Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spending Veterans Day Weekend With My Favorite Veterans

Since this past week was Veterans day Marine received a 72 this past weekend which gave him just enough time to drive home for a long weekend. He brought two of his Marine friends with him; Roommate and Harry.

Both Roommate and Harry are northern city boys per say, so Marine was looking forward to introducing them to country living.

Their country experience included (but was not limited to):

  • Deer Hunting
  • Learning how to shoot a shot gun
  • Horseback riding
  • Riding 4-Wheelers
  • Hiking
Before bringing them home Marine and I had a conversation similar to the following:

E, "So what do you plan to take them to do?"

Marine, "I plan on taking them hunting one morning."
E, "Have either of them ever been hunting before?"
Slight pause
Marine, "Besides Taliban? ....... No."

Needless to say neither of the guys was much for getting up before sunrise to traipse out in the woods to then just sit and wait for a deer to come along.

I can't really say that I blame them.

Other than that we took them hiking at the state park thats less than 15 minutes from the house. Despite the fact it's that close it had been years since I had been hiking there.

After that we stopped by the barn and I let both of them ride one of the horses. They both did good for beginners but weren't brave enough to attempt a short trail ride yet.

During the trip I think they ate more food than the normally would in a week!! Southern Fried chicken, BBQ, wings, fried oreo's, mexican ---- you name it.

Marine's grandmother insisted on cooking breakfast one morning for all of us. And who can turn down a grandmother's home made biscuits? We couldn't!

It was a fun and beautiful weekend!

And because it's still November and I still have bloggers block (my version of writers block) I'm going to post some pictures from the weekend and let them do the talking.

Old Fort We Hiked To

Marine and Heidi - Exploring the World Together

Let's go for the overlook....

Beautiful view!

King of The World

Queen of The World
Hiking Trails
Lots of Rocks

Fall Colors


R said...

I love that he said they have never hunted anything but the Taliban. And hmmm....if Marine has cute, single, mature friends think he'd send them my way? LOL!

phoebe said...

great pictures!! it's so pretty where you live!!

that was funny about the list of country things to do... i don't blame them for wanting to sleep in instead of going after bambi :-)

Date Girl said...

I miss hiking so much! I can't wait to go again. Hope the boys had fun out in the country! Sounds like a blast to me.