Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis The Season ~ Let The Holiday Madness BEGIN!

Marine arrives today for the holiday season!

And from there our schedule is packed. Christmas Eve with his family, Christmas Day with mine, Sunday other side of his family and then Monday..... oh Monday. That is when it becomes E and Marine time.

I'm riding with him back up to base and staying for the week! I am so excited and so glad that I worked all those holiday's this year so I could have extra paid time off.

Now we have no exciting plans for the week but it will be some great "us" just relax time. He will still have to work during the day but I have some friends up there that I can hang out with. Plus I'm familiar with the area enough now to go out on my own and go shopping or whatever.

For New Year's Roomie's wife is flying out from California and we plan on going out with some other friends. Looking forward to a fun trip.

While I'm gone I have several posts scheduled to run. Hope you enjoy them :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!! See you next year!!


R said...

Sounds like you'll have a heck of a holiday season. Hope it all goes well!

Date Girl said...

Good! So glad you and marine will get some much needed couple time. Have a happy Christmas and enjoy your one year engagement anniversary aka new years! :-)

phoebe said...

i hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your man. can't wait to hear all about it :-)