Saturday, December 10, 2011

How Many Bottles Does One Baby Need?

The Sunday after Thanksgiving Vixen and Giggles insist we spend a girl's day going to register for baby stuff.

Marine and I had already created a registry at Target at Giggles instance we "get on the ball". But the nearest Baby's R Us is over an hour away so we hadn't yet had time to venture that far. Giggles and Vixen thought registering at the baby mecca store was a must.

And imagine Marine's sigh of relief that he was getting out of that trip.

Vixen, Giggles and I entered Baby's R Us and took a seat at the customer service counter. A very nice lady gave us a run down of the store layout explaining each section and offering suggestions. I admit Vixen and I half listened and Giggles took it all to heart looking more and more overwhelmed as the lady continued. Finally she handed the scan gun over to Vixen and the three of us were off.

Image Taken From Google Images
But where to start?

Have you ever been in a Baby's R Us?

If not..... well...... it's baby stuff EVERYWHERE (shocking right?)!! Imagine Wal-Mart but all baby stuff.

Now imagine 3 Baby Dummies staring at a store full of things they know absolutely nothing about.

Yeah that was us.

We decided to work our way around the store. The first section was bottles. An ENTIRE wall of bottles.

Not only were there about 5 different types of bottles per shelf but then there were about five different brand sections to choose from. The three of us stood and stared for a moment.

"So which one do we get?" Vixen asks.

"I don't know..... these say newborn." I reply.

Vixen scans them.

Giggles is still staring in awe.

"And maybe these," Vixen scans, "maybe we should register for more than one pack?" BEEP the scanner beeps as she scans another pack.

Giggles turns with another brand and type in hand, "What about these with the sacks? Aren't they supposed to be easier to clean?"

"Sure sounds good...." BEEP.

Do we really know what we registered for? Not really.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's a............ Are you Sure?

When Marine and I went to the doctor to find out the gender of the baby we were still up in the air about if we even wanted to know.

By the time we got to the office however I was convinced I wanted to know. Marine was not.

As we sat in the waiting room we were still debating.

"If it's a girl you buy breakfast, if it's a boy I'll buy breakfast." I tell Marine with a smile. Everyone had me convinced it was a boy anyway so I figured I could at least bribe Marine with breakfast.

We were finally called back and as I lay reclined on the examination table watching the monitor as the ultra sound technician rubbed the wand around on my belly. Marine was facing me as he watched the monitor the technician was viewing and I viewed the one on the wall behind him.

I watch, as the little baby moves around, memorized and still astounded that we are actually having a baby.

"Well hello little girl" the tec says.

Marine's mouth drops and then he starts smiling broadly.

And what do I do? Open my big mount of course! "Are you sure?"

The tec laughs, "Pretty sure. Why?"

I laugh, "Well everyone has had us convinced with the when I was pregnant stories and old wives tales that it was a boy."

Now the tec laughs and says, "Those can be right but not all the time. Definitely a little girl here."

I won't lie I was thrilled at the idea of a girl! I mean I have a Barbie house my Grandpa built me when I was a little girl along with every Nancy Drew hardback ever written. I'm prepared for a little girl.

I would have been happy with either a boy or a girl..... but deep down I have always wanted a little girl.

Now comes the hard part of selecting a name, nursery things, etc.

And can you believe it's been 6 months?

That's right! She will be here in in a little over 3 months.

With the long work hours it feels like there is never enough time to get everything done but I know it will all fall into place :)

Let the adventure begin!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Help.... I'm 19 Weeks, And My Husband Bought a Deli, Stuff You Won't Find On Pinterest

Warning you now this is going to be a long post. So buckle up.

Here's A Break Down:

  1.  The Help
  2. 19 Weeks
  3. Deli
  4. Pinterest
Part 1:
The Help. Have you seen it? All I can say is wow! Red, Previous Co-Worker, and I went to see it at the theater a few weeks ago.
For the girl who has to go the bathroom five times in an hour this was a glued to your seat cross your legs type of movie. I went in being a little clueless not really sure what the movie was about but that I kept hearing it was good.

Well it wasn't just good it was GREAT. Seriously. Go see it. You won't be disappointed. And if you have the book, I need to borrow it. It has been added to the "must read" list. 

Part 2:
You know how you always hear those people with kids who count things oddly?

"How old is he," looking at baby.
"Oh he's 18 months."

Speaking with pregnant woman.... "How far along are you?"
"32 weeks"

I was the one who always wants to go, "come on people!" Your kid is a year and half old. And your 8 months pregnant!

Perhaps that is why I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around pregnancy in terms of weeks. Or perhaps it's my desire to be different. I understand that the little baby within is developing week by week and it's an exciting adventure that still shocks me at times...... 

Laying in bed with Marine watching TV:

Me, "We're going to be parents."

Yes, it still astounds me every day that we are in fact going to be parents. I still can't believe we are old enough to have kids. 

Anyway.... even though I am now 19 weeks along when someone asks I choose to rebel and answer "Almost 5 months". 

I wish I had more time to write about all the wonderful things like hormones (crazy woman typing here), body changes (I have boobs!), and randomness (wait I've always been random).

We find out Boy or Girl on October 20th. That is if we decide to find out at all. We are tossing the idea around. Part of me is so curious I want to know now! I mean pink or blue?!

Flowers, and polka dots....

Oh blue puppy dogs and cowboys.... 

Yes part of me really wants to know. 

But the other part wants to hear the doctor say, "IT'S A......." and be completely surprised. 

I never thought I would think like that. But now that the time is here Marine and I have seriously talked about being surprised. Will we be able to control ourselves and not find out? Probably not... but it's a thought.

We did do the old wives tale of the wedding ring on a string. Ever heard of it? You tie your wedding band to a piece of thread and have someone hold the end of the string with the ring completely still. If the ring swings back and forth it's a boy. If it swings in a circle it's a girl.  

Marine was already convinced we were having a boy. We tried the ring tale and it predicted a boy. 

We both would be happy with either but Marine swears that at the last ultrasound he saw "something" and he just knows it's a boy. Never-mind the doctor said it was to early to tell, Marine was convinced. 

The ring just backed up his already "I know" attitude. 

I lay on the floor watching the string. Marine's arm and hand were completely still when the ring started to slowly sway back and forth. I was for sure he had a part in so I made him do it two more times. Each time his grin got bigger and his "I told you so's" becoming more insistent. 

"Ok lets see how accurate it is." I said taking the ring. " Give me your wrist." 

I was told if you do the trick over someone's wrist who isn't pregnant it will predict what there future kid will be. 

"What are you doing?" Marine asks.
"Seeing if you will have a boy or girl!" I laugh.
"What?! I'm not pregnant!" He laughs.
"We are testing accuracy." I tell him steading the ring and sitting still. 

The ring doesn't move. For a minute it just hangs suspended frozen in the air until I give up. 

"See I told you it's a boy!!" Marine says triumphantly.

 Part 3:

Also in the past few weeks Marine has opened a deli. SURPRISE!!!

It happened kind of suddenly.... one day Marine, his step-dad, and step brother were talking about opening a deli and the next thing I know it was opening day!

Seriously it all sorta happened in less than a month.

Marine's Step-Dad's family owned a restaurant for years before selling out. So I know Step-Dad knows what goes into making a restaurant successful. But Marine? Marine is a hard worker and no one will ever say he's not. But he is also a go getter when he sees an opportunity to make money. 

I'm a worrier. 

I see us putting some of our savings in a deli, all the while thinking of the other things the money could go for. 

Marine see's the possible profit. I see the possible loss.

I see all the time spent there. Marine see's the future and the possible monetary gains. 

In the end I agree with him and realize that if something happens and it doesn't work out we will get the money we invested in it back from the sale of the equipment. It it goes great then hey that may be a little extra money each month!

I had told Marine that the Deli would be his thing and I would help out every once in awhile but that I was not the "restaurant type person". 

Real supportive wife, I know. I blame it partially on the hormones and partly because I like being able to decide spur of the moment what I want to do. Owning a restaurant is a 24/7 job. There is always something to be done. I'll admit I wasn't sure that Marine totally grasped that. 

Let me just state for the record.... any wife who thinks when her husband opens a business she can stay out it.... is well..... just as naive as me!! 

Somehow I became the marketer, web designer, and accountant for this new venture. I'm not complaining because I have actually enjoyed it. Not to mention I've worked with him there the past two weekends.

So far so good. And I have to admit I love the fresh baked bread, muffins and cookies!! All baked fresh daily! Chocolate Chocolate muffins are just plain sinful. 

We shall see what the future holds. So far this is week 2 of the Deli being open. May the future hold only good things!!!

Part 4:

Pinterest. Have you seen this site? I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SITE! Much of my day at work is spent on the phone and on hold. This is a great site to browse while you wait. I have boards for Baby Ideas, Craft Ideas, Home Decor, Holidays, etc. 

A few examples: 
photos onto canvas. print onto tissue paper and mod podge onto canvas ~ easy!
Photo Onto Canvas
cute idea
Baby Decor Idea
Repurpose towels into a bath mat.  Brilliant!
Turn an old bath towel into a bath mat
something good
Words For Thought
Oreo Truffles..... look yummy!
Recipes To Try
turkey treats
Holiday Ideas
The ideas are endless! 

Also I have gotten a few ideas for maternity pictures. I'm not one for showing bare skin. So I don't see myself as the naked, bare belly type in pictures. I mean I know there will be a bare belly picture, but I want some others that are more a little more my style. Here are a few ideas I found I really like: 
♥ cute. use it to announce!
Cute photo idea
Cute idea!

Great maternity photo!!!

Love this! Maybe Miss Bubbles would cooperate

Check it out! Now I just have to find time to work on all the pinterest ideas I have pinned!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Knocking on 30's Door

So today is my birthday and I am officially on 26 round 4..... a.k.a 29.

That's right 29. The last year of the 20's. 

Looking back I really can't recall my 19th birthday, the last birthday of my teens. More than likely though I was excited about that last year as a teen. Official grown-up and legal drinking just around the corner.

At 29 though what's around the corner? 30? Yeah just not as exciting. 

Taken From Google Images
I did have a wonderful weekend though!

Marine and I went to Chattanooga for the weekend and had a wonderful trip. Friday night we went and ate at a small local pub. The food was good, the service was good..... and the crowd was interesting to say the least. Marine and I had seen it on a past trip and had decided we wanted to try it. I mean the building just peaks the curiosity. 

Saturday morning we got up and went to see Ruby Falls, which is America's highest underground waterfall. After walking thru the caves we arrived at the waterfall. 

It was spectacular and beautiful!  

 Afterward we walked to the top of main building and looked out at the beautiful view of Chattanooga.

After that we went downtown for lunch and to walk around a bit. Chattanooga is a beautiful city and if ever given the chance to visit..... DO!

My mom and Marine's parents were meeting us for diner so we had some time to spare downtown. We were going to go see Rock City (another local attraction) as well but were afraid we may not have enough time.

So instead we decided to see a movie. The only thing starting at the time we arrived was Contagion so we decided to see it. It wasn't quite what I expected it to be but it was definitely a movie that made you think. I mean everything we touch on a day to day basis has germs. 

Think of going to work and opening the door, going to lunch, getting gas, etc. Everything we touch all day has the potential to spread germs to us from the last person who touched it.

Yeah the movie was a little to slow paced but it did make you think about how easy it would be for deadly disease to pass quickly through a population. 
You know it was just the type of movie you wanted to see before going out to eat. lol

The movie ended about 20 minutes before we were set to meet everybody, so perfect timing!

We met up with my mom, Marine's parents, my uncle, and Giggles and her hubby for diner. The food was delicious! And the company was great. Even baby Marine seemed pleased with my choice of the Hawaiian chicken, and let me tell ya that's saying something because baby is not easily pleased when it comes to food. 

After diner the rest of the group bid goodnight but Marine, Giggles, Giggles Hubby, and I went down to the river where there bands playing in a free concert. The night was one of those perfect nights where summer is coming to an end and you can feel the first hints of fall in the air. The night is warm but with a slight breeze. 

We listened to music for awhile then walked to Coldstone for ice cream before heading on the drive home.

It was a wonderful birthday night out.

And today I took the day off from work since originally Marine and I planned on going away for the whole weekend. But this past week we house sat for my old co-worker...... you remember the one with the dogs and cats that each time I SWEAR I'll never do again cause the cats almost kill me? Yeah that one.... Well we spent last week house-sitting because I can't turn down extra money, and I like the little dogs.... well some of the dogs. lol

So after a week away I'll be honest I was ready to come home. The date night away though was a perfect birthday trip and spending my real Birthday at home is perfect!!

Another year older..... but a another year wiser....... that may still be up for debate!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guilty Pleasure TV

Everyone has some form of guilty pleasure TV. 

Mine used to be The Hills. I won't even try to deny the fact that I loved Lauren Conrad and secretly envied her, having been the journalism major I would have killed to intern at Teen Vogue. 

Since then I really haven't had that guilty pleasure..... the show you sit glued in front of the TV to making sure you don't miss a minute of the action despite the fact your IQ may be dropping by the minute. 

Now let me tell you a bit about Marine. He's predictable. The TV will always be on Discovery Chanel, History Channel or on the occasional occurance he will flip over to A&E to watch Undercover Boss. 

So imagine my surprise a few Thursdays ago.... I stand in the bathroom, brushing my teeth getting ready for bed. The door is open and Marine comes bouncing out of the bedroom, down the hall, heading toward the living room practically skipping while singing "It's a Jersey Shore Party."

I watch in wonderment as he turns the corner. Was that my husband?

I rinse my mouth and head down the hall to peak my head around the corner.

Marine sits smack dab in the middle of the couch. Eyes glued to the TV.

"Whatcha watching?" I ask.

"It's a Jersey Shore Party!!" He practically sings again.

Oh my the Marine Corps. barracks has now come into my home. 

While in the Marine's Marine and his buddies would all gather in the barracks and watch Jersey Shore. 

Marine texts Roommate who is on the west coast to see if it's on there. 

It is and apparently he is glued to the TV also.

As I watch this I think of Vixen and myself texting back and forth during The Hills. 

Perhaps my big tuff Marine is a girl.......

I sit down beside him on the couch wondering what all the fuss was about.

I had never watched the show...... and perhaps afterward I understood why. Even though I have since found myself watching it with Marine every week. 

Maybe men and women really aren't so different. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Since We Last Spoke......

You know the feeling that you have when to much time has gone by since you have called what once was a close friend?

You feel bad you haven't called, haven't kept in touch, yet you almost can't bring yourself to call because just to much time has gone by and you feel guilty for that.

What do you say?

Where do you start?

This is me. Making the call.

I miss blogging.

I miss free time.

I'll be honest I really don't like the new job. But I guess that's no surprise I knew deep down I wouldn't. I am thankful to have a full time job though...... but.......

And I was afraid I wouldn't know where to begin? lol

So I've been busy working....

And taking the LAST online class for webdesign certification.....

Also had my 10 year high school reunion last week...... and just like the first day of school I had no clue what to wear. I went thru my closet numerous times looking for the perfect thing to wear before finally deciding on one of the many (many) dresses I had bought for Marine's Homecoming but never worn. 

It was a cute little Express dress I had gotten on sale. It was simple, yet dressy enough. 

The reunion was taking place in the banquet room of the local Mexican Restaurant. Not the first choice of some of the more..... shall we say.... more snooty planning members. The original invitation had invited alumni to a local event facility where diner would be catered and their would be a DJ. 

The total price was going to be $30 per person. Which isn't a whole lot but in this economy $60 per couple for finger food and no adult beverages is a little excessive.....  needless to say not enough people RSVP'd to make this first option possible. 

So the more level headed planning members (ie Giggles and LC) had suggested having diner at a restaurant and everybody just paying for their own meal. 

I admit I was torn about going. Part of me looked forward to, yet the other side felt like I had not accomplished enough to be going to my 10 year reunion already. 

But Giggles, Babbles, and LC had been on the planning committee and pretty much did not give the rest of friends an option when it came to attending.....

And if I was going Marine was going weather he liked it or not. Maybe I haven't accomplished much but may as well proudly portray myself as the happy cougar with the young, handsome husband ;)

Speaking of Cougar's did I ever mention that our wedding led to a budding of romances? 

LC began dating one of Marine's friends and they have been going strong ever since. So at least I'm not the only one robbing the cradle. They are cute together and both seem really happy. Plus it means I get to see her more so it's a win win situation. 

Anyway the reunion went pretty good. I saw my group of friends that I see all the time (Giggles, Babbles, LC,  Vixen, Conscious, and Nurse-Betty) along with several people I hadn't seen since high school. It was funny to reminisce about old times. Still hard to believe though that it has been 10 years. 

Babbles tried to catch me unaware
Even though I'm not where I thought I'd be 10 years ago, I am happy with where I'm at in life.

So besides that I have also been busy taking tests....... 

On the 4th of July I realized that I was late. Something I didn't think much of before then because I rarely ever start on the same day. 

But to be on the safe side I take a test. One line appears and then I swear I see a second faint line.

Marine says he doesn't see it. 

A few days later still no visit from Aunt Flo so I decide to take another test. 

This time the second line is a little darker. 

Marine and I stand over the sink staring at the test in slight shock.

"I told you I thought I saw a second line on the first one," I say.

"I saw it to," Marine admits.

"Why did you tell me then?" I laugh.

"Well I thought you might freak out......."

Needless to say it was unexpected and not planned.

The plan was to wait a year, maybe two, then start trying.

Sometimes God's plan is slightly different then our own though.

On July 27th we had our first doctor's appointment. When the tiny peanut showed up on the ultrasound screen I stared at in shock and wonderment.

I had been sick the past few weeks yet I still could not wrap my mind around the fact that I was indeed pregnant. 

Laying there though staring at the screen I knew it was true. Marine asked all kinds of wonderful questions. While I continued to just stare in wonderment. 

We were having a baby.

It was real. There it was. So small but already such a loud and steady heartbeat. 

I felt a flood of emotions; excitement, shock, fear - to name a few.

I am now almost 11 weeks along and I won't lie it still doesn't seem real.

It may sound bad but most of my friends have had miscarriages their first time.  I have watched them go thru that painful experience and am so afraid that it may happen to us also. Therefor its hard to get excited. Two more weeks though and we will be to the "safe" point and ready to tell everyone. Then I'll let the excitement out!!!

Until then I just feel cautious. 

I always thought when the time came I would be the calm one and Marine would be the freaked out one. 

I could not have been more wrong.

Marine has been so calm. So excited. So wonderful.

I've been the worrier..... How can we afford this? What am I going to do when it's here? Go back to work? Stay home? Can we afford for me to stay home? If not who will we get to watch it? etc.

So I sincerely apologize so much time has gone by since my last "call" but as you can see I've been rather busy. I'll try to not to let so much time go by before the next time though.

Lily: "I'm pregnant."
Barney: "I've never seen that woman before in my life! Sorry force of habit, congratulations!"
~ How I Met Your Mother ~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints, Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!

So do you remember my post last year in which I ordered Marine a homecoming sign from

It turned out so great! And was so easy to work with and had such wonderful customer service I have been recommending them to everybody ever since. 

Well now they are branching out with even more products! Welcome Easy Canvas Prints.

Have you every made a canvas print? I admit that I had always wanted to but due to high cost from some other sites I have never ordered one. Marine told me at Christmas that he had almost ordered one for me for Christmas but my poor Computer challenged husband just couldn't get it to work.

When I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints and asked it I would review their product I jumped at the chance! 

The hardest part about the whole process was deciding which picture I wanted to use! 


I had wedding pictures, Marine Ball pictures, New Years, Birthday's and so many other pictures..... how could I choose just one?

I finally decided on one of my favorite wedding pictures and uploaded it to the site. 

When they say 4 easy steps, they aren't kidding!!

I was done with my canvas in less then 10 minutes and sitting there wondering if I had done something wrong because it seemed all to easy.

To put there site to the test I decided to let Marine try it.

Let me start off by explaining Marine's computer skills. 
  • Turn computer on
  • Check email
  • look at Facebook
  • turn computer off
  • Use Google to look up random knowledge
That's it.

I pulled up the site for him and handed over the computer. 

In 4 easy clicks he had uploaded the picture, selected the size and style and was done.

He was so impressed!! And now that he knows how easy it is I have a feeling this may be a sure fire birthday present for me in the works ;)

So the process was easy...... but how's the final product?

Maybe I should just let it speak for itself:

This above just didn't do it justice so I went out on the porch for natural light....

I went for the 8x10 with the image wrap sides. The wrap sides mean it takes the picture and wraps it all the way around the canvas. 



It already comes with the hanger on so when you receive it you just have to decide the perfect place to display it.

Mine is the center of my photo wall. It looks so beautiful and turned out so great!

I have already recommended them to all my friends and I have a feeling that very soon I will have to order another one..... there's another spot in my living room that an 11x14 would look just right.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it."
~ Ansel Adams ~

****Side note: I forgot to add that the shipping time is very fast and that they have excellent customer service in case you do need to contact them****

Right now they are offering 25% off 
All Canvas & Free Standard Shipping

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honeymoon Part 2: What does Chocolate Covered Strawberries Have To Do With Australia?

Day 2

Day 2 was a day at sea.

Which means we pretty much ate all day long. True Story.

And can someone tell me why drinks taste better when they come with an umbrella?

After some roaming around the boat we decided to play some putt-putt. Yes, there was a putt-putt golf course on the ship! 

Taken from Google Image
I started out strong but Marine made a fierce comeback and beat me in the end. 

I blame it on to many of these.......

My homemade concoction.

Yes, I did a little research before going on the cruise to see how we could possible sneak on a little extra alcohol. Cause the drinks on board are great.... but they are sky high! I stumbled upon this site called Rum Runners Flask. Seemed simple enough and all the reviews were good so I took a chance and ordered the Spring Break Pack.

Marine and I filled half of them with Rum and half with Crown.

They worked great!! And I highly recommend them.

Marine and I still bought drinks on the boat but not near as much thanks to these little guys.

This day at sea was also when I made a slight fool of myself...

Don't even pretend to fain surprise.

That morning the boat's cruise director hosted a morning show that was aired on the onboard TV station. As Marine and I got ready for the day we had the TV on that station. Well I'm wondering around the room picking out my bathing suit, fiddling with my hair and such. Marine is in the shower and I'm half way listening to the TV.

The Cruise director is asking people to call in and guess where his co-host is from based on his accent.

I thought it was definitely an English accent or may Australian accent.

The Cruise director answers the line and I hear a guest guess a town in England. They tell her she is wrong.

For some crazy reason I decide to call in! I mean if England's wrong the guy's gotta to be from Australia. I picked up the phone and dialed the extension not really thinking I'd get through... But then the Cruise Director answers!

He starts off by asking me the typical questions:

CD, "So who are you cruising with?"
Me, "My husband Marine."
CD, "And is this a special occasion?"
Me, "Yes we are on our honeymoon!"

He congratulates us and then ask if I know the answer to the question.

"Australia!" I exclaim.

And the two Morning Show Hosts nearly fall out of their chairs laughing! And they continue laughing.

Immediately I realize that it's best not to try and answer a question that you never even heard.

I laugh, "Ok I admit I didn't really hear the question."

Turns out the question was what town in England was the Co-host from.


"Well at least I gave you guy's a good laugh this morning," I try to recover.
"That you did and just for that we are going to send you a consolation prize!!!"

Marine gets out of the shower and I tell him the story to which he just shakes his head and laugh's.

The consolation prize rocked!! And I'll be honest I was kinda glad I got the question wrong.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne!

So delicious!

But little did I know this show would re-air the entire cruise so even though Marine missed the live show he did get to see the replay..... at which he may have laughed harder than I have ever seen him laugh.

Yep I'm good like that ;)

Ticket Agent: Okay, Mr. Bing, you'll be in 25J,and Mrs. Bing, you're in 25K.
Monica: Oh, no, you see, um, we're on our honeymoon. So, um, can you do you're little thing and bump us up to first class?
Ticket Agent: I'm sorry, all the first class seats are taken. That couple got the last two.
Monica: You see, if we'd gone around them like I said, then she would have given us those tickets! Damn it!
Chandler: 25J and K. Any chance those aren't together?
~ Friends ~