shopper I once was lol

And Phoebe I love the Torch but I was like you deciding between the blackberry and driod. I liked the driod but stuck with Blackberry because I'm familiar with them and always had good luck with my blackberries :)