Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Kindle Or Not To Kindle? That is The Question.....

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I love to read! LOVE IT! I read everyday and more often than not even carry a book in my purse just in case I get stuck in a drivethru or what-not. Hey you never know.

I read in the morning while I eat breakfast (if it's a good book). I read while enjoying a bubble bath..... the list is endless here. 

You would think this would have made me jump on the Kindle bandwagon already. But I haven't. I have never even really wanted one.


Maybe because I like the feel of a book in my hands. The printed words there on the page. The page turning that comes along with a good thriller. Maybe it's seeing the colorful collection on my bookcase.

Ok enough kidding here. My favorite place to read is while relaxing in a good hot bubble bath. Especially in the cold winter months. And bubble baths and electronics don't mix.

With the holiday season approaching I keep seeing ads for the Kindle and the Nook. Along with many others. And I've gotten curious. And I want your feedback!

Do you have one?

What do you think? 

Small, cute and convenient. 1000's of books in the palm of your hand! But what happens when these take over. What happens to book stores? Some of my favorite wasted time is wandering around Barnes & Noble looking for a new read. 

Yeah I'm just not sold.....

Woman: So, what did everybody think?

Lynette: I thought the character of Madame Bovary was ... very inspirational.
Woman: Inspirational? She poisons herself with arsenic.
Lynette: Really?
Woman: You didn't read until the end?
Lynette: I stopped after page 50.
Woman: Am I the only one who read the book?
Susan: I saw the movie. It was really good.
Woman: Ladies! I'm sorry, but wh-wh-what is the point of having a book club if we don't read the book?
~ Desperate Housewives ~


E said...

I have a kindle and I absolutely love it. But it will never take the place of real books. Bookstores make me happy and if I have to ever be trapped somewhere I want it to be a bookstore. Used bookstores have the smell of books well loved. And a kindle and a bath are not the best idea. I read books the "old fashioned" way and on the kindle.

I like the kindle though because if traveling, you can have lots of books with you without the bulk. If there is a book you are kind of interested in but don't really need it to add to any collection, read it on the kindle. And if you decide you absolutely love the book, go out and buy it for your shelf. I have multiple copies of some books just because I love it so much and that isn't any different than a kindle version and paper version. Also you can sometimes get free books for the kindle and who doesn't love a free book.

R said...

I'm like you. Love books, always have one on me. And usually at least one in the car in case I end up stuck somewhere. I thought I'd love the Kindle until my roommate got one and I hated it! It doesn't feel the same way a book does. And I read fast so it makes me crazy when the pages don't upload as quick as I'd like. I imagine it's great for traveling, but to me, I'll keep my books.

Bethany said...

I'm exactly the same as you. I also love to read, but love the actual BOOK. I'm not sold either, even though other readers tell me they love it. Another thing that bugs me is that I get about 99% of my books from the library and buying every book I read would drain my bank account in a second!

phoebe said...

i say no kindle. no nook. keep at it with the real books... i'm like you. i could just wander around b&n or borders or even the library for a long time. i love holding a book. i love flipping the pages. plus i like borrowing books from the library (free!) as well as going on an amazon spree and filling up my bookshelves.

you know the saying...

just say no!