Monday, January 31, 2011

Location IS Booked

So the guy called back Friday night and said yes about the place.

I should be excited...... but for some reason I'm not. Maybe it was the excitement last time and the disappointment that followed making me weary this time. I don't know.

I'm relieved we now have a place but whey do I have that funny gut feeling.......


Date Girl said...

Oh yay! I didn't see this so disregard my last comment. I am sure it's just the roller coaster ride you've been through. When it gets closer you'll start to get more excited. I remember being a little in shock when we first booked and it didn't feel real until the food tasting months later.

phoebe said...

yay! wooohooo.

you can check that off the list! finding the venue is a major yay.

i'm happy for you :-)

E said...

Thank you both!! Yeah I'm still in a little shock but the excitement is starting to kick in a little more!