Monday, December 27, 2010

Do It Yourself Bridesmaid Gifts ~ Do or Don't

I am all about some do it yourself projects lately. Why I'm not really sure.....

I like being creative, but the natural klutz in me though sometimes makes it difficult.

When it comes to wedding stuff I like the idea of do it yourself projects that can be personalized. Not to mention they seem to be more budget friendly.

I have 9 bridesmaids plus a few helpful friends I want to give gifts to. That can add up pretty quick! I want to give them a gift that's thoughtful and they would enjoy. Below are a few do it yourself ideas I came across when searching Google Images.

With each of these gifts I would get some small items to accompany the gift. But let me know what you think!

Flowerpot of gifts
SHARE YOUR BRIDESMAID GIFT(s) IDEAS! :  wedding gifts diy favors bridesmaids Gatheredclutchbricks
DIY Bridesmaid Letters :  wedding bridesmaid gift diy houston Img 17301 IMG_17301
Fabric Letter of the Bridesmaid initial

Another idea for coasters
Home made bath salt

I like the bath-salt idea because it uses mason jars which I will be using already in the wedding. Kind of a nice way to tie things together perhaps. If I did this idea I would make each gift like a spa kit or something.

Vote and tell me what you like!!


Date Girl said...

I think they are all nice, but the bath salts feels the most practical, and I love that it ties in with your theme. Plus if you have left over mason jars you can decorate with them at the wedding.
Do it yourself gifts are always better in my opinion. I'm excited to read a lot more wedding posts from you in the new year! :-)

phoebe said...

i love homemade items. the clutch would also be useful. what girl doesn't like a new clutch? would you be making them? or buying from etsy (or another crafty website of sorts).