Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coincidence? Or Does Everything Happen For A Reason?

Wedding Planning is in full swing! Planning, budgeting, stressing, making lists ------ did I mention stressing?

I don't know if you remember me mentioning I had spoke with a wedding coordinator back in December. She assured me she knew the "perfect place" that fit everything I was describing. She had done a wedding there previously that was similar to what I'm wanting. The drawback it's in a subdivision and she would have to go thru a board member to see about booking it.....

I heard last week that the supposedly "perfect place" had fallen through. The subdivision does not want to have anymore weddings.

I freaked. And that put it kinda mildly. The wedding is less than four months away and we still didn't have a place.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself that everything happens for a reason. Maybe Marine and I are meant to get married at the barn. As I sat and pondered this I thought of all the work that would need to be done to have the barn ready in time. I mean its a functioning barn. It has dust and cobwebs, mounds of tack, and other farm equipment.

The thought of cleaning and sorting was a little overwhelming. Marine proposed an idea of a place we could have the reception if we were to have the ceremony at the barn. He called and found out a price and details. So despite the fact he told me he would not get involved in any of this planning the fact he is helping and now wanting to be involved is pretty cute. In case you can't tell (or haven't been able to already) I absolutely heart him.

No matter where we have the wedding I know it will be perfect because it's not about the money, the location, the dress, or anything else. It's about Marine and I promising to spend the rest of our lives together. That's what is most important to me. And therefor it will be perfect no matter what.

Yesterday the coordinator contacts me - "I've found it. I've found the place."

She continues to tell me she has found a farm/vineyard that is beautiful. As she tells me the details I can't help but admit it sounds perfect.

There is no such thing in life as a coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason. Even those small things. It's all part of a bigger picture.

That's what I think anyway.

Yesterday Marine called about the reception site. We had decided yesterday morning that we would talk last night and decide if we wanted it and if so he would call today and book it.

Yesterday as the wedding coordinator sat at work (she only does weddings on the side) a man she had went to high school with walked in her office. He tells her he has a farm/vineyard he has thought about renting out for weddings and he has heard she does that part time.

What are the odds?

I'm afraid it might not fit in our budget. But she says he wants to meet with us and promised he would work with me and we would come up with a price we were both comfortable with.

We'll see, fingers crossed!! Hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend and I can go look at it.

From the details it sounds amazing and very much "us". Not getting my hopes up but maybe just maybe everything does happen for a reason.......

Ted: Lily, you're being a wee bit intense about this band thing. 
Lily: Intense? I have a wedding to plan in nine weeks for two hundred people! Even if a dinosaur should poke his head out of my butt and consume this coffee table, I need you to roll with it, okay?! 
Ted: Wow. 

~ How I Met Your Mother ~


Date Girl said...

Ohhh the stress. It will all work out and you definitely have the right attitude. At the end of the day it won't matter where it is, just who you're walking (riding) toward at the end of that aisle.

I can't wait to see pictures of that place you choose. I hope it works out this weekend. If not, I still the barn would be a great choice. It's very you!

phoebe said...

sounds great. good luck!!!! it will all work out perfectly in the end :-)