Monday, January 17, 2011

The End of 2010 The Start of 2011

The Tuesday morning after Christmas I found myself hiking up an iced over hill at 5:30 am by the light of a flashlight. Oh and did I mention it was about 20 degrees out?

This my friends is love. 

We had finally been able to get out of the house Monday after all the snow but had postponed our trip back to base to Tuesday in hopes the roads would be better. And Tuesday before leaving Marine pulled the ol "this will be my last chance to go hunting" pouty face. 

Like the sucker that I am, I fell for it. 

So we rolled out of bed early and headed over to Marine's mom's house for him to go hunting before we started our road trip.

While he hunted I curled up in the big comfy chair by the fireplace and went back to sleep listening to the crackling of the wood in the fire. 

I figured out why Marine likes to hunt over at his parents versus hunting at my house. At my house he returns from hunting to a bowl of cereal. There he returns to pancakes and French Toast. Yeah hunting may not be so bad. lol ;)

By 10 we were on the road. 

The rest of the week passed way to fast! 

We had diner with one of our Marine Couple friends one night at their house. Another night we had a date night and went to the on base theater and watched Mega-Mind. We also went to diner another night with Roommate and Roommate Wife who had flown in from California to celebrate the New Year. 

During the mix we also registered! Another wedding thing that can be checked off the list

Registering was interesting. Why is it as soon as you give a grown man a scanner gun his eyes instantly light up like a kid at Christmas?

Taking Giggles advice we used this opportunity to upgrade some of the stuff we already have and to fill in some of the blanks. Realistically we don't really need that much. Maybe towels. And according to Marine we need a good iron. Apparently the one I have is insufficient. I personally wouldn't know. The only time I'd ever touched it was to take it out of the box and put it in the closet before Marine and I started dating. 

Now imagine standing in Bed, Bath and Beyond and you see this guy picking up and inspecting every iron on the shelf........ yes that was my Marine. Bless his heart. Gotta love him. 

Hey I can't complain..... case in point:

On New Years Eve we met up with our friends for diner then went downtown to Rum Runners. This is where we spent New Years last year and I pretty much insisted we go there again. The Dueling Piano players are just to awesome for words to describe!

Before long the round of shots were ordered.....
Marine Couple Hubby, Marine, Two of our Buddies (& groomsman) Roommate, Roomate wife, and me.
Sure the guys would love to know I covered their faces with hearts ;)
And this is one of the reasons we love our friends......
Marine and I so had no clue this was going on in the background......
Midnight came and went and we headed to the pizza place for a midnight slice. So delicious! Pizza and beer after midnight is hard to beat!

Overall it was a pretty calm night. Surprisingly

New Years Day we split from the group and headed downtown for lunch. We went to the Brewery where I had some of the best food I think I've EVER eaten! I'm not sure why but it was just so delicious!

While we ate a couple came and sat down at the table next to us. On the table they sat down a large brown box...... obviously a pastry box. Out of the corner of my eye I strained trying to read the label on top. 

Marine and I guessed about what could be in the box. By the time we had paid the tab and rising to leave I just couldn't take it. I had to ask. 

"Excuse me........" 

The couple was super nice and told us about what was supposed to be this fabulous local bakery. They gave us vague directions. Which Marine and I followed to the best of our ability and after some wondering around we found it! 

It was everything I hoped of and more.
I got a chocolate chip cupcake while Marine opted for the basic vanilla with chocolate frosting cupcake. We took our perfectly cute brown box and walked down by the river before heading back to the hotel to enjoy our desert. 

Needless to say I ate mine way to fast...... But I used Marine's for a photo op just so that I could remember how delicious they were....

That night we went out with our group of friends to see a movie. The only movie playing that wasn't sold out was Tangled. It was cute but not near as funny as I expected it to be!! But the lack of comedy was made up by Marine's side comments...... "Please don't sing again. Don't do it!!...... Awe crap she's going to sing again isn't she?" 
Think it's safe to say Marine probably never appreciated the Disney classes that were full of princesses singing... 

But the horse was pretty funny. 

After diner Marine and I called it an early night and headed back to the hotel. Where we watched American Pickers...... yep we are really exciting.

And if you ever get a chance stay at a Comfort Suites.... Do it!! They have the best pillows. Seriously. And I NEVER sleep on hotel pillows. But with these I make an exception. I want these for my house!

Ignore Marine in this picture and just focus on the wonderful pillows. 

Sunday (Jan. 2nd)  was the day I left to come back home. Somehow saying goodbye at the airport is so much more sad than getting in the car and leaving. Not sure why that it is but it is...

(Sorry this post is so late..... )


Date Girl said...

Ok now I really want to make cupcakes! Bad bad bad. Sounds like you had a great visit and engagement anniversary! :-)

I loved registering for the wedding. Our wedding gifts are so amazing. Plus it'll be nice to have new stuff that is yours together instead of his and yours. Nothing wrong with upgrading to quality stuff that will last. Definitely get the towels, those were my fav registry gift, except maybe my kitchenaid mixer.

Match does the ironing in this marriage too. Heheh, I guess it's their career choices huh? I'm learning but I'd much rather leave him the ironing work!

phoebe said...

i haven't registered obviously, but i agree... upgrade to the good stuff that will last. get rid of the old stuff (hand me down college stuff). that will for sure the one thing i'll look forward to. new quality stuff... *sigh* one day.

thanks for sharing the pics. looks like you had a ton of fun!!

happy new year!