Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving In Heaven

I am thankful for the people in my life but at the holidays I can't help but feel sad because I miss the loved ones who are no longer with us. I have a relatively small family, one that seems to get smaller every year. I have a large distant family, but they are scattered all over the country and many I've never met. 
I miss Thanksgivings of my childhood. 
This year I am thankful for my Mom, my Granddaddy and my Step-Grandmother and Marine and his wonderful family I will soon marry into. 
One this day I will be with family but can't help but imagine the Thanksgiving that is going on up in heaven.

It's a small farm. A simple white farm house, surrounded by flourishing pastures and serene mountains. An old barn can be seen in the distance of the house. 

Horses graze freely - there are no fences in Heaven.

The outside is peaceful and inviting. Yet from the front yard you can hear the hustle and bustle from within.

My Grandmother will be making my favorite dressing - you know the recipe she took to the grave with her. She'll think about that as she pulls it out of the oven. She'll smile an innocent smile, when in fact she knows it's true and knows she did it intentionality because NO ONE was allowed to make better dressing than her. 
My Grandma will be putting the finishing touches on the desert. On earth she was a diabetic but in heaven she will be able to finally eat all the wonderful deserts she bakes. 

Grandmother and Grandma will be talking as they set the food up around the kitchen. 

My Dad will be sitting at the table, sipping on un-sweet tea (because he seems to not realize that since we are from the south we drink only sweet tea) and chatting with my Grandpa. 

Grandmother will announce that diner is ready.

Dad and Grandpa will follow the delicious smell to the warm and inviting kitchen. The food will be displayed on the counters and each will grab a plate and make their way around dishing up along the way. Once their plates are full they will return to the table where they will join hands and Grandpa will ask the blessing.

I imagine as they sit down to eat we here on earth will also be sitting down to eat. They will be looking down on us. Watching over us. And even though they may no longer sit at the table beside me I know they are there with us.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

*Photos taken from Google Images*


hellotaylor said...

What a beautiful post :) I miss the Thanksgiving of my childhood too, my family seems to be moving further and further away. It always makes me sad when I think about it.

phoebe said...

hope you had a nice thanksgiving!